Pantene Pro-V Instant Smooth Detangling Mist

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Pantene Pro-V Instant Smooth Detangling Mist is a leave-in detangling mist that nourishes and softens dry hair. It helps to separate knotted strands, and gives you smooth, soft, shiny hair for easy styling. It is enriched with Pantene Pro-V nutrients.

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Pantene Pro-V Instant Smooth Detangling Mist


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Detangles with ease

I loved this detangling mist, Pantene products are great and this worked a treat. So easy to use, just spray on damp hair and style as usual. It detangles my thick hair so easy, preventing snags and tangles and it smells great too. It makes styling so much easier and leaves my hair really soft and shiny too. The Pantene pro v range is great, I recommend using the matching shampoo and conditioner first, it’s great for thick hair and helps protect it from splitting and I will buy this detangling mist again, it’s great vakue

Works a treat

I recently decided to let my natural hair shine, so that meant going curly. But had an issue with tangled hair with dryness. So I decided to try this Pantene Pro-V Instant Smooth Detangling Mist. I used this after shower and applied a good amount into my hair and used a hair dryer to dry my hair. I love the results. My hair curls were not only properly defined it looked hydrated and I could comb my hair with my fingers without any breakage. So it really did work well as a detangler. It’s affordable and it’s a lovely product
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A soft, great smelling, detangled blow-dry - yay!

After using the related Shampoo and conditioner which left my curly, dry hair looking and feeling fab I was a little unsure about the mist feature! My wet hair drank it up and it smelt nice but I am not sure it’s necessary after using the shampoo and conditioner. I then tried using this before blow-drying and straightening my hair and loved it here! It left my hair feeling great and made it much easier to glide the brush through while blow-drying. This product was worth it for this feature! It not only made my blow-drying easier, my hair was super soft and smelt great!
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Recommend for smooth shiny hair

I trialled the Pantene Pro-V instant smooth detangling mist as part of review crew. I have long hairs and its always frizzy amd tangled. I used the product and it has worked magically in detangling my hair and giving them perfect smoothness. Every morning my go to product for some smooth and shiny hairs. I tried it in wet and dry hair, Works a treat in both ways. Definitely recommend this product for very smooth and shiny hairs everyday. Hair feels nourished and very light. It doesnt weigh down the hair. Thanks Pantene. Love the mist
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perfect to get those knots out for dry hair

With the bleach colour in my hair I always feel shampoo and conditioner alone just isn’t enough to hydrate, my hair still seems to get so knotty and tangled. So I loved 'Pantene Smooth detangling' leave in mist spray. I spray it on my hair after I get out the shower, (after shampoo and conditioner of course) spray on ends, not at roots so it doesn't get greasy. It makes for combing through your hair so much easier and just generally made it more manageable to maintain. I felt it added an extra little shine too. For anyone with bleach in their hair i highly recommend to keep healthy hair.
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Lightweight smoothing mist

I was pleasantly surprised with this mist, I use it while my hair is wet after washing and it leaves it feeling very soft, silky and doesn’t leave it with a greasy feeling. It does add a little hydration, however for those with dry hair you may want to be wanting a little extra hydration. It has a pleasant light spray with a nice smell to it and only needed a few pumps to cover the hair. I really liked that this product didn’t weigh my hair down or leave any sticky or greasy residue. I will continue to use this product, I normally use salon bought products but am seriously thinking of changing after this.
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Smooth Treatment!

I have very fine hair in a longish bob so the ends can get a bit frizzy and stringy between cuts. I tried the spray mist initially after washing & conditioning but either used too much or it is just too heavy for my fine hair. My hair felt a bit Kano and oily looking after blow drying and just didn’t feel right. The next time I tried using less product but then I didn’t really notice any significant difference to my hair. So I decided one last try to use it as a leave in conditioning treatment overnight before washing it the next morning. I was really impressed with the results! My hair felt fuller and less fly away - nice and shiny and blow dried held well! So I wouldn’t necessarily recommend as a detangling must for very fine hair but a great leave in treatment! That’s how I’d use it!
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Worth Every Cent!

Ive tried a number of hair repair products for my dry damaged and frizzy bleached hair over the last few years. Even the more expensive Olaplex range. What a massive waste of my time and money They work for a little while but then for some reason they just stop...working! This Pantene Pro-V Instant Smooth Detanglibg Mist is wonderful. It works time and time again. It leaves my hair smooth and less frizzy after a wash. Very easy to apply (don't need much) and it actually smells really nice. The price point is fantastic as well. Jump on this before the word gets out!!!! It truly is a miracle
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Tangles, Be Gone!

Pantene Pro-V Instant Smooth Detangling Mist, where have you been all my life? I’ve tried many types of detangling sprays over the years (my daughter was prone to sporting “bird nest” hair when she was younger) and it was hard to find something that worked without costing a small fortune. My hair is damaged and dry, prone to tangling and breaking easily, so I dread brushing it and usually keep it tied up so I don’t have to deal with it. This spray is a keeper, and though it says to use on damp hair, I found it helpful to use before brushing if my hair is dry, especially if I haven’t washed my hair for a day or two. I used this as needed for a little over two weeks, in conjunction with Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo and Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Conditioner. I found the shampoo and conditioner alone to works wonders for my hair, but when I needed extra help, this spray was a powerhouse. The packaging is fantastic, with the spray being easy to press and the mist being fine and covering a decent area. It smells lovely, with a mild floral fragrance that I thoroughly enjoy. The spray has a smooth texture that isn’t sticky or heavy. I was surprised at the warning on the back stating it can make tile floors and other hard surfaces slippery as I don’t find the texture oily or slimy, but I appreciate that it does consider any potential dangers. When using the spray, my hair is instantly soft, smooth and easy to brush. I think it’s a fantastic product to have on hand so I recommend it to anyone with dry and damaged hair that tangles easily, or to anyone wanting to give their hair some extra care or even just tame some frizz. I found using it Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 Repair & Protect Shampoo and Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Repair & Protect Conditioner to give the best results.
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Good honest product

I have used many detangling products for my hair over the last 20 years or so. I would say that most of them would have been high end products and a lot more expensive than this option. This is a great price point for this everyday product that would be suitable for use by any hair type and any member of the family. I have dry, fine, bleached shoulder length hair that absorbed the product well. No inoffensive perfume was noticed and I found that it worked well. I would recommended this product to those on a budget. I does what it claims to do!
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Tangled hair be-gone!

I used the Pantene Pro-V Instant Smooth Detangling Mist after shampooing with the Pro-V10 Repair and Protect Shampoo and the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. I have shoulder-length straight hair that can get tangled up after washing. After I towel dried my hair, I sprayed a few pumps throughout my hair and brushed through with a wide-tooth comb. The comb easily glided through my hair with ease and I love using the mist to provide added conditioning and moisturising benefits to my dry hair. I think it also benefits the longer term hair health as someone who regularly uses heat styling tools.
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No more tangles

I trialled this product alongside the Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner and I did try it in my hair numerous times and found it to make brushing so much easier! To be honest I used this product a lot on my daughters curly dry frizzy hair and found it to be hydrating and curl defining. It was a game changer in getting ready for school as she no longer dreaded the hairbrush and knots. I will probably buy this product over the likes of the Palmolive one as we enjoyed using the shampoo and conditioner and found them to be really good products so would stick with the same brand and products that complement each other. The Pantene range is suitable for the whole family and love that it is available in supermarkets for ease of purchase.
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Smells amazing

I always put it in my damp hair before I blow-dry. It leaves my hair so soft, shiny and tangle free. This is a product you should have at all times. I have some split ends that tend to frizz up. Pantene Conditioning Hair Mist Detangler helped keep my hair soft and smooth. Love the fresh smell that lasted all day. It doesn't leave a build up of product in your hair either which is great because I find alot of other products I have tried do this resulting in washing my hair more often than I usually would.
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Go to at any time

I used this as part of the Pantene ProV 3 minute miracle line that Beauty Crew sent out to review. I have thin, frizzy, dull hair - especially after having kids. I really enjoyed this mist. As someone with shorter hair, detangling isn't the highest priority for me - but I loved it for it's smoothing aspect! If I noticed I had frizzy hair/strays before I headed out I gave my hair a quick spritz and combed it through. It left my hair feeling sleek,without being weighed down - which is important due to my fine hair. Would recommend.
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Fresh smelling and silky smooth

Absolutely love this product! It’s made my mornings so much easier not having to deal with knots (for myself and my daughter) plus the fact it leaves my hair looking shiny and smooth. It has a lovely fresh smell and with such a good size of packaging I feel this detangling mist will last quite a while. I would recommend this to everyone who is busy in the mornings and wants a fuss free hair do for yourself and your children. I trialled the Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner and Instant Smooth Detangling Mist as part of the Review Crew.
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Effective for tangles

I was selected by REVIEWCrew to participate in the Pantene Repair and Protect Trial Team. This detangling mist is one product I don’t need as my hair hardly tangles. I did use it though just to see what’s the hype. But couldn’t make any conclusion. This comes in spray form. I’d prefer the bottle to be a little smaller, so that it’s easier to spray. But generally I don’t prefer spray products because the mist could dispersed hence dirtying everywhere. I’d used it in the shower area so that the residue can be easily washed. Since I couldn’t formed any opinion on this product, I decided to test it on my daughter’s hair. She has thick hair and it is always tangled even though she uses conditioner. It goes on well on her hair without feeling oily. After spraying the product, it is so much easier to brush through the tangles on her hair. Her hair becomes smooth and smells good too. She likes it as it is easier for her to brush her hair after washing. When her hair is dried, there’s no oily residue as well. I’d repurchase for her.
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Panteen Pro-V detangling mist lives up to its name

I have been using the Pantene Pro-V Repair and Protect Shampoo and Conditioner and Instant Smooth Detangling Mist for the last ten days. I struggle with dry hair from years of having blonde streaks in my naturally curly hair. Since using the Pantene Pro-V repair products, I have noticed my hair is looking much healthier, it is softer and the frizz is reduced. The Pantene Instant Smooth Detangling mist lives up to its name. Just a small amount sprayed onto my hair, makes it smoother. I also used this product to detangle a large knot out of my nieces hair. My niece doesn’t usually like getting her hair brushed and this product helped the brush glide through her locks with ease. Since using these products there is a noticeable difference to my hair and it is not as dry. I shall continue to use them in the future.
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I recommend this product….. My hair always tangles itself in many not so wonderful ways overnight and every morning is a battle of myself versus the birds nest to get them out. This detangler makes the job so much easier and faster. A few sprays of the pleasant smelling detangler and it really helps to get the brush gliding through my hair in so much less time. No more quick “messy look” pony tail to hide the birds nest! It even helps with the small persistent, almost “invisible until you try to style your hair” knots. A great detangling product and hat can be used daily to save time and frustration! Try it!
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It left my hair silky long after using it.

I have been using leave in conditioner treatments for all of my life as I have curly, fine hair and it gets super knotty and tangled. I’ve tried all the products available and usually don’t really notice much of a difference between the really expensive ones and the cheap ones you can buy at the supermarket. However, this product really stood out! I would say it’s on par with the more expensive boutique ones I’ve been conned into buying when at the hairdresser. It was easy to use and I loved that I didn’t have oily hands after using it (like when I use other oil products). Definitely worth it!!!
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Addicted to this product!

I'm not sure what it is about this detangling mist but I found the smell to be amazing! Like, I would put it in my hair just for the scent. I know smell is a very subjective thing, but honestly I'd buy it just for that. In terms of its ability to smooth and detangle, it actually does work really well too. I have frizzy hair so I always need to straighten my hair to smooth it out enough to be presentable. While this didn't completely remove the need for me to straighten, it certainly reduced the frizziness of my hair and was enough with a brush through if I was just going to the gym or out for a moment. Given that my hair is also long - it gets tangled basically any way I wear it. This product plus a detangling brush have been the best thing I have found. I've used 3 or 4 other detangling sprays but they were either really expensive or didn't do much. Hands down the best product in the Pro-V range.