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The Copper Brilliance Curling Wand brings you a Fast Salon Performance, with its stylish copper infused barrel. Are defined curls your go-to style? Then the Copper Brilliance Curling Wand is the styling tool for you. Bringing you a Fast Salon Performance with 9 Digital Temperature Controls up to 210°C, you can tailor the temperature to your hair type. Its ceramic barrel infused with Copper not only makes your styling tool the ultimate on-trend accessory, but also distributes heat evenly down the barrel.

  • Ceramic barrel infused with copper
  • 9 Digital temperature controls up to 210°c
  • 13-25mm conical barrel
  • Fast 30-second heat-up
  • Temperature lock function
  • Automatic safety shut-off after 60-minutes
  • Built-in heat protection stand
  • Cool tip
  • Worldwide voltage
  • 3m salon length swivel cord
  • 3 year warranty

*Average star rating within the product image is based on a Review Crew panel of 49 and is correct as of 25/10/2021.


Remington Copper Brilliance Conical Wand – CI5700AU


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Incentivized Review

All in one curling wand!

The best thing of this curling wand is the cone like curling wand. You can adjust your curl size easily with this wand. It makes hair styling much easier and fun! Super easy to create a tiny curly hair or an effortless beachy waves. The performance of the curling wand is amazing too! It heats up really quickly which makes my morning routine just a bit more efficient. My hair did not burn out or looked unhealthy after using the wand for a few days consecutively. It kept my hair shiny and healthy since I used it. The copper of the wand just adds a touch of fanciness when I style my hair in the morning! I love this curling wand and would highly recommend to everyone!
Incentivized Review

A solid curler for the price!

I'm one of those people who learned how to curl their hair with a straightener (double whammy on product useage) so I didn't have a lot of experience with a curling iron myself. From a relatively new-user perspective I loved that it heated up quickly, was easy to manoeuvre around my head and was a great size to get natural looking waves. I have really thick and naturally straight hair too, so being able to separate my hair and curl in chunks wasn't too tricky, however it did mean some of those curls at the back were trickier to get looking good. If you're not used to a wand style of curler, and usually have the 'tongs' to lock the hair in place around the wand it can take some getting used to, as it's a different angle for your fingers holding the curl in place. I'm sure though that I'd get used to this petty quickly with use. I also really liked that you didn't need to keep your hair on the wand for a prolonged period to get a good solid curl - I would have held my hair on there for MAX. 10 seconds on some of the longer pieces, so it was really quick to do a whole head of curls on thick hair. All round I think it's a solid curling wand, especially for the price point!
Incentivized Review

Copper Brilliance Alright!

The Remington Copper Brilliance Concial Wand was again another surprise win! For it's price, I wasn't expecting anything amazing but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality that this tool can produce. It's light weight, easy to handle, basic heat settings and yet for someone with straight hair that struggles to hold waves they held up pretty well! As I'm not a pro at curls it took me a bit to get the hang of it but it turned out alright and will definitely be something I'll continue to use to try perfect over time. Only thing I wish it would of come with being the armature that I am is a heat protector glove just to protect my fingers, but for the price of this you really can't complain. Overall I would recommend this to a friend and is a great addition to the collection that Remington has brought out!
Incentivized Review

Sleek and easy to use!

Great value! I love using the wand curlers rather than the ones that clip the hair in place- it always gets tangled for me- so I was very pleased with this product. The heat up time wasn’t too long and the heat was just enough to curl but not cause heat damage. I have quite thick hair so I haven’t found much luck in curlers keeping the curls in for long. This one didn’t keep the curls in for long either but I think that’s more of a result of my hair and technique rather than the curler. The packaging and look of the curler itself was sleek and looked of good quality. Generally happy with the product.
Incentivized Review

They have exceeded my expectations exponentially

I have been so excited to try out the new Remington Copper Brilliance tools! These tools do not disappoint. When I first held the items in my hand, they did feel quite plasticity, and cheap. However, the results that are delivered are unbelievable. Honestly, I rate these products higher than GHD and Cloud9. I never thought I would need to stray from these well known expensive brands, but I definitely will be reconsidering my next purchase and ensuring my list includes the Remington brand. 3 year warranty is great. I am literally blown away at the beautiful smooth results that I have got since using these products. I hardly ever received comments on my hair but since using these, man, honestly, everyone has commented at least once to say how great my hair looks from all angles. I really like the temp gauges and how quickly I am able to style my hair when I need to. I recommend these hair tools to everyone and anyone who is looking for a new product. They have exceeded my expectations exponentially!! I’m really glad I got to be apart of this trial as I have been introduced to a fantastic, affordable brand that I would not have thought twice about in the past. I am thoroughly impressed!
Incentivized Review

Fabulous wand, even for a newbie!

I am so impressed with this curler! I’m a newbie to using wands, always having curled my hair the old GHD straightener way but this product really makes it easy, even for someone like me! I have naturally curly, thin hair and have recently been trying to embrace my curl so this wand helps me take some of the wild or uneven waves in my hair. I also used this product after blow drying for a full head of curls. It takes a bit of practice but is a very quick process and the curls lasted all day without dropping or frizzing! The price point is incredible, the quality is something I would expect of a much higher priced product!
Incentivized Review

Controlled volume for fine hair

The Remington Copper Brilliance range is a sleek and stylish set of tools which has helped Me to tame my lockdown hair - which had been especially tricky since my last hairdressers appointment is long gone! I have balayaged blonde hair with warm brown tone at the roots and a warm creamy blonde mid-lengths to ends, but foils throughout so it is not completely bleaches at the ends. My hair is also fine and usually has trouble holding styles. I really appreciate the 9 different temperature controls on the Remington Copper Brilliance Conical Wand, this allows me to efficiently curl my hair (once I worked up to the right temp for me) and means I am not worrying about burning my hair off - just focusing on the curls themselves. Ease to hold and manoeuvre and also lightweight in hand - I will be reaching for this more than my old wand. It resulted in such a sleek finish, compared to my usual struggle where my hair ends up with messy volume and tangled curls. Also cannot believe the price! Will reach for this again and again.
Incentivized Review

Best Curling Wand I've Used in a Long Time

I was genuinely surprised by how good the Remington Copper Brilliance Conical Wand is, especially at such a budget-friendly price point! This curling wand has nine heat settings, heated up quickly (about 10-20 seconds) and the heat was even all the way through the wand. Having nine different heat settings is fantastic for people of all different hair types. Also, it’s such a little thing but I really appreciated the long power cord, often bathroom power plugs are in the most annoying places and a longer cord can make all the difference.
Incentivized Review

At this price you can't go wrong

The fact it is at such a low price point I was trying to find a reason why but I honestly couldn't. This curling wand produced the same results as my other wand which has a more hefty price tag. The copper wand makes it look so luxe and it's just pretty to have on display. Like the straightener, it has 9 digital temperature controls which I haven't come across before with other curling wands. I could tailor the heat to my hair type as well as customising how long I wanted my hair to hold the curls or to keep them very loose.
Incentivized Review

easy to achieve beautiful results!! I’m absolutely speechless at how amazing this curler is. I’m beyond impressed with not only the features but how well the curls stay in place! I have thick hair and always struggled to achieve beautiful, curls / waves. No matter what I used or did, the curls would drop and my hair looks like a hot mess. However using the Remington Copper Brilliance Conical Wand was a dream. I was finally able to achieve those beautiful waves! The ceramic barrel is infused with copper which distributes heat evenly down the barrel to ensure a perfect result each time. Also has 9 digital temperature controls up to 210°C, this is super important as you’re able to change depending on your hair type especially for those with thin hair that don’t wanna fry their hair. The wand definitely bought fast salon performance as it claimed, I was able to achieve fantastic results, the wand heats up quickly, make your hair smooth and super shiny and is super easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of time to achieve any results. The packaging itself, is super sleek with its black and copper gold combination. Extra long cord, It’s very presentable, looks modern and expensive however it’s super affordable. Im very impressed with the wand and my results. Perfect Christmas gift! Highly recommend.
Incentivized Review

Fantastic product with curls that stay

This curler is part of the new Remington Copper Brilliance range, and I must say, my favourite out of the lot! First of all, I loved how light this is! Which is so important as you should be holing each curl for about 5-10 seconds each, and normally my arm/shoulder and hand gets quite fatigued after curling my whole head. I do own a set of curling tongs that are more than twice the price, and honestly this feature packed wand performed just as well! I loved how quickly it heated up, how easy it was to change the settings, the long cable, and most of all the auto turn off after 60 mins of use. For a tired mum who gets distracted easily, this gives me such peace of mind!!! I have straight short asian hair, and my curls held up well for majority of the day. Very happy with this product and would recommend to anyone looking for a conical curling wand!
Incentivized Review

Nice curler

I was a bit sceptical on how this curling iron was going to perform, given it’s low price point, however I ended up being pleasantly surprised! This curler heats up very quickly, and is super effective at getting a curl out of my mass of hair! I did notice that my hair was shinier than usual, which is excellent. The curls stayed intact for most of the day, with normal ‘dropping’ as the day went on. As it is a more budget-friendly curler, it only has one size wand, so if you want bigger ‘hollywood’ curls then this won’t be possible with this curler. I personally also like having a clamp on my curler, so my fingers don’t get burnt, however this one doesn’t have a clamp.
Incentivized Review

Affordable and effective curler!

I received the Remington Copper Brilliance Conical Wand as apart of a beauty crew trial and I was super excited to add a new curler to my collection! This one retails for $40, firstly.. what an absolute bargain! It has 9 different temperature controls and it can go up to 210 degrees! The barrel is infused with copper and I love that the entire thing distributes heat evenly down the barrel. It’s super quick to heat up, only taking 30 seconds and I love the automatic shut off feature after 60mins if you accidentally leave it on! It comes with a little pouch which is super handy to keep it safe and for travelling as well! Extremely affordable and does an incredible job, perfect gift for someone!
Incentivized Review

Awesome curler

This curler is very user friendly and relatively light. My hair is of normal to medium thickness and I find 180 deg - 200 deg works best. It has 9 different temperature settings to suits all hair types from fine to thick hair. It only take a couple of seconds for the curls to form and hold its shape. Using this curler I find that my hair look a bit more shinier than other curler, this could be from the copper infused wand. I really like the feature of the plastic/ non conductive tip of the curler which prevents my hands from burns. Overall, it is an awesome curler that is easy to use and helps creates beautiful curls. I would definitely recommend this copper curlers for others to try.
Incentivized Review

Good overall, challenging to use with long hair

Disclaimer: I don't have a whole lot of experience using a conical wand to curl my hair so my experience using this styling tool may have been impaired by my learning process. I really liked how the base of the cord is able to swivel/rotate so the cord doesn't get as in your way while you're trying to curl your hair. As someone who doesn't like using high heat on my hair, the adjustable heat settings were great. My hair is quite long (reaching my mid-back) so I struggled to fit the full length of my hair sections onto the wand. This caused slight issues for me due to the graduated circumference of the wand, so the size of my curls was inconsistent as I would essentially have to do each section in two parts (top and bottom). I think this styling tool is a great product overall, just not the most suitable one for my specific hair. I'd recommend this product to people with shorter hair than mine.
Incentivized Review

Amazing curler for the price point

This curler comes across as a well thought out product. It has a little bit attached that helps keep the curler upright and makes it easier (and safer!) to pick up instead of the standard curlers that you lay flat which then sometimes rolls off the bench. I do wish that the heat wand was a bit longer as I have longer hair and it was a struggle to get the whole hair strand on. Pros: The little nub is a great addition (I’m a big fan can you tell?), heats up quickly, fan of the copper coating- hair feels healthy Cons: Could be a longer wand
Incentivized Review

Best curls ever

Love this curling wand! I always struggle to curl my hair with a wand, with naturally wavy hair I find that the curls I make with wands are often uneven and don’t last very long. With the Remington Copper Brilliance Conical Wand my curls last a few days and it is extremely quick and easy to use. Each curl only has to be held in the wand for 12 seconds so I can do a full head of fine but plentiful shoulder length hair in about fifteen minutes. Amazing! The curls look great and more natural than a traditional wand with a clip. I’m very happy with this, do not hesitate to purchase it as it really is a fantastic product.
Incentivized Review

Good, but not for me.

Again, this product is very aesthetically pleasing! It looks great on the vanity. The cord is super long, so you can really relax when using it. It heated up surprisingly fast! I was impressed. I like that it’s a wand, so I don’t need to fiddle around with a curler clamp. I really, really wanted to love it - but I could just NOT get a curl that I thought was cute. It made incredibly tight curls on my hair, it didn’t look natural or breezy at all. I tried to do a thicker amount of hair, spread the hair out, brush it out afterwards.. It all just looked a bit tight and odd. To its credit, the curl formed really quickly and stayed in place well. If it’s the style of curl that suits you, it might be a winner!
Incentivized Review

Curls for days

So I have tried many different types of hair curlers and this one by far takes the cake! Luscious curls and waves is so easy with this tool even for the novice who has not used a hair curler before! It heats up nicely and is easy to control! Leaves hair sleek and does not cause flyaways. The tool itself is sleek in its black and bronze shade. It’s not too big but perfectly sized even for small hands! Truly recommend this product to anyone! It is probably one of the best out there in my opinion!
Incentivized Review

Professional little device

I love curling my hair but I am absolutely no professional at it. The curling iron I have is pretty old and wants to work only half the time. When I got this in the mail it looked so different to my old iron that I freaked out! However I quickly realised this is very user friendly. I really appreciated the different heat settings as someone with bleach damaged hair that is quite thin so I used the lower setting and found it worked great and didn't sizzle my hair or create that gross burnt smell. My only recommendation is to practice before your special event to learn how to best create the curls you desire and possibly have a heat resistant styling glove (which I wish came with the wand). I would absolutely recommend this to anyone, whether a newbie or advanced styling pro!