Redken HeatCure Self Heat Treatment

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Redken HeatCure Self Heat Treatment is a weekly fortifying hair treatment, which works to deeply conditioner hair and restore its healthy look and feel. After just one application the self-heating treatment restores the appearance of shine, health and softness.


Redken HeatCure Self Heat Treatment


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I was given this taken heat ire self heat treatment by a friend after I complained my coloured hair was feeling really dry. This treatment is amazing for restoring softness and shine to damaged hair. For best results use this treatment once a week for salon worthy results. This couldn't be easier to use, just apply in the shower after shampooing, open the package to start the heating process and apply, leave for 10 minutes while you relax then rinse. This makes hair so easy to style, super shiny, hydrated and soft. This is a divine treatment and I highly recommend it.
I had the professional treatment in a salon- and that already did wonders for my super dry hair (think constantly coloured, wavy/ frizzy) so i was pretty happy to use the at home treatment too. Was super easy to use- and my hair was really soft and easy to manage afterwards.
The two-part Heatcure system includes the in salon service  of the Heatcure Professional Formula used with the  Heatcure Professional Tool. The Heatcure Professional Tool looks like a super duper hair straightener style tool, and they must always be used together.  The second part is the follow on Heatcure At-Home Treatment. It is an in-shower treatment that is used post shampoo. You peel open the package to expose to the air and start the self-heating process.  It takes about 3-4 minutes to allow the contents to warm.  It's left on your hair for 5-10 minutes then rinsed out. I liked that it didn't need to be on for long.  This system has done wonders for my hair, it is a smoothing system that soothes dry damaged hair.