Redken Extreme Anti Snap

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Redken Extreme Anti Snap is a leave-in treatment for distressed hair. The treatment provides heat protection, fortifies, smooths the cuticle to reduce friction from brushing, and helps prevent breakage and split ends.


Redken Extreme Anti Snap


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I've used this one and off (when I'm bleaching the hell out of my hair - on, when I'm behaving and ticking to brunette shades - off) for about 6 years.  I'm fairly lazy when it comes to haircare and things don't often extend past using the hairdresser shampoo and conditioner BUT this treatment is ridiculously easy to use and takes less than a minute to put through my ends.  I tend to use it on dry hair because when I use it on wet hair it can sort of "set" and make it straw like :( that's probably the only con I have for this product. My hairdresser is pleasantly surprised each time I go back for more bleaching that my hair (especially by ends) are in such good shape and the only thing I use for that is this treatment. SIDE NOTE: OH MA LAWD THIS SMELLS AMAZING! 
This is another fantastic product form the Redken Extreme range. All these products from this range will have a dramatic impact on the quality and strength of your hair. This is a great leave in treatment to strengthen your hair. I noticed a difference in the feel of my hair after one use. Even as a stand alone product without the use of the Shampoo and Conditioner, I notice a improvement in the strength and condition of my hair.
must for bleached damaged hair For the first time in my life, I went to get a lighter hair color and the hairdresser totally messed it up and had my hair bleached twice on the same day. My hair used to be so healthy and shiny before but I ended up having dry brittle hair that did not feel like a hair, it was damaged to the core. I noticed blow drying at home never dried my hair like as if my hair was dead from within. I was recommended this product at the haircare shop, Initially I used this with the shampoo and conditioner and my hair did improve drastically in a few weeks, although my hair is not what it used to be but it has definitely improved its texture, I use 5 pumps of this product on towel dried hair before blow drying. The smell is subtle and it does not leave any residue at all, it protects my hair from blow drying heat and also makes it feel soft, although I have not seen much difference with the hair ends and split but hairfall is definitely less with this product. I have been using this product for more than 2 months now, it lasts really well and the pump bottle makes it very easy and convenient to use.
After 4 years of box dyeing my hair red, it was safe to say that it wasn't in the best of shape. I purchased this leave-in conditioner without reading any reviews on it first on a desperate whim to stop my hair from constantly snapping off, and was pleasantly surprised by it! Pros  -Firstly, the product is packaged conveniently with a pump, which is always a bonus as it allows you to get the exact amount of product you want easily.  -Secondly, a little goes a long way. I'd recommend only using 1-2 pumps on towel dried hair every second day. (I've had the same bottle for close to 3 months now and it's still 3/4 full)  -It leaves your hair shiny and noticeably stronger.  Cons  -The smell may put some people off. It's a very artificial orange scent.  -If you apply too much of the product it may leave your hair looking greasy. Because of this I wouldn't really recommend this product to someone with particularly thin hair. -It's a little more on the expensive side of leave-in conditioners.  Overall, I really like this product as it leaves my hair shiny, soft and feeling stronger. If you don't want to spend the $30 on it Hairhouse Warehouse is often having hair care sales and I'd definitely recommend picking it up then to try! 
I first started using this product after years of constantly changing my hair colour which basically fried it. While it didn't happen overnight (oops that's a completely different company!), I found that after about a month of continuously using it, my hair was revitalised somewhat. Where my hair was dry and showed obvious signs of breakage, it became stronger and glossier. I found that it worked best after applying a small amount once I had towel dried lightly. It is on the pricier end of the scale, but as you only need a small amount and the product comes in a convenient pump bottle which allows you to control how much you dispense, it becomes strangely affordable. The other upside is that it smells delicious! I personally would suggest not using too much of it at once as I've found it can weigh your hair down and make the strands clump together a bit making it look a little dirty. Luckily I've come to my senses and stopped dyeing my hair so much (and so often) so I don't need to use this product as much as I once did, however I would gladly recommend this product!
When  I went from years of black dye to my natural dark ash blonde it was understandable that my hair got fried.  The process really stressed my hair and it was beginning to show signs of splitting and breaking at various points on the hair shaft.  It was in desperation that I bought this (along with a whole slew of products in the range!).  It smells lovely, very fresh and comes in a convenient pump pack.  The results however were pretty much negligible, I really wasn't impressed at all.  Maybe my hair was at the point of no return and even this product couldn't save it. It is supposed to be applied after your towel dry your hair and less really is more, if you even slightly overdo it your hair feels coated and hard and becomes knotty and unmanageable.  I found no benefit to it at all, and the bottle still sits on my shelf practically un-used!