Redken Extreme Cat

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Redken Extreme Cat is a protein reconstructing treatment for distressed hair. It reconstructs, reconditions and adds immediate strength without added weight, and helps prep and strengthen hair before chemical services to prevent future damage.


Redken Extreme Cat


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Before Olaplex, there was Redken Cat. This was the go to product to save fried and over processed hair. The product to turn to before you had to cut all your hair off. It saved my hair for 15 years, and continues to do so to this day. That’s why I give it 5 stars. Just make sure you only use it as per the instructions on the back and use a moisturising conditioner after, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much strength it returns to your hair.
Great protine hit for the hair!!! I like it best when used with a moister shampoo. Smell is devine, not to strong.
This has a super classy scent with a sweet fresh edge to it.  The bottle is a cool transparent blue and the application is via a spritzer nozzle which is excellent quality.  After I've shampooed my hair I just squeeze the excess moisture out of  it and then spritz this all over, making sure I get the lengths and ends fully.  I then wait up to five minutes but three minutes does the trick.  Then I rinse it out while still in the shower.  I like to condition my lengths and ends then with my conditioner.  This really does work to reconstruct, fortify, strengthen and improve the looks and feel of my hair strands.  I don't need to use it every time I shampoo - just every now and again when I feel the need to boost my hair quality.  This product achieves everything it promises but I docked a star just because I'm a tad impatient in the shower and don't really like to wait around for 3-5 minutes until this wonder product does it's duty.  I tend to put a shower cap on during the five minute wait so that it doesn't wash out while I get on doing the other things I need to do in the shower while this product works hard.  I wouldn't mind if it worked quicker - like in a minute!  That's just me though and I think lots of people would give this five stars. I think people with damaged or long hair that needs a bonafide hair treatment will love this.