Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Firming Emulsion

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Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Firming Emulsion is an intensely hydrating body moisturiser for dry, aged or wrinkled skin that is scented with Philosophy’s feminine Amazing Grace fragrance. The formula is enriched with shea butter, olive oil and macadamia oil to soften the skin and replenish moisture, while a blend of antioxidants protect skin from environmental aggressors and a firming ingredient helps skin feel more toned.


Philosophy Amazing Grace Body Firming Emulsion


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First the scent of this moisturiser is so beautiful and stays with you all day but in a pleasant way. It soaks into your skin perfectly and is a quite thick for a lotion, it is a firming moisturiser but I have bought this twice and haven’t notice a difference in firmness to my skin at all. I use it all over my body and don’t buy it for the firming, for me I love it for its scent alone.
I simply adore this moisturizer, it visibly firms my skin and leaves every part of my body hydrated and shiny! It's mess-free with an easy hand pump and with a simple color matches my bathroom aesthetic. The fragrance is fresh and sweet of shea butter and nuts. I love the toned look this gives my legs and am happy with the results. The formula is quick and easy to apply and follows trends to the other amazing grace products. Would recommend.
This is a truly beautiful moisturiser that provides deep hydration and does as it claims and actually firms my skin, its visible and feels amazing. The handy pump bottle creates no mess and distributes just the right amount of product, I love this for my legs and it absolutely improves the appearance of my skin while also providing deep hydration. I love the little messages philosophy products contain, so cute and the fragrance also of this firming emulsion is beautiful. The texture of the product is rally smooth and silky so its a pleasure to use and its great for when my skin is super dry and needs a little extra care and attention, enriched with oils it replenishes moisture and I love the addition of antioxidents. I feel its good value as I really dont need to use a lot for great results, another philosophy winner that I would highly recommend.