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QV Skincare Hand Cream SPF 15

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QV Hand Cream SPF 15 is a hand moisturiser with UV protection. The non-greasy cream works to hydrate the hands, nails and cuticles while preventing premature ageing of skin. The formula contains glycerin to hydrate, cetearyl alcohol to reduce water loss and liquid paraffins to soften dry skin. It is suitable for all skin types.


QV Skincare Hand Cream SPF 15


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Moisturising and protection from the sun!

I have been enjoying this handcream as the last step of my morning skincare routine especially on weekdays with the added spf I know my hands are protected while driving to work. Non greasy I love the feel of the formula on my hands the hand cream is really hydrating, I use about the size and a pea and gently massage it into my hands not forgetting my nails and cuties and the tops of my hands. I take this in my bag with me to work to re apply after using hand sanitiser or washing my hand. I have recommended this to my family and friends.

Protects hands

This cream is a must for me. I've gotten into a really good habit of applying it before I leave the house in the morning to go to work. I like using it because it contains spf 15 which protects my skin when I'm driving. It's also great and keeping my skin soft and prevents my hands from drying out. It doesn't leave my hands all slippery and greasy which makes it the perfect cream for using on the go. The hands is one place that often gets forgotten when it comes to applying spf so this makes it so easy. It's softens skin and protects all at the same time.

Moisturising sun protection

I love to put this QV Skincare hand cream with SPF 15 on my hands before I drive as I want to protect my hands from aging. It isn't greasy at all and absorbs into my skin quickly. It doesn't smell and leaves my skin so soft. I also rub this into my cuticles and it leaves them really soft too. I keep this in my car so that I never forget to use it. I would highly recommend this to anyone. Even if your just looking for a hand cream this has the added bonus of SPF 15 which is a necessity. And it's reasonably priced too.

QV skincare hand cream SPF 15

I really like the QV skincare hand cream SPF 15 which is also a broad spectrum especially great for outside sun exposure. I like it because it feels light on my hands and gently nourishes my skin while while protecting them from sun exposure and ageing of the hands from that such as sun spots, pigmentation and wrinkles. I like that the formula is also not greasy as it is a fast absorbing formula so it is great for the in the car and handbag for on the go. It keeps my hands feeling soft all day long.