Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser is a gradual self-tanning moisturiser, suitable for use on the face and body. It contains pure cocoa butter and vitamin E to nourish dry skin. The lotion can be used over a few days to build up a natural-looking tan, or it can be applied over an existing tan to ‘top up’ the colour.

Size pictured is 250mL. Available in 250ml & 400ml sizes.


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser


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I’m a big fan of Palmers products and was excited to use the gradual tanner. Applied well like all the other Palmers lotions and I found the tan did take a few applications to start to show and it did stay looking natural for a few days after I stopped applying it but the only thing I could get past was the smell, it was very strong and lingered all day and I got sick of smelling it.
Best of the best!  I like to consider myself a gradual tan aficionado.   I've tried them all and this one beats them all by a mile.  It comes in an easy to use pump pack which also screws off so you can tip upside down to get the remainder when it's almost finished.  The cream is an easy to apply lotion that spreads and absorbs quickly but not too quickly if you know what I mean.  It does have the typical 'fake tan' scent but I don't find it offensive and it doesn't linger.  I apply this in the morning and by evening I have a gorgeous even light tan.  What I love most about this product is that the colour lasts!  I only ever use this product and no other fake tan.  Applying morning and evening will give you an ever deeper tan that you can build on.   
Really love that the product comes in a pump pack- it makes it really easy to apply- its a very thick lotion and I find that I only need 1-2 pumps for each section on the skin! The lotion to me is very thick, but I find it quite easy to rub it- its very creamy and smooth! I love the smell- its very hard to hide the fake tan smell- and palmers have done a reasonable job with this- its a very sweet smelling coconut smell which I really like- slight whiff of tan but nothing overpowering. I find this gradual tanner very moisturising and very soft and leaves my skin very smooth! Now for the colour- for me as a fair- medium tanned woman- I find once or twice a week is perfect- otherwise I have noticed that I can go orange- like really orange. It gives you a nice glow after one application but any more than 2 and it can look a bit orange. I also think that sometimes it looks a bit streaky! You have to be really careful where you are applying otherwise after one application it goes streaky! You also have to wash your hands straight after use. I find that this one lasts on the skin quite a while even with moistursing and scrubbing and daily showers- so I only need to apply it once a week for a subtle glow. I have noticed that more and im going a bit orange. I think if this one works for you its great- if it doesn't work with your base tones its too orange- just remember though not to apply every day or you will be orange as! Good soft skin though!
My friends and I grew up using this product! It was a must have!  It comes in a beachy looking pump bottle and the product is easy to dispense. It definitely has a coconut scent to it but I quite like it, be mindful if you use it before bed time that it will make your sheets smell like coconut/fake tan! I do always like to have a rinse once it’s absorbed so it’s not super obvious to everyone that I smell like fake tan! My friend described it as a “muffin” smell when I was near - not bad! What I love about the product is how nourishing it is for my skin and how it glides on really nice and so is easy to apply evenly. My skin felt really soft afterwards and even on the first use it had a glowing effect. It also reminded me to moisturise when I was looking pale!  I found after multiple uses and ‘coating’ I did have to be careful around certain dry skin areas like around armpits, knees, ankles, wrists as the colour could build up quite dark. I would apply less on those areas or thin it out with a plain moisturiser. Also make sure to wash your hands afterward as it would become patchy there too and leave your palms dark.  After I was my hands I would just rub my hands together making sure to include the wrists so there wasn’t a distinct line between where the water washes off the product and where the cream was. It just helps give a natural finish.  My skin has a sort of yellow undertone and I found this product made me look a little too yellow, I’ve since found other gradual tanning products that match my skin colour better.  However, for the price this is a good product to give a go and see if it works for you!! 
I have used this product for 3 years now and I am always amazed how many people ask me if I sunbake or do I have naturally dark, tanned looking skin. Always happy to tell them that I use this product and love it.  I use this product all year round, it isn't greasy and if applied evenly never looks like I have put a fake tan on.  It is so gradual and I only apply it every few days.
Love my palmers gradual tanning moisturiser, I have very pale very dry skin and this moisturiser is perfect for me. It’s fine for use on sensitive skin, is very moisturising and the gradual tanning is gradual. If I apply before bed I will wake up with a healthy glow that isn’t orange! Yay! (a real struggle for pale people). Still be careful around particularly dry areas which soak the moisture, e.g. ankles and wrists and apply lightly in these areas to avoid being patchy. If you want it darker just apply more regularly. Very buildable and easy to control how dark your tan is. Has a nice scent which isn’t overpowering. Remember to wash your hands afterward to avoid orange palms. Overall this product is exactly what you would expect from a gradual tanning moisturiser, works well and reasonably priced.
Love the texture of Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser. It left my skin feeling hydrated and soft but after applying it evenly I ended up with a patchy orange tan. Not sure about the scent either. Will continue to use to see if I can improve my application.