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QV Gentle Shampoo is a gentle shampoo formulated to leave hair looking and feeling healthy, without the common irritants that can upset sensitive skin and scalps. QV Gentle Shampoo is pH balanced and non irritating, and will gently cleanse and purify hair while rehydrating dry scalps and conditioning dry skin. This mild, calming shampoo is suitable for everyday use.

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QV Hair Gentle Shampoo


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Great shampoo

QV Hair Gentle Shampoo has become my go-to choice for a nourishing and soothing hair care experience. Designed with sensitive scalps in mind, this shampoo offers a gentle yet effective solution for those seeking a mild cleansing option without compromising on quality. The texture of the shampoo is smooth and easy to distribute, creating a satisfying lather that effectively cleanses the hair and scalp. A little goes a long way, making the product economical despite its slightly higher price point compared to some mainstream shampoos. In summary, QV Hair Gentle Shampoo has won me over with its commitment to simplicity, effectiveness, and gentleness. If you're in search of a shampoo that prioritises your hair and scalp's health without unnecessary additives, QV Hair Gentle Shampoo is a stellar choice that delivers on its promises. It has earned a permanent spot in my hair care routine, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable and gentle cleansing experience.
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I like qv products and this is kind of on the top 5. I have oily scalp and this help in decreasing the oiliness mynsclp becomes after a day. Ecause tbis safe and has very clean and no nasties ingredients, i did not feel that it added to the build up of products that some shampoos do contrary to what they are supposed to which is clean and rid of impurities. This made my scap feel cleaner without causing dryness and flakiness like some other shampoos do. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I think this will work with any hair types as well.
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QV Hair Gentle Shampoo

I have thick and frizzy hair, and often have a dry scalp. The bottle of shampoo is easy to use the bottle sits on its flip top lid. The shampoo is clear and of a thin-medium consistency, I noticed no scent. pH balanced the shampoo has been really gentle on my scalp, whilst it does foam I have found I need to use quite a bit of the shampoo to get a thorough wash and because I double shampoo my hair I’m not sure economically that it would be viable for me which is a shame because it is a lovely shampoo which I feel would be great for those with less hair. I would definitely buy this shampoo if I didn’t need to use so much and I would definitely recommend it to those with fine to normal hair.
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Would rather it have fragrance

This shampoo is clear and has no fragrance. I prefer a fragrance in my shampoo to make my hair smell nice which also disguises any smells like smoke for example. It has a very light lather which wasn't suitable for my thick long hair. I had tried adding more water to get it to lather up some more but that didn't work so I had to keep adding more shampoo to get a good wash and to get rid of hairspray that I have in my hair each day. After I rinsed my hair, my hair felt a bit stripped and knotty. I think it probably is more suited to very short hair cuts and would be perfect for men. I didn't like it so can't recommend it unfortunately.
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Gentle on my hair

This shampoo cleanses thoroughly but is so very gently. It does not strip my hair of moisture and it leaves my scalp feeling very relaxed. I have very fine, waist long hair that is very frizzy. If I use harsh shampoos, they leave my hair looking very dry. This shampoo together with the matching conditioner has left my hair feeling soft and hydrated. Also styling my hair was easier after showering. I highly recommend this very affordable shampoo and conditioner range that is gentle on my hair and scalp.
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Skincare for your scalp!

I'd describe the QV Hair Gentle Shampoo as quite a thick shampoo that really doubles as skin care for your scalp. It is so moisturising and provides a lot of hydration for dry and scaly scalps, without leaving your hair feeling heavy or oily, which I've found from using many other shampoos, a hard balancing act. My hair felt super clean after each use and probably did need a little bit more of my usual leave-in moisture products. I shared this shampoo with my Husband who has can deal with dandruff from time to time and the condition of his scalp was looking better after every use.
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Good for those with sensitive scalps

I have been trialing the QV Hair QV Hair Gentle Shampoo paired with the matching Conditioner. My hair is long and fine but I do have a fair bit of it. The product itself is easy to use, it doesn’t lather up as much in comparison to shampoos I usually use but it is fine. It doesn’t have any imposing scents and with no harsh chemicals, it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny. It doesn’t over clean, over dry or irritate my scalp at all. I did find I needed to use a deep cleanser once a week for a deep clean on my hair but I would say if you are using this as your daily shampoo washing your hair more frequently than I do it would be fine. Overall I would recommend this as a very gentle shampoo which doesn’t irritate your scalp.
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Perfect for gentle scalp.

I have fine hair and my scalp is really sensitive. Even though I usually use "normal" shampoos without any issues, I was excited to try QV's shampoo for gentle hair and see if there was any noticeable difference. There was. The gentle shampoo had no scent and looked like a liquid soap but after applying it to wet hair, it started foaming whilst cleaning my hair. It is difficult to describe, but I could actually feel how gentle the shampoo was. After rinsing and before applying conditioner, I could see and feel that my hair was clean but not that horrible squeaky clean where hair is left dry and knotty. My hair was clean, smooth and shiny. It was also easy to comb.
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Probably good for those with a sensitive scalp

This shampoo is very gentle and I haven't noticed any scalp irritation or dandruff since I have been using it. I think it would be great for those people who have an irritated scalp or have really dry or frizzy hair. I liked the way that it left my hair feeling clean but it didn't leave my hair as soft as other shampoos and I felt like my hair wasn't as nourished as it normally is when I wash with my usual brands. I was given this product as part of the Review Crew and i don't think I would buy it from the store as it wasn't good enough for me to consider using as my main shampoo.
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Good everyday shampoo

This QV Hair QV Hair Gentle Shampoo & Conditioner is great for everyday us. It’s oh balanced so it works great for my curly frizzy hair. It’s very mild and very gentle on my scalp. It removes build up effectively without adding any harsh chemicals to my scalp. I love how gentle this is. I left the conditioner for ten mins and washed it off with cold water. My hair felt super soft and hydrated after blow drying. I highly recommend this if you have dry scalp or a sensitive scalp. This is a really good affordable everyday shampoo that you should be using

Great for regular use.

This is the first time i use this shampoo. I don't have any concerns when choosing Qv products as they always gentle and free from harsh ingredients. I was looking a product for my girls hair that has soap free no fragrance and this product is perfect. They do not complaining about itchy scalp any more. This shampoo has a good consistency, not too thick and not too runny. It doesn't have a fragrance and is clear in colour. This is easy to apply to the wet hair and easy to wash out. This shampoo delivering beautiful healthy finish to the dry hair. I would definitely buy this shampoo again and would love to recommend family and friends.

Cleans without irritation

The QV Gentle Shampoo is a clear gel and is packaged in a white tube which holds 200g of product. The shampoo lathers quite well and rinses out with ease. This soap-free product is one of the many QV products hubby uses for his extremely dry, sensitive skin. He found normal shampoos aggregated his scalp but within a short time of using this shampoo, not only did he not have an itchy scalp but the skin on his back and chest began to settle down because there was no 'harmful' shampoo running over his body. I tried this shampoo and I agree with hubby when he says it's not the best shampoo he has used in regards to softness and shine, but it's the best for cleaning his hair without causing irritation and dryness, and leaving it looking healthy.