OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Extra Strength Conditioner

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OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Extra Strength Conditioner is a conditioner with an ultra-rich blend that will help to strengthen damaged hair with an extra dose of moisture for deep, repairing hydration. Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft to moisturise and hydrate, while vanilla bean oil is packed with complex sugars, essential oils and minerals, known to strengthen hair. Essence of Tiarre is an infused perfume oil that has been used to restore and strengthen hair.


OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Extra Strength Conditioner


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10/10 would recommend

After hating to use conditioner for so long (as all that I had tried just made me feel like it did nothing to help) I trialed this one along with the purple shampoo. Let me tell you, this is the most luxurious conditioner and I have a newfound love for it! I have really damaged hair after bleaching so many times (hence why I started using conditioner again to help this). I tend to have really oily roots with dry brittle ends, so when this one didn't make my hair feel weighed down or overly oily I was jumping for joy. I have never felt my hair as soft as it is now, and I will be purchasing refills once these run out.
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Another day between washes

I was so impressed with the quality of the OGX Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Extra Strength Conditioner. I have tried a few “coconut” hair products in the past that have all left my hair feeling ‘heavy’ and greasy after 24 hours. Thankfully, this beautiful product has done quite the opposite, giving my soft, lightweight hair that gets me another day between washes! This product has a thick consistency, but is easily spreadable. There is a beautiful smell that is subtle, so should suit most users. After prolonged use, my hair feels softer and looks healthier. I would definitely recommend this product, especially if your hair needs a little pick-me-up.
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OGX damage remedy conditioner

I used this conditioner after the OGX blonde enhance and OGX purple toning drops. It was the perfect compliment when used all together! I found it to be a deeply moisturising and rich formula and detangled my hair from the shampooing prior. I have fine, thin blonde hair which gets greasy from products easily so I only use conditioner on my ends and only use one squirt and quick slick down on top before rinsing it out. I liked the feel of my hair afterwards. The bottle is pretty and I guess the signature OGX shape. Smell is coconut and shea butter.
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Super moisturising and smells delicious!

This is a lovely conditioner that does exactly as it says. Using this conditioner, my hair felt really moisturised and was definitely less tangled and softer post-shower. However, although I have a lot of it, my hair is on the fine side, so I did find that I needed to wash my hair sooner than I usually would have. Saying that, that would not dissuade me from using it, it may just be slightly more suited to thicker, more coarse hair types. Of all of the supermarket/chemist conditioners I’ve tried over the years, this is easily one of the best in terms of being moisturising and repairing. Plus, the smell alone makes it worth buying! The coconut fragrance would especially be delectable in the warmer months!
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Nourishing Conditioner

I was hesitant to try this as I think coconut oil is such an over rated product and tends to leave residue on my hair but this conditioner actually felt quite nice. I used this conditioner after using the purple shampoo from the same range and my hair was left feeling moisturised and nourished. I blow dried my hair afterwards and was left with silky, manageable hair with no frizz and there was no feeling of residue. While I wouldn't add these products to my normal shampoo and conditioner selection, I am keeping this in my travel bag as the bottles are a great size!
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Smells amazing!!!

This product is amazing for my hair. I've noticed a drastic improvement in the moisture and health of my hair. It is so much softer after using this conditioner, and really easy to heat style! it also smells soo good, and the smell lingers on my hair for quite a while! The design of the bottle is great, its not too big so I can fit it in my shower caddy easily. It's a great value for money and works just as well as many higher priced conditioners. I really recommend this product - a great value for money and you won't regret it!
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Miracle ends

I absolutely got super excited to try this coconut miracle shampoo out. I have very thin damaged hair from bleaching it blonde for years. I applied this on my mid ends and it was so so silky in the shower. It felt like my hair was all new again. I loved the texture so much but was very hesitant to put it near my roots as I usually have oily hair. Putting this on my mid end helped to combat my frizz and also keep my hair feeling like silk. I could tell that the coconut helped to nourish the dry brittle hair and sealed it with moisture. I really do think that this product is a miracle product for anyone who uses a lot of heat devices on their hair. Amazing!

Creates a beautiful sheen to my hair

I have oily hair at the roots and dry and frizzy hair at the ends. I liked this conditioner as it made my hair so shiny and soft and seemed to tame my frizzy ends and reduce some of the dryness I was plagued with. As I wasn't putting this conditioner on my roots it didn't effect my oiliness so much but I felt that I needed to have a break from it after a few washes as it was causing a bit of build up. It smells lovely and has quite a luxury feel to it, I really like the shape of the bottle too.