Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel

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Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel is a scented body wash, bubble bath and shampoo that moisturises and cleanses skin and hair. The formula is deliciously scented with the aroma of icing and cinnamon buns.


Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel


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philosophy skincare is a brand I truly love, and thankfully, so does my skin! As a shower gel, it has a great feel on the skin, especially with a loofah, to lather for formula up. the scent lingers on the body for a short time after the shower, but it has a great feel and leaves no greasy/oily film afterwards.  I haven't tried it as a shampoo yet, but, it definitely works a treat as a shower gel in itself. 
This truly delicious bath and shower gel always brings back memories of trips to the US and the wonderful Cinnabon kiosks, selling enormous cinnamon rolls topped with creamy white frosting, that were so hard to resist. Sadly (or perhaps fortunately for our waistlines) we don't have these stores here. But at least we can enjoy an equivalent scent from Philosophy's beautiful shower gel.  When I first press open the stopper my first instinct is to tip it up and drink it! Having resisted this urge I then pour a little of the slightly thick gel in my palm and start to lather. I have to say the gel actually looks a lot like the frosting spread on the buns (yes I am obsessed with those buns!) The gel lathers really well and surrounds you with the cinnamon scent and is just a pleasure to use. It is also very gentle so can be used over the whole body without causing any dryness or irritation as highly perfumed products can cause. I have also poured a little gel in the bath - it bubbles up nicely and you can enjoy the cinnamon scent even longer. Best of all you don't need very much whichever way you use it, as it is a high quality product and a little goes a long way.  I haven't found it as effective as a shampoo, as I don't wash my hair everyday, so it is probably a little too gentle to be used on the regular. It is fairly high-priced at $30 for a shower gel, but at almost 500 mls and needing only a small dollop it will obviously last for ages, so that's not a bad investment. Of course it could be an issue if you wanted to buy all of their delicious-food scented gels - now that could get expensive! I have to say something about the packaging - I love Philosophy's little recipes printed on their bottles and this one is no exception. It always reminds me of the soup bowls with a recipe on the outside. I may be tempted to make the buns to keep me going until my next Cinnabon fix!  One small con - the fragrance doesn't linger on your skin very long. I felt soft and clean after rinsing but not scented. So perhaps a future Cinnamon Buns body lotion is needed to extend the cinnamon experience?
I received some of these shower gels as a gift some time ago, and since then I have been on a mission to try more of the delightful scents. Of all the scents I have tried so far, this one has been my favourite, It has a strong delicious fragrance, without being too overwhelming in the shower. The gel lathers really well as a body wash, and works okay as a shampoo (I do find that my roots get oilier a little quicker than usual with continual use - but using it here or there doesn't seem to cause this issue). The range is a little pricey for a body wash, but it does feel and smell luxurious, so sometimes it is worth a splurge. I find these great for presents, and often suggest these to when they are struggling on gift idea for myself.
Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel is a pure delight to use.  One of my favourite things to eat is a cinnamon bun, and cinnamon is my all time favourite spice.  So having a bath, hair and shower gel to immerse myself in, is my total dream come true.   The gel is lush and creamy and lathers up beautifully.    Like a bubbly cinnamon thickshake, that I can wash myself and my hair too!  The smell is sublime, and the result is lovely and clean, soft skin that lingers of cinnamon and icing smell all day.   I have been known to take many baths in this too, it creates beautiful bubbles and I can sit there and read my book smelling of cinnamon, yet consuming no calories!  yeah!!!  You can wash your hair in this , it makes it soft and lovely feeling, and of course, cinnamon smelling!     I also decant this gel into a hand washing pump and have it on the side of the bathroom and kitchen, and that way I get to experience the cinnamon smell yet again!  I love this gel, you don't need a lot and you will smell amazing.
I love Philosophy Shower gels, and this is definitely one of my favourites. I picked this up at Christmas time, thinking it was a Christmas exclusive. I was so happy when I found out it's not! It's a warm, spicy cinnamon scent that gives me a really nostalgic feeling. It lathers well, and the scent sticks around on the skin. I really wish that Philosophy would make a perfume in this scent, as I'd wear it all throughout winter!
Philosophy products are amazing and this cinnamon buns shower gel is just gorgeous. I love the little messages philosophy products contain, so cute. This shower gel smells simply beautiful, just like cinnamon buns baking and sticky sweet icing, it smells so delicious you feel you could eat it, (I dont of course), This is great for the shower as the handy bottle with flip top leaves no mess so its super easy to use. The consistency is smooth and creamy and feels really luxe. It lathers well and I dont need to use a lot so it lasts really well.I have also used this as a bubble bath and its so relaxing to soak in this gorgeous scent. I really love this product and highly recommend it