Revlon ColorStay™ 16 Hour Eye Shadow

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Revlon ColorStay™ 16 Hour Eye Shadow is an eyeshadow quad with a rich formula that can be worn for up to 16 hours without creasing or fading. Each palette contains a unique colour combination for creating customised eye makeup looks.

Available in seven shades.


Revlon ColorStay™ 16 Hour Eye Shadow


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Pros - you get four shades that work well together - easy to use on the go or put in handbag - simple packaging Cons - not a great variety of shades - shadows are chalky - not much product for the price - hard to blend  - doesn't come with an applicator I would not recommend this product to anyone
I have been using this for years and love it! This is one of my daytime go to eye shadow. This blends nicely with minimal fall out. I apply in the morning and whilst its a little faded by the end of the day iit still looks good. Build able colors and a great variety of shades.
The palette I own is 'Addictive', which is what my review is based on. In essence, as a neutral, natural, everyday palette, this does the job. It's not spectacular, nothing to write home about, but nor is it a disaster.  PROS:  + The compact, square packaging: Very tasteful, and what attracted me to these quads in the first place. + The buildable colours: The colours are subtle and muted, but not quite sheer - they're just weak. This makes it a good natural-looking option, but not great if you're a after rich pigmented shadows. However, I find that the darker colours can look a bit richer when built up. I use my fingers, as I find the warmth helps the colours stick. + Can be used damp: This definitely adds to the richness of the colours. + The absence of fallouts: This is always good. + The colour combination: The colours complement each other beautifully, and this point extends to the other quads as well. + Beginner-friendly: The aforementioned point makes this very beginner-friendly, as it takes away the stress of trying to figure out which colours will work in harmony with others. In addition, the instructional diagram the bottom of the palette is handy and easy to follow. CONS: - Poorly pigmented: Particularly the lighter ones. I don't see how they could show up on a darker lid unless a good primer is involved. - Poor longevity: Certainly not 16 hours. Maybe eight, but it fades a bit by then. The good news is it fades nicely, as in, it just goes lighter instead of being patchy or smudgy. - The applicator: These applicators are not usually great, but they're handy to have in a pinch. Mine, however, had its sponge come off within weeks, rendering it useless. - Poor value for money: Considering the poor colour payoff, and a $25 price tag for four colours, this is not worth the purchase. The only time it makes a bit of sense to purchase these quads is if there was a 50% sale, or if you were travelling to the US. I highly doubt I'd ever repurchase this palette, but it wasn't awful. It's okay for travelling thanks to its compactness, as well as for people who find large palettes overwhelming.
One of my favourite eye shadow pallets. Although this is a drug store brand the product is top quality and amazing. Love the colours and the colours are really nice and super pigmented. Lasts for a long time and I’ve been able to create various stubby eyemake up looks
Revlon has once again left me stunned! The colorstay 16 houreye shadows have changed the game in drugstore brand makeup, delivering pigment,a quality formula and a product that Is entirely true to its name! The quad ofcolours are gorgeous- the yellow being my most favourite out of the four, Ireally love how vibrant and creative the colours are, it’s hard to find fun shadesas drugstore brands seem to usually stick with modest nude/ smoky themes sofinding these as an option were amazing (the yellow and green are stunning!) Theformula is smooth and creamy and applies gorgeously and yes, it does last for16 hours- you can confidently apply the shadow and not worry about anysmudging, creasing etc… At first the price was a bit high for me, not becauseit was “expensive” but Maybelline sells their full palettes of about twelveshades for around the same price but there is a clear contrast in the higherquality of Revlon’s product when compared in terms of the pigment and theformula and so, Revlon is the clear winner and now the price seems quitereasonable, in my personal opinion. Pros Include… -       Vibrant shade options -       Amazing formula -       Decent price Cons Include… -       Basic plastic packaging In the end I would definitely recommend this product to alllooking for fun and great quality shadows.          
I love this eye shadow palette, the variety of colours are gorgeous and I love how they really make my peepers pop and highlight them nicely.  Revlon never lets me down and this is another high quality product that does what it claims, it takes me from day to night without the eye shadow going all mucky.  The texture is great too, it is a nice and smooth application, a big thumbs up from me overall.
I love the combinations of colours I’m able to get in this easy to use and inexpensive palette.  The colours are soft and rich and last a long time and sit nicely even on my older, crepy lids.  The small container is convenient and has all the shades for the perfect, natural eye - containing a darker shade for lids, a very light highlight colour on the brow and and a hint of green for contrast, I use Adventurous which is very natural looking and warm, mostly neutral shades with just a hint of shimmer on the lighter brown and a very neutral looking olive that brings out the green in my eyes.  The little applicator works okay but I prefer a good soft eyeshadow brush which helps blend the powders together for a really gentle finish.  As the name suggests, the colours last all day and into the night (no need for touch ups) and I don’t even need a primer.  The colours are well matched and work together really well and I find that it’s’ easy to create more dramatic looks by using a brush and a bit of water to darken the colour for lining.  The shades aren’t heavily pigmented but they do last, and feel soft and rich against the lids - and despite being long lasting, I have no difficulty removing with a cream cleanser or some micellar water. My eyes are super sensitive and the formulation doesn’t bother them at all.  All in all, for the reasonable price, versatile delivery and long last of these shadows, I think they’re a winner.
This compact square palette is just over 1 cm thick and measures approximately 6.5 x 6.5 cm.  The glossy black plastic container has a sticker on the back which peels easily back to reveal full, easy-to-follow instructions on how to apply the eyeshadow colours properly as well as the full list of ingredients.  The outside of the sticker on the back also has a full coloured diagram of what colour goes where so it's as easy as doing a painting by numbers artwork.   Any guesswork is removed and this is great for amateurs or those who may be unsure.   This informative sticker is easy to push back in place so the information doesn't get lost.  This sticker opens up from the right to the left, just like a book would.  I find it easiest to open it up from the very right hand corner and pull it back across to the left.  The lid of the container has a window so it's easy to see the colours inside.  There is no scent to these eyeshadows and their formula feels velvety rich and smooth plus they feel non-drying on the skin.  The colours mostly have a low gleam satin finish so they are very wearable and not quite full matte.  They are almost fully opaque but can also be applied lightly for a more translucent appearance too.  The colours are buildable for the most opaque effect if desired.  Revlon has selected different sized pans for each colour in this palette which suits the probability of how much they'll be used.  The darkest colour is the smallest pan and the lightest colour is the biggest pan. These colours glide on with the applicator that's included in the palette but I personally mainly like to use my make-up brushes with these colours.  The colours in my palette, which is called 'Decadent',  are identified by number only and do not have individual names.  There is a very pale beige, a pale rose beige, a pale gold beige and a dark brown so I would classify this as a neutral palette.  I'm finding that the colours are extremely wearable and can easily be worn for daytime and everyday wear.  They are easy to blend together on the delicate eyelid skin so there's no pulling or tugging at all.  The last a long time on the skin and I like to use a eyeshadow primer to make them last even longer and securely all day.   I personally have blonde hair and medium skin tone and I find this colour palette very flattering but many other hair and skin tone combinations would easily suit this particular palette as it is quite a neutral one.   There are also many other eyeshadow colours in this palette range so there would be probably a palette colour combination for most people. I think anyone could use this palette as the colours are so easy to apply and blend - both amateur and professional could work this palette.  Also because there isn't any obvious sparkle at all I think any personality or age group could appreciate this palette.   The colours don't drop dusty bits as they are being applied and I love this about these colours because they don't make a mess as I'm putting them on my eyelid.   The formula sticks really well to the make-up brush/applicator until it's deposited on the eyelid.  So as you can see there are many, many pros to this eyeshadow palette and I can not think of any cons at all so it's a palette that I'd be happy to re-purchase and try different colours in as well in the future.