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Long-lasting and chip-resistant, OPI’s Nail Lacquers come in a wide range of colours with new collections released each season as well as collaborations with celebrities, films and brands.


OPI Nail Lacquer


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One coat and you're good to go

I have this in a deep glittery red shade. One coat and it's opaque enough that you can leave it at that, but I usually apply a second to really lock it in and make the glitter really come through. I have zero complaints about this nail polish. It's easy to apply and remove, it lasts a long time once it's on the nails and doesn't chip very easily. It's got a generic nail polish scent. It's not affordable, but it's not too crazy expensive. It's a great brand if you're looking for a specific colour.
One of my all time favourite nail polish brands. It has a real high end feel to it & very easy to put on with a lovely shaped bottle. The shape is important when trying to hang on to (& opening) whilst putting on your colour.  There is also a very wide range of colours & I have my favourite bright ones but there is one for everyone.
OPI is an iconic nail brand that provides great results, there is a reason they have a cult following. OPI have a massive shade range, there is literally a colour to suit everyone. Quality is amazing from the application brush to the smooth finish the polish provides. Staying power is great, as someone who is very hard on their hands I usually get a full week when I use the OPI top coat with the polish.  A lot of people are put off by the price but I’ll happily pay it for the quality I receive. 
OPI is one of the best nail polishes on the market. The colour range is out of this world! The colours that I’ve had never chip or fade and the texture is fantastic. Even though OPI is a bit more expensive than some other nail polishes on the market you do get bang for your buck because the bottle is quite large and lasts a long time. I’ve noticed that the nail polish’s that I have last longer without changing their consistency once you roll them a bit, than other brands, this even goes for those that I‘ve had from the mini bottle variety. I love the OPI brush, as I find the polish applies seamlessly and easily.  I would recommend this product to anyone that’s looking for a polish with a great colour, texture and that has ease of application.
OPI is definitely my go-to, preferred nail polish. I think it outlasts many polishes even in higher price brackets. I feel like I've tried everything but OPI is the only one I think stays on the longest. I love the colour and names in the range, the quality is definitely there too.
I have tried many nail polishes from high end to more affordable ones and I got to say OPI is the most affordable with good quality polishes. No need to mention the colour range is stunning. I usually apply two coats on and the polish can last for 3 weeks without chipping.
I LOVE OPI nail lacquer! they all apply so evenly, without any of those annoying bubbles and dry really nicely. Definitely, recommend as there are so many gorgeous colours available. They aren't cheap but I think it is a great idea to invest in a good quality nail polish. they aren't cheap to buy however I think it is a great idea to invest in a good quality nail polish as it ends up much cheaper than going to the nail salon.
This nail polish is worth the investment. If you're not already convinced by the AMAZING range of shades, the product is super long lasting and has different finishes depending on what you're after. I got a shade called "got the blues for red" which is a creme finish and its super super pigmented. The formula itself is not too runny or thick either so it's perfect. I also find that these are more chip-resistant than other cheaper brands, but I like to add a clear top coat to really lock the colour in place. I find that this will easily last me a week (for me this is impressive as I tend to bite my nails sometimes as well - WOOPS). My only recommendation is that when wearing darker colours (particularly red), add a base coat to prevent any staining of the nails. This has happened to me before as I kept re-layering the polish on my nails over a very long period of time.
The opi brush makes applying the nail polish easy, and while it goes on quite thick, you only need a few strokes for each nail and doesn't leave it streaky, or overlapping. I especially love the wide brushes that make the application so easy as it only takes a couple of brush strokes to apply the colour evenly and without any lumps or bumps. The packaging is nice and functional. It was easy to apply and dried very quickly. I'm a bit clumsy and usually manage to smudge my nail polish before it dries, but the OPI nail polishes dry so nice and quickly, and leave a beautiful smooth texture after application. I find that once dry, the coverage is good from all the range and, if it was for everyday wear, one coat would be sufficient. Of course two coats just finished it off nicely and would be great for day or night wear. Even with one coat I found the wearability very good – no chipping in the first 24hrs! But by the 3rd day there was quite a bit worn away. With two coats I found that it didn't wear away as quickly and lasts up to 5-7 days! I found the texture to be nice and silky upon application with no clumps. The smell was not overpowering as some nail polishes can be. Looks shinny and smooth and once again I'm sold on another collection from OPI!
I was converted to OPI after having a salon pedicure and choosing OPI's Malaga Red. The colour was awesome, and it lasted for ages without chipping. I received many compliments, and ended up buying myself a bottle.  I was lucky enough to be gifted with several other polishes, including Bubble Bath, Cajun Shrimp and OPI Red. I love to use the bright colours on my toes, and use the pretty pale pink Bubble Bath on my fingers as it is suitable for work.  OPI's polishes retain their shine and last longer than other polishes I have used, and I hope to expand my collection! 
OPI Nail Lacquer is the best of the best it is one of my favourites because I can always rely on it to last a full week.  There are too many shades to count but I am certain there is a colour for everyone (or 10), I feel like a kid in a candy store. There really are beautiful!  The formula is long-wearing, super shiny (even without a top coat) and has the perfect amount of pigment for each shade. It glides on evenly and the first coat doesn’t turn out streaky so if you are in a rush, at a pinch you can get away with one coat….bonus!!! My nails chip less, are tougher and look amazing. I would recommend OPI to everyone, it’s the bomb! 
I have been wearing OPI nail polish for as long as I can remember! It has a huge range of gorgeous colours from pastels to the classic colours to ones with glitter and shimmer.  It has just about every nail polish colour known to mankind.  The colours are very pigmented and I start off with one coat and then let it dry.  I then add another coat of nail polish and then finish it off with a top coat.  The nail polish always looks so great! The brush is medium sized so it's easy to use without being too big or too small.  It doesn't come out streaky and the colour goes on evenly.  My favourite has to be Lincoln park after dark as it's a dark purple that almost looks like a dark brown/black.  It looks so elegant and I always get asked what colour I'm wearing.  The nail polish colour lasts for close to a week before it starts to chip which is pretty good. Definitely my favourite nail polish brand!
If you’re into having your nails done then I am sure you have heard of OPI Nail Lacquer or tried the polishes. I have a few OPI polishes in my collection and I am always impressed by their quality.   I only ever need 1-2 coats for an opaque finish, and the polish just go on so smoothly! The brush size and shape make it very easy to apply the polish. And most shades dry quickly. There is no need to fuss around, and even if you are not the best at doing your nail you always end up with a great looking manicure when using OPI.   One of the best things about the OPI polishes is that the shade selection is huge! There will be a shade for everyone. I love the cute shade names as well!   My tip is to use a base coat and a top coat to really make the nail polish last a longtime. And to buy when they are on sale!   Pros: - great quality and great colour selection. - lasts a long time without chipping. - generally only need 1-2 coats.   - easy to apply.   Cons: - can be a bit more expensive than other polishes.   
There are a wide range of colours, so you're bound to find the colour you want. The packaging is nice, and I like that it's rounder than most other nail polish brands. It's easy to hold and to get the lid off. It smells like any other nail polish (which I will always hate!). The formula is also really good. The polishes are highly pigmented and glide onto the nails easily. It doesn't leave streaks or anything. The only problem I have with it is that it just doesn't last. It starts to chip the same day I paint my nails. It claims to be chip resistant but it definitely isn't.
I love the OPI polishes!! There is such a wide range of colours to suit any mood or occasion! As someone who has an addiction to pretty nail polishes, my cupboard is filled with different OPI shades (mostly pink!). These polishes apply so smoothly & last longer than many others I’ve tried I’ve rthe years. I’m always adding new colours to my collection!
I love OPI colours, they are so vibrant and last just a tad longer than the average nail varnish. . Their natural and nude colours are lovely too, After all there is a reason these are preferred by the professionals. I often use the colours to layer or create designs too and they apply well. Sometimes they don't dry, smudge or have bad brushes which hinder creating nail art.
As a former beauty therapist I’m probably a bit biased towards OPI, but I just love this stuff! OPI is always coming out with new collections and colours and i think there is a shade for every event and every person! The thing I love most about OPI is their brush, it’s so easy to control where you push the paint and allows you to get nice and close to the cuticle without accidentally flooding it. It always has a lovely glossy finish and a nice runny but not too runny formula. The only way you would end up with goopy OPI nail varnish is if you have the worlds weakest wrists and don’t securely tighten the cap back in place. When you open the bottle it doesn’t smell out the whole house and is quite mild in terms of most nail polishes as well. My favourite colours as Miami Beet, Sparrow me the Drama (limited edition- from YEARS ago and it’s still going strong), Hot & Spicy and Dulce De Leche - perfect nude!!!
Great colour range and glides on easily even after it has been used several times. I actually don't find it as chip resistant as I had hoped for, even when I use a top coat. However, saying that when I get a manicure and get my nails polished at the salon it does seem to last longer, probably I don't lety them dry long enough before I start using my hands after I put it on.
I can't deny the fact that I am a beauty loving tragic. Give me skin care, hair care and makeup products and I will be happy and love you forever. It brings out the creative artist in me, it is who I am and it's my mask and armour to face whatever the day has in store for me. I pamper my skin, hair, and face, and I do love finishing my entire beauty look, not just with perfume, but beautifully painted and coloured nails, and my favourite nail polish brand of all time has to be OPI. I first discovered OPI when I was studying for my certificate IV in beauty therapy, and I haven't stopped using it or loving it since. It is the most professional brand out there for even the most nail painting novice, as it is very hard to go wrong painting your fingers or toes with the beautifully wide brush, all it takes is one stroke and your done. As for the colour range and the unique names they give them, and the affordable price tag, it just ticks every box and then some. There is not one colour in the range that is bad, from the lightest pinks to dark sultry purple blacks to classic red and even bright green or grape purple, there is a colour for the most girly of girls to tomboys. The classic shade bubble bath is the most divine nude pink that flatters every skin tone, elephantastic pink is my favourite for when I want to go super girly with the brightest, most gorgeous of pinks, and if I'm feeling moody or sultry, I can't go past lincoln park in the dark. Application is a breeze, apply an even coat of base coat which is essential to protect your nail, especially when you are going super bright or dark, then two even coats of your chosen colour, and a single coat of top coat, which gives you a shiny, flawless, and chip resistant finish that lasts for up to seven days, sometimes more before you need to remove it. If you need extra protection or cuticle care, OPI has that covered also. From professional nail artists to at home use, OPI is the biggest and best nail care brand I think there is, so if you want to finish your beauty look with more than just a spray of perfume, get out to your local nail salon or Priceline, snap up a couple of colours, as well as base coat and top coat, and unleash your inner nail artist in the comfort of your own home.
OPI Nail Lacquers are the iconic and top notch nail polish! Such a classic with a wide colour selection and the nail polish longevity, nothing can beat OPI. Pros: + Huge colour selection (My faves are Funny Bunny and Big Apple Red)  + Super easy to apply, no streaks and 2 coats will give you the full colour + AMAZING formula  + Lasts for 5 days, even a week with some colours  + Lots of different formulations to choose from (normal to gel)  + NO Chipping!  Cons: - Expensive, price in the only con $20 for a bottle can get quite pricey for a nail addict like me Overall, The only nail polish brand I buy from is OPI. All the colours you could possibly want, they have. Great selection and formula. Highly Recommended !