Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Condition

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Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner is for dry, undisciplined colour-treated hair. Use this revolutionary dry conditioner to restore softness, shine & condition while managing frizz & static. It contains a blend of pure minerals of obsidian and Smithsonite to refresh hair and maintain shine.

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Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Condition


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I've been really slow to warm to dry shampoo.  I just don't see how trading oily roots for white, dusty looking roots is doing me any favours.  Perhaps I just haven't found the right one yet.  But dry conditioner, on the other hand, was love at first use!  I have colour treated hair, which means that my ends are high maintenance.  The slightest bit of neglect makes me look like an overaged 90's hair metal band groupie.  Not a great look!  So on those days when I'm pressed for time and need a quick fix, or even for days when I just want to get away from the bathroom mirror in a hurry... Hello, dry conditioner!  It really couldn't be more simple than point and spray and a good coat of dry conditioner from mid-lengths to ends followed by a quick brush leaves my hair looking shiny and silky smooth.  I'm also a big fan of the smell, which reminds me of that somewhat ambiguous yet delightful and oh-so-glamorous upscale department store scent.  I wish I could buy this in bulk!  I have a large size spray at home and a mini that I keep in my purse in the event of an emergency (like running late in the morning, which happens a lot!) or for a midday freshen-up.  It's so easy and adds so much benefit to my beauty routine that I can't imagine being without it!