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Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain is a retractable lip crayon that nourishes lips while coating them with a flush of colour. The lightweight lip stain and balm formula delivers pigmented colour that lasts all day. 

Available in three shades.


Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain


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I'm a huge fan of this for it's easy to use nature and long-wearing stain. I own every colour and while there is a decent color range I do wish there was something more, I think it's the undertones within them. My fav colours are: Crush, Romantic, Honey & Rendezvous. I sometimes will layer different colours to get a custom colour too. The stain on this lasts a good 4-5 hours. You can get a super intense colour or a blotted look if you apply this very sparingly. I make sure my lips are super moisterised before as they can dry your lips out a bit. The only con is that it wears down unevenly so I'm often left with a lip line ring of colour, though this happens with a lot of my lip products so is just how my lip products seem to wear down.
I love a good, bold lipstick but there are a lot of drawbacks: having to make sure the colour doesn't bleed, the colour getting on your teeth or face, lipstick coming off when eating and drinking...etc. Thats why I opt for a lip stain during the week.  It's much easier to use, I can put it on quickly without having to worry about if it's in the lines and it gives my lips subtle colour making it suitable for work.  The Revlon Colourburst stain looks like a crayon but when you put it on your lips it glides on like butter.  My lips are coated with the balm and keep it hydrated for at least several hours before I have to reapply.  The colour is a stain which means it gives a soft flush of colour, almost as if you dabbed a small amount of lipstick on your lips and then smudged it in making it look like your lips but better.  The texture is incredibly smooth and I like to use it in place of my other lip balm as it gives my lips colour and moisture.
I love that the colour burst balms look just like a crayon. They are so easy to use and leave a nice matt stain on the lips that lasts about an hour. I have purchased two of the colours and always keep one in my bag ready to go. They feel nice when applied and leave my lips feeling soft subtle.
I have been really into Revlon lip colours of late. The Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain is another hit lip product from Revlon for me.   I love using stains because they are quick, easy and look great. Plus if you can’t be bothered reapplying throughout the day, the stain normally still looks great on your lips.   I have the shade Honey and it’s the perfect pink/mauve lip colour for everyday wear. Understated, beautiful and natural.   The Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain comes in a crayon like pencil with a twist applicator which is super convenient. These lip balms never need sharpening! Love it when I don’t have to carry a pencil sharpener for my lip products.   The Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain has a peppermint scent and taste, and my lips tingle a little bit when applying the balm. It is really easy to apply, glides on smoothly, feels very hydrating and smooth. Being a balm I like how this feel light, natural and hydrating on my lips. It’s like you’re not wearing any make up at all.     The Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain lasts for about half a day before you need a touch up. If you are eating/drinking it will wear off quick. I like that when it’s fading off, it does so evenly and it looks natural so I don’t need to touch it up if I can’t be bothered.     Overall, the Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain is great value and a fun lip product to use everyday. If you want a ‘is she or isn’t she wearing lip colour' product the Honey shade is for you.     Pros:   -  easy to apply - feels soft and smooth on your lips - hydrating - affordable
Love this!!!  A couple of quick swipes on the lips and you're set to go!  You don't need lipliner, it looks fab by itself, and it lasts ages. When you do need to reapply, you don't need much as a lovely tint is left on your lips which gets stronger each time you use it. This is a permanent favourite of mine, and even though I have around a dozen lipsticks, I always have this balm stain in my bag and one in the house to wear on the days I'm not going out and don't get as fully made up. Great job again Revlon! :)
I absolutely love the ColorBurst Balm Stains. They have a great range of beautiful colours, however my favourite is honey, which is a beautiful natural looking cool pink. The Balm Stains have a light mint scent and flavour. The scent fades quickly after application.  I find these to be hydrating enough that I don't need to wear a lip balm underneath unless my lips are very dry. They feel comfortable on my lips and I usually wear them in place of lip balm. I get about four hours wear before I need to reapply.  The colour fades off evenly leaving a stain of colour behind. Being in pencil form, these are great to carry around in my handbag, I usually have a couple floating at the bottom of my bag, in my car etc. If you haven't tried the balm stains before, grab a couple next time they're on sale, you won't regret it!
I have this in the shade Honey and it's the most beautiful rose pink shade for everyday wear. The formula is super buttery, soft and buildable depending on how pigmented you want your lips to look. It can go from sheer to intense colour. It has a minty smell, feel and tase so be wary of that if you're sensitive to scented lip products. It lasts ages on me and leaves a beautiful stain behind when worn off. Feels very moisturising while on and I've used it almost daily in the past!
This is a staple that never leaves my bag. It glides on smooth and leaves colour on my lips all day. Every time I wear my colourbust I get multiple compliments on my lip colour. This glides on like a normal lip balm which makes it easy to apply on-the-go, without a mirror.
I adore this lip stain, I love the nude, so georgeous. The pigment in this is lovely it gives subtle colour wile being super hydrating and nourishing. I love the retractable crayon for ease of use, no mess or waste. These feel nice and light to wear on lips, not sticky or greasy and it lasts for a long time on lips, even after eating or drinking. The reckon colourburst balm stain is of the high quality I have come to expect from revlon, the texture is really nice and there is no tacky sparkles or shimmer, it's easy to use and even smells nice. I love this balm stain and highly recommend it. Pros Gives a nice burst of colour Feels nice and light and comfortable to wear Great value Super hydrating and nourishing Easy to use Cons I wish there were more colours
This is a good lip stain for when I want a hit of matte colour on my lips. It is a good chunky crayon which is easy to hold and apply. The colour is a stain and sometimes can be a bit dry so I apply a moisturising lip balm afterwards. I like the idea of a stain on the lips because it always seems to be there on my lips unless I wipe it off wth a tissue. I sometimes prefer wearing lip stains because they don't completely wear off my lips so this is a lip crayon which always provides colour on my lips. Pros: Gives a good hit of colour Glides onto lips Cons: Is slightly drying, so use a lip balm afterwards Tip:  Exfoliate your lips before you wear this so you have a good sheer colour on your lips 
When the Colorburst came out I was obsessed. I loved them to my core. They was nourishing, comfortable and looked beautiful. They are so convinient and easy to use. I would constantly apply it through the day purely just because I loved them so much. Even if I haven't applied it for a few hours I never feel insecure about how my lips look.
I had these since they first launched and bought several shades from the range (a nude, a fuchsia pink and an orange). I love how comfortable it feels on the lips, yet pigmented and leaves a stain on the lips so that I don't look dead after eating and drinking. They are not drying, does not have shimmer or glitter and glides on the lips easily. These have been my staples for a long time and definitely would continue to use them and repurchase in the future.
I love the texture and look of my lips. I don’t like a deep lip colour but instead a more subtle,nourishing and polished look for 9-5 and of course after five. I can apply it on the go without a mirror as it blends into place effortlessly.