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NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder

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NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder is a translucent powder that suits all skin tones. The 100 per cent pure mineral silica formula can be used to set foundation or be worn alone. Skin is left looking radiant and luminous.


NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder


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The NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder is a white silica based finishing powder that is designed to be worn over foundation to help set your base and to give skin a fresh finishing glow. It comes in around jar which has holes in the top to help deliver the product out of the container. The powder is very white lightweight , and soft to apply. The first thing I noticed is that this powder always delivers more than is needed. The container seems to always push out more product than I require even if I'm gentle. And when opening it also tends to come out quickly too. I feel like I end up wasting quite a bit in application. The holes are quite large. Even though the powder comes out a lot, it applies very soft and smoothly to the skin and it is quite finally milled. For myself I use a brush or a beauty blender and it sets my makeup quite  nicely. I use it over foundation to set and I do find it applies very white cast like. With this one, I really have to work it into the skin & blend it out otherwise it tends to remain very white &uneven. Positives are that it doesn't sink into pores or highlightfine line. The nyx finishing powder actually doesn't give me a matte finish, its more in between. For me it looks a bit more glowy then a normal powder and I also find that it doesn't really help my make upset or last longer. My face gets quite oily and more glowy quicker with this powder. The powder doesn't seem to set or help makeup last for a longer time. Due to the finely milled and very white powder this also gives a lot off lash back in pictures and it does look white. I think this is because it tends to just sit on the face. Repurchase?For me, no. I don't like how it doesn't last on my skin, delivers too much product & looks white in photos. This container only lasted me 2 months due to so much product being wasted so although it's cheaper I'd prefer a better container. There are some nice positives to this one, it does look nice once buffed in and is a decent setting powder it just didn't work for me
I must say for the price this product is pretty damned good. Exceptionally good on normal to oily skin this also is a great 'baking' product. It truly is translucent so is a great product for any skin tone. I have food it is also brilliant to take away shine on eyelids post primer. The size is also really convenient to carry around with you. Being that it is pure mineral its also a great item for anyone who doesn't like nasties in their makeup.
Pros - can be used as a setting powder all over the face and to bake  Cons - extreme white flashback  - is not a silky soft texture - you aren't getting much product for what you are paying for  Final Thoughts: I would never recommend this product to anyone. It did not do as it said and left my skin still looking oily. The powder flashes back and leaves your under eyes looking white
This is a great powder for anyone who loves a matte finish for their make-up. I found that this powder left my skin looking absolutely perfect, like porcelain skin. One thing I will say is that because the powder is so so so finely milled, it goes absolutely everywhere! Definitely not a product I would recommend using to touch up while you're out or on the train/driving etc. Would definitely re-purchase
If you have an oily T-zone I highly recommend this product- it is one of the only products I have found that can keep my makeup in place all day. Because of its fine, translucent texture it is really easy to blend and suits all skin tones which is really handy. I plan on purchasing this product again and would recommend it for anyone who likes a matte finish.
The NYX Professional Makeup Studio Finishing Powder is a fantastic final step to your regular make-up routine. It is a superfine powder that applies very easily to the skin without looking cakey or too thick. Also, it's translucent so is suitable for all skin tones! The powder has a very light fragrance, and is fantastic for managing excess oil on the skin. Simply apply to the T zone area and cheeks, and your makeup will stay matte all day. It is best applied with a large powder brush using sweeping strokes.  I would definitely recommend this product!
NYC products are always such great value for money and at under $20 this professional makeup studio finishing powder is at a great price point. This sets my makeup beautifully for a really professional finish, it controls oil and shine which is a huge bonus for me as I have an oily t-zone. This product lasts all day and feels really light fine and super soft to wear. It will not go cakey and I love that it's 100 per cent pure mineral, so no nasties, a great skin bonus. I love that this powder is transluscent and so simple to use, I just apply mine with a large soft brush for a matte professional finish. I totally love this product and highly recommend it
NYX has never let me down and with the professional makeup studio setting powder, they were not about to start. I've tried an abundance of setting powders as they are essential for a flawless face of makeup I've used ones from the drugstore and others from high-end, I've tried many of them and I've enjoyed an abundance but they left a hole in my pocket and I could certainly not afford to go on with my spending habits. At some point, I had found this powder and it became a favourite almost instantly.  Unlike other setting powders that can be rather white and unblendable this one is soft and easily blended, you're never left with a cakey, ghost-like flashback appearance. 10000/10
This is the best finishing powder ever! Not only is it affordable but also works great with problem skin. It keeps oil at Bay all day. It doesn’t cast a white glow over the face when you are taking photos with flash. This powder works better than their more expensive counterparts.
AMAZING!! I have oily to combination skin and this has been an absolute life saver for me, I absolutely love it love it love it!! I used to go oily by lunch time and now this helps keep everything looking fresh and matte, such a big difference to the way my face looks, goodbye oily skin. 
It's really important to set your makeup with a powder or some type of finishing powder to lock in and seal your makeup.  You put in all that hard work to make your makeup look great, you might as well spend a couple of minutes more to make it last all day long! I swear by the NYX finishing powder to help do the job for several reasons.  First off, it's translucent so it can be used for all skin tones and skin types.  I don't have to worry if it's too light or dark in colour as it doesn't have any, making it perfect all year round if your skin shade tends to change.  My skin is more on the oily side and even with the best primer it starts to get a bit shiny during the day.  I use the NYX setting powder all over my face after putting on my liquid foundation to help combat with any excess oil.  Just a bit of the powder on my T zone and a light dusting my cheeks and my face is matte. Throughout the day my makeup stays put and doesn't fade.  It's especially great during the summer when there are lots of outdoor parties and barbecues and I'm worried about my makeup sweating off. The powder comes in a round jar and is very fine and soft.  It goes on smoothly and you just blend it in with a large powder brush.  There's no white cast or residue left behind from the powder so your makeup won't change.  It's just an invisible coating of protection to increase makeup longevity.  The finishing powder isn't just for setting makeup alone.  You can use it by itself on bare skin if you are not particularly keen on wearing foundation but still want your skin to look good. It absorbs any oil on your face and keeps your skin looking fresh.  It's a great alternative if you have clear skin and don't feel like wearing any makeup.  It's made of 100% pure mineral so I feel good about using it and like with all NYX products it's cruelty free.   Tip: After applying eyelid primer use a bit of the finishing powder on top as a base for the eyeshadow.