Olay Total Effects Touch Of Foundation BB Cream SPF 15

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Olay Total Effects Touch Of Foundation BB Cream SPF 15 is moisturising BB cream with a sheer tint that evens out the skin tone, refines pores and minimises the appearance of wrinkles. Contains SPF 15 sun protection.


Olay Total Effects Touch Of Foundation BB Cream SPF 15


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Olay Total Effects Touch of Foundation actually nice and really suit the color of my skin. You can use it everyday, it gives smooth and glowing skin. It stay the whole day and your face doesn't look like you have foundation because it looks natural. Highly recommend to everyone wants to have a beautiful skin everyday.
Enough coverage for me to slip out and still feel confident, a nice creamy texture a leaves a moisturised feel. Long lasting with several colours to choose from. I have 3 bb creams and Total Effects is always the one I reach for. No wonder this product has won awards and that all important SPF15 is a must in every face product.
I am a big fan of the original Olay Total Effects SPF15 day cream, so I decided to try the tinted version. My skin is slightly fair, and this cream comes in one universal shade for all skin tones. I do find the shade is too dark for my complexion but adds a nice glow to my face during the summer months. It provides light, sheer coverage that doesn’t really conceal any blemishes but helps even out any redness on my cheeks. The formula isn’t too heavy or greasy, however I wouldn’t recommend this cream to anyone with oily skin or very large pores, as I do find it accentuates the look of pores slightly. There is a noticeable fragrance, however nothing too overpowering or unpleasant. I am unsure I would repurchase this cream as the shade is not really right for my skin and I would prefer more coverage with a B.B. cream. I do however like the fact this product contains some good antioxidants and provides basic uv protection, so it’s a great day cream to use when you’re in a hurry or want to use an all-in-one day cream that evens out your skin tone as well. I would have preferred if there was a lighter shade available, as it’s very handy, convenient and easy to use.  I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a good day cream that adds a subtle glow and radiance to the complexion. 
It’s great - suitable for all skin types, tones and ages and has SFP15. It’s the same great moisturiser, with the added bonus of a slight colour to even out your skin tone and it’s not heavy like a foundation.It’s great to wear when you don’t feel like putting on a “full face” but don’t want to feel self-conscious if you’re skin’s not perfect.
A great way to easily tick all the boxes for simple everyday skin care - SPF, moisturiser, a touch of colour and refiner. Makes my skin feel good and as it's no fuss, it's easy to use with or without other makeup. I have used a number of different BB creams and tinted moisturisers and I find I keep coming back to it when I find it at a good price.
Great prodcuct if youre looking for a light coverage, great moisturiser and protection from the sun. Not an oily or heavy product like some BB creme's can be. Very light and easy to wear. I love the accessibility of Olay and it's never too hard to find. Also has a really pleasant fragrance. Not the product for me, but i can definitely see its benefits!
I was not overly impressed with this - yes it has SPF but only 15.  It has a slight tint but it did not refine my facial pores and didn't reduce the appearance of wrinkles either.  After a short time, it made my T-zone oily and the scent is strong.
This is a gorgeous BB cream, another olay total effects winner. I love this range and love a good BB cream for day. This delivers a great hint of healthy looking colour and is super hydrating and moisturising. The creme itself is really silky and distributes well for a nice coverage, it does not feel oily or sticky to wear and is super light. This gives enough coverage for day, maybe with a little bit of bronzer or blush. I love the addition of an SPF for sun protection and it comes at a great price. A great product I highly recommend
I use this BB cream every day as it is so easy and smooth to apply and it gives me. Just the right amount of colour that gives  my face a lift. I like the gentle perfume  of it that makes me smell good, look good and therefore feel good 
I have tried this product and really liked it, it was light and felt like my skin could still breathe and weightless. The coverage was easy to apply and left no residue. I love this product for weekends when I just want to have something light on and for the SPF protection as well.
Best discovery! I no longer use foundation since I discovered this. Keeps my skins beautifully moist, gives me the perfect amount of coverage. Feels very light and has the added bonus of sun protection. It just feels like you are wearing moisuriser. Its also great that i can buy it at my local supermarket
Bought this at the same time as the Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream Gentle SPF 15. I really liked the gentle SPF 15 moisturiser and this product in comparison doesn't seem to add anything to that. It has a stronger scent, and the added colour didn't seem to do much for my skin in terms of hiding imperfections. I suppose they couldn't add too much pigment, since they only released 1 tone in Australia as "Suitable for all skin tones".  As a BB cream it is not as effective as my Maybelline BB cream. It's not terrible in any way, just did not do much for me.
Great everyday cream - sunblock, moisture and a tad of colour ! For a no fuss look i wear it on its own if i need to get fancy i wear it under my normal makeup, for extra sun protection. Perfect ! I always buy on sale from the supermarket - as Olay do great specials