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Raww Buff-ME Sugar Coffee Body Scrub is a nutrient-filled scrub that exfoliates the body. Super-fine coffee grounds and brown sugar exfoliate the skin while coconut oil, cocoa butter and lime oil hydrate. It also contains Raww’s WildBerry Harvest™, which is made up of riberry, pepperberry and muntries, to deliver hydrating, free radical-fighting, brightening and anti-inflammatory benefits to skin.

Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals and is free from synthetic irritants, cruelty free, Certified Organic and Certified Vegan.


Raww Buff-ME Sugar Coffee Body Scrub


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I love the lid that looks like timber, it reminds me of a natural feel and nature. I also love the colour scheme and the matte feel. The size is easy to handle and hold in my hand.  This is a product packed with natural ingredients, my favourite being coffee, lime and coconut oil. I must admit though that initially I found it odd that the packaging said 'superfood infused beauty' when it is a product for my body, not to be ingested.  It has a strong, very pleasant fragrance. For me the smell is sweet, like coconut and cocoa. It reminds me of summer and holidays.  I found it a little tricky to use, you have to stir the product first as it separates having oil in it. After that I had to scoop it out with my hand and lost some product along the way of transferring it onto my skin as it is a bit too runny. I especially found it tricky trying to get it onto my back. Maybe it might work better with a glove, however I just use my hand. It does a really good job of exfoliating my skin all in all though, I especially like to use it on the heels of my feet.  After rinsing the product it felt oily on my skin, but I liked that as it left a sense of smoothness. However, I do end up rinsing the oily feeling off with soap at the end of my shower as I don't want the oil getting on my towel.  I would prefer if this product had an alternative to the sugar, like salt or coconut fibre, and so I would try other products out first over buying this one again.  This product is great for anyone who likes a natural, vegan, Australian made, exfoliating scrub.
This has the most beautiful smell that hits you when you open the container - coffee and sugar! It goes on well and is easy to spread over your skin. I used it on my hands, legs and feet as they are really dry from my work as a domestic cleaner. The scrub is rough but I didn't find it too harsh. It washed off easily in the shower and my skin was left feeling smooth and soft. I found I didn't need to apply moisturiser afterwards and could smell a hint of lime and coconut. I wouldn't recommend to use it if you have any skin conditions like eczema as it could be too harsh.
I love this product! It exfoliated but also moisturised so well. Left my skin feeling absolutely amazing, can seem a little oily at first but it soaks in well! The smell is to die for and you don’t need a lot of product to get the right result! I will definitely be buying this product again in future!
I absolutely love this coffee scrub and it’s one of the best and delish smelling ones I’ve ever tried! The scrub comes in a fairly large plastic tub and you don’t need to use a lot to get smooth, soft skin. It contains tiny seeds and of course coffee and sugar, and has a sweet scent that’s not too overpowering or artificial. I use this scrub on my face too and don’t find it too harsh, plus it leaves my skin so soft. I gently apply a small amount in circular motions to damp skin and it rinses off easily leaving super soft, supple skin. It can leave a bit of an oily film on the skin which I don’t mind. I have already nearly finished my 2nd tub and will be buying more for sure!
I’m in love with this product! As a weekly fake tanner I’m always on the hunt for something that not only helps with exfoliating but also keeps my skin mosurised and soft! Not only have I re purchased for myself but for my sisters so they don’t steal mine anymore ha. Recommend it to anyone 100%
I absolutely love this product, already looked into getting more, the smell is so amazing I use it on my face and gets rid of all the dead skin cells. This product leaves your skin so smooth and fresh. Little greasy but so amazing.  I’ve already recommended this product to three other people and they loved it as well.
First of all I loved the packaging on the scrub. Yeah, scrubs in bags look cute but aren't that practical! I'm not a fan of a strong coffee scent but this one was really pleasant. The scrub isn't overly moisture which I appreciated and while it did leave my skin feeling a little oily it was easy enough to wash off. I also loved how well it removed all the dry skin which is always  a plus.
I have finished the whole bottle of this scrub!! The best thing that I like about this scrub is the smell and the ingredients that this product has. It would be amazing for morning shower people because the coffee smell wakes you up perfectly, and you will not feel the need to put moisturiser on after using this, so when you won’t feel greesy on the way to work. I would recommend you to try this scrub!
I’m not really a coffee fan but I find the scrub has a pleasant scent.It has an easy screw top lid for easy application, like other coffee scrubs I’ve tried it can be quite messy, at first application can feel really rough, but then leaves a slight oily residue which once washed off and dried leaves the skin really moisturised. The product is good value for money, and would definitely recommend.
Love the incredible smell and the amazing way it made my skin feel!!!! It’s one of the best scrubs I’ve ever used , and I can’t get over how great you skin feels after it’s so smooth and moisturised!!! The only issue I had was the tub it would be easier to use if it was in a squeeze or something, but that’s my only compliant the product is incredible ❤️
When I opened the tub, I can immediately smell that amazing sweet coffee scent oozing out! It smells so so so good & delicious in the shower! That was the first thing that I noted. I love what the brand stands for & their packaging is sturdy & classy. I am really happy that I got to try it out, the experience was just so luxurious. I love how they included both super-fine coffee ground & brown sugar for exfoliation. It does feel a little scrubby if you have sensitive skin but I find that it melts easily when you rub it in. It left my skin feeling so smooth & soft afterwards, although I definitely can feel the oily residue that it left behind. I do think it is a good thing, since it means that my skin doesn't feel dried out after the shower. If you don't like the oily feeling, you can easily rinse it off with a little body wash. The tub packaging does make it a little messy to use but since I don't use it everyday, it feels like a treat anyways. This is my first coffee scrub and I'm quite impressed with it. If you love sweet, dessert-like scents, you'll fall head over heels with this body scrub (just like I did)!
I am a massive fan of coffee based body scrub, so I was super excited to be included in the Review Crew for the Raww Buff-ME Sugar Coffee Body Scrub. First impressions were that the package was quite small, and I wonder how many uses I would actually get out of the tub...also, wow, it smells super sweet...probably a little too sickly sweet for my liking. Anyway, first impressions aside, the scrub actually has a great balance of coarseness and oiliness that my current favourite scrub seems to be lacking. It adheres to the skin quite well, so you don't tend to lose too much down the drain, which means that you get the max benefit from all those hydrating goodies like the coconut oil and cocoa butter.  I was actually pleasantly surprised by this little scrub and FYI, that sickly sweet scent that I said I wasn't a fan of before, well it doesn't actually linger on the skin after you wash the scrub off...so that's a big positive. I think I will probably give it, or another one of Raww's other scrubs a go when I finish this tub.
When you first scoop this scrub out of the pot you’re greeted with the most delicious sugary, cake/cookie like scent. It’s smells good enough to eat!  On initial contact the scrub is quite course & rough, so go gently if you have sensitive skin.  As you rub the scrub in the sugar starts to dissolve and the scrub becomes more gentle, and as this happens the scent transforms to notes of lime from the lime oil. Once rinsed the skin is left with quite a thick oily residue, which feels very moisturizing, but makes this scrub unsuitable to use to exfoliate directly prior to fake tan application.  It also leaves an oily residue in the bottom of the shower & makes it quite slippery, so be careful! ... I’ve used the scrub 3 times over my whole body and have just enough left for one more application.  Overall it’s a good scrub, it made my skin feel nice and soft, smells good and has nourishing oils. 
Loved this product!  I have used may coffee scrubs in the past and have to say this is one of the best.  Smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised.  One downside is that I think you need to use quite a bit to cover your entire body. 
Used the raw body scrub and imediatly noticed my skin was smoother! It has an amazing sweet scent  whhich lasted long after use, so at I've used it once a week and my skins appearance has improved dramatically! Perfect to prep skin for tanning or slough away winter skin!
When the ReviewCrew sent me this product, I had never heard of Raww and was so excited to try it! Their packaging was so cute with their wooden-look lid! As soon as I opened it, the fragrance was intoxicating! I used it all over my body and found that it got rid of all my dead skin cells and left my skin super soft! Will definitely be looking into getting more Raww products in the future!
Raww buff me sugar coffee body srub comes in a earthy tub with a woodgrain brown lid, reflecting the natural ingredients of the scrub. The scrub is easy to apply to moist skin, rubbing in a circular motion the scrub removed dry dead skin from my body. Once rinsing off my skin instantly felt smoother and softer, the coconut oil was hydrating and easily absorbed by my dry skin. Highly recommended for getting rid of those ruff patches of skin
This was my first RAWW product and I’m super impressed! I absolutely LOVE the smell, the texture is perfect for removing dead skin and left my skin so, so smooth!  This will continue to be my go to scrub in the future and I’m keen to try other RAWW products now! I 100% recommend this to everyone! 
This scrub has the most heavenly scent. I’m a coffee addict and I’m also a big fan of coffee based exfoliating products. This scrub did not disappoint. The sugar dissolves as you exfoliate - it definitely got rid of dry patches and rough skin. It leaves a light oil residue on the surface, which over time really softens and smoothes the skin.  My skin felt like satin and Ieft me feeling refreshed and nourished after every single use. I used the product twice a week and could see a real improvement in the texture and smoothness of my skin (especially the legs).  The scent, packaging and natural ingredients are excellent!  I would definitely recommend this product to family and friends, and I will also be repurchasing.
I really enjoyed this scrub! It smells great and as it’s not as dry as some other coffee scrubs, it makes less of a mess in the shower! The scrub does seem to leave an oily residue on your skin after using however this actually soaks in and disappears if you rub it in leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.