Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier

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Pureology Colour Fanatic is a multi-tasking treatment spray with an AntiFade Complex that provides 21 benefits to prime, protect and perfect colour-treated hair. It is formulated with fennel seed extract and a natural blend of camelina, coconut and olive oils to strengthen and detangle coloured hair. 

Available in 200mL.


Pureology Colour Fanatic Multi-Tasking Hair Beautifier


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pureology products are so beautiful and I would recommend this hair beautifier to anyone. Such a gorgeous product and so easy to use for truly beautiful head turning hair. Simply apply to damp hair and style as normal. I always blow dry then straighten my hair and the heat protecting properties in this product are amazing. My hair is stronger and healthier when using this product. It controls frizz, protects against heat products and leaves my hair soft, shiny bouncy and smooth. The effects last and it wont weigh hair down. This detangles hair beautifully so it prevents splitting and breakage and really hydrates hair so frizz is always kept at bay. This is an absolutely divine product, pleasant scent, nice packaging, great results. Love it. Highly recommend it
I tried this after reading some amazing reviews and it is a really great leave in conditioner and heat protectant. It’s so easy to use and really delivers on what it promises. I found that my somewhat fine hair was not weighed down by the product and the shine is amazing. The one draw back I found was that my hair became oily more quickly than usual, but I am still using and find that my hair looks great at day two and three with some dry shampoo and a liver in look.
Pureology, my bright, shiny, beautiful new hair care friend, I am back with another gushing review of one of your pretty little products, so sit back and relax, you'll probably feel your ears burning more than once. I am almost fanatical about what products I use on my long, fine, dry and colour damaged hair, to ensure it is protected and maintained and made shiny, glossy, tangle free and beautiful every single day. That means a lot of trial and error and trying a lot of different shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils, and now, this Pureology colour fanatic multi tasking hair beautifier spray. Of course, with long hair, I've tried a couple of leave in conditioning sprays, but I'm usually left feeling disappointed and dissatisfied, and just left it out of my hair routine. That all changed with the discovery of this particular spray, which as per usual, I found and bought on Sephora, good old loyal Sephora. The next morning, after my double shampoo, and conditioner shower routine, I moisturised my damp skin, wrapped my hair up in a hair turban and dressed. After gently towelling off my hair, I sprayed a generous amount of the leave in conditioner through my still damp strands and combed it through with great ease. When my hair was eventually air dry to the touch and combed again thoroughly, I looked at the results in the mirror, feeling a smile spread over my face. Pureology, thanks to you, my hair was now smooth, tangle and knot free, and so shiny, glossy and radiant. You really did everything you said you would and more. My hair was in beautiful condition after just one application, my six month old colour looked freshly dyed and my hair had a gentle, yet very noticeable body and fullness to it. I use this after every hair wash and the results are better and better. You really know what you are doing, little Pureology, and thanks to you and the new beauty of my hair, each day I look and feel beautiful, confident, radiant, and powerful thanks to the beauty and magic of this little spray in conditioner.
Hair heaven in a bottle! I was introduced to this product in a salon when I complained that my hair was thin, fine, lifeless and limp, but also at the same time quite dry. I needed something that wouldn't weigh down my hair (as nearly every other conditioner does) but would also provide the level of hydration, repair and protection that my hair needed. I've been using this recently as a substitute for in-shower conditioner. This is because the product itself is so darn hydrating and conditioning on it's own that rich and heavy conditioners aren't a necessity in my beauty cupboard anymore! I shower and shampoo my hair as I usually would, however I do not condition it. Once I step out of the shower I generously spritz this into my hair from mid-lengths to the ends, really focusing on massaging the product into my ends. I then wait to air-dry, OR, because of it's protecting properties I can blow dry my hair without the worry of causing damage, or creating tangles - because this leave my strands super smooth and silky. Even though I've stopped properly conditioning my hair, my hair has never felt better because of this product. It delivers on 21 key benefits to the hair like smoothing, conditioning, detangling, and heat protection. I've always been quite skeptical of these products which claim to have so many benefits but I truly believe in this product. It has provided my hair with the necessary amount of hydration and protection so as not to weigh down my fine hair, and it keeps my ends in check by protecting them against split ends. Plus, it smells wonderful and looks totally professional! I would recommend this for other fine hair sufferers like me who need a kick of hydration but want to maintain their natural body, or, for people who have thicker hair and are looking for some extra protection and hydration to their usual hair routine. I'm onto my second bottle already and will definitely consider re-purchasing after this!