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Revlon ColorStay Line Creator™ Double Ended Liner is a 24-hour, innovative double-sided liner that gives two textures and finishes for endless eye looks with lasting waterproof wear. Combining a matte liquid liner on one side and a smoky kohl pencil on the other, this versatile liner makes defining eyes easier than ever without multiple products. Side 1 creates sharp, dramatic lines with an ultra-matte finish, while side 2 intensifies eyes with a pigment-rich pencil and a pearlescent finish. The smooth formula offers instant colour release for buildable definition and ample playtime for smoking out and blending. Available in shades: Blackout, Leathercraft, She’s On Fire and Cool As Ice.

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Revlon ColorStay Line Creator™ Double Ended Liner


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Budget Friendly Eyeliner

I totally loved eyeliner. I think it has an amazing combination of price and quality. It has a great pigmentation, easy to use and super versatile due to being both eyeliner and pencil. It stays all day without smudging and doesn't irritate my eyes as I have very sensitive around eye area skin. The texture is very creamy and easy to apply. I especially loved pencil side as when you apply it you can smudge it for a smoky eye type of make up. Due to having two different ends You can create many different looks with this product which is super great! I normally buy my eyeliners from a more high end make up brands but it is great to find a great product from drug store range which is very accessible. Also for a price of one you are actually getting two products. Another Revlon product that didn’t disappoint.

Gives gorgeous Smokey eyes

I loved this eyeliner. I love reckon products and am never disappointed. I love the versatility of this liner the most. I can use the liquid side for a nice precise line and the pencil is super easy and has great black pigmentation and I can smudge a little for a nice smoky look. It’s easy to use and a great price and the best bit is it stays put, no smudging where I don’t want it and my precise line stays just that. I recommend a really good eye makeup remover to remove it all, but that’s it, a great product I highly recommend
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Long lasting for long days

I really enjoyed the double ended liner. It took a bit of getting used to at the start but once I got the hang of it, it was great. The kohl pencil allows for more control while the liquid brush gives a more defined line. The Revlon ColourStay Line Creator boasts long lasting wear, and I have to say it definitely isn’t kidding. I recommend investing in a good quality eye make-up remover. This does however make it great for long work days or a big night out! It also means no smudging or rubbing off on clothes. Would recommend for people who are more experienced with a liquid liner and need long lasting make-up.
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New revolutionary product

Another mind blowing product from Revlon. First of all I loved the classy packaging. The two in one product is so handy because it can be used for various looks. The kohl pencil is long lasting ans smudge free, unlike a few others that look like you have a black eye after some time. The pencil is really smooth to be used on both top and under water-lid. The liner is amazingly smooth and the applicator has a perfect length for a mess free application. Am sure this is another revolutionary product from Revlon and will go a long way.
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Ahhhhhh-Mazing!!!! Long Lasting

If you’re prone to blinking immediately after application, you’ll appreciate the quick-drying formula. If you have have oily lids, you’ll love the way it stays in place throughout the day. This pen has a supersharp tip and an easy-control grip that helps you create smooth, even lines. Use it to create a cat-eye, and you’ll end up with angles so precise your friends will think you used a protractor. However, you get two eyeliners for the price of one. This liner comes with two tips — one bigger and thicker, and the other smaller and finer. Use the thicker side to line your eye in a hurry; use the thinner side to perfect the point and angle of a cat-eye. Both tips are sturdy, and the pigment flows from them as freely as drinks at happy hour (though it also dries very quickly). Once on your lid, it looks thick and expensive and not at all like a magic marker.
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This item was good but the colour wasn't really my favourite. While it still looked great and allowed me to pull off looks, it wasn't the colour I'd normally buy for myself. My sister has a more orange tinge to her hair, so she tried it and loved it. I'd recommend to others to use and would buy again, but would consider an alternate colour. My sister now uses it daily and is in love with it! The consistency of it was really creamy and was easy to apply. It smudged a little more than I would like, but that would also be great for more of a sexy look if that was something you are good at pulling off. I like that it had a dual purpose and the price point is super reasonable.
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Handy and longlasting

Love the concept! Having a two in one product is always magic and handy! So with this one with can start your eyeliner using the crayon side and then apply the liquid side on top of it for a more precise application. I’ve received the 151 blackout colour and it’s a really dark black with REALLY longlasting effect. In fact this is so longlasting that it’s really really hard to remove the product - I’ve tried micellar water, oily makeup remover, everything. But yeah, it will stay there, until you massage it off for a while - which I do not complain as I prefer to have a difficult time to remove the eyeliner than having it all over my face during the day (you can rest assure, the product won’t smudge during the day - it will stay put no matter what)! Only thing is that I feel that the liquid liner size take a little long to dry out… so with my hooded eyelid it was challenging to not get it transferred while waiting for it to dry. Other than that, a really great and affordable product that will be a longlasting and handy option to have in your makeup bag!
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Liquid liner that will not budge!

This liner reminds me so distinctly of an old Mac liquid eyeliner that was the most long lasting eyeliner I had ever owned. The liquid end - much like the Mac is slightly thicker when you take the brush from the product and looks almost gloopy - however once this is on it will not come off until you use a strong makeup remover and scrub. I personally adore this in a product because you have the relief of knowing your product won’t smudge away or migrate over the day. As mentioned, the product is a little thicker but once you’re used to it it works so well and is the perfect liner when you need your makeup to last. Unfortunately I found the pencil side to smudge quite a bit and transfer to my lids however the colour was beautiful. The standout to this product is definitely the liquid side and I would repurchase for that alone.
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Longwearing - so long i struggled to get it off

Received the ColourStay Line Creator Doubled Ended Eye Liner (Black) as part of a trail. Was excited to see what a double ended eye liner would be like but was a bit disappointed. The liner package itself is a bit too thick than i like which makes it harder to hold. The Kohl pencil liner is a nice creamy texture and a standard thickness for a pencil liner. It applies smoothly and without smudging. Removal process was fine for the pencil. The liquid liner has a very soft, flimsy brush which i didn't like - i prefer something a bit more structured. As its flimsy, i found it harder to get a clean thin line. It was more likely to smudge as well as it took a bit longer to dry than my other liquid liners. Definitely longwearing because it was a nightmare to remove! If the packaging was slimmer and the liquid liner wasn't like a tattoo to remove i would purchase/recommend but I'll stick with my other "drugstore" eyeliner for now..
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Long lasting double duty

This product is super easy to use, with one end containing a liquid liner with a thin soft brush applicator, and the other containing a windup crayon liner. I found the points on both small enough to achieve a subtle result if desired, and I was able to build up to a more dramatic eye if I wished. I have quite sensitive eyes, and the product worked really well, no reactions or issues. I love the two-in-one concept of this product, as it meant that it could do double duty in my make up bag. I found myself reaching for it every day, using either the liquid, the crayon, or both depending on what day of the week it was and where was going. Both liners were pigmented and long-lasting. I have quite oily lids, and often find that liners can start to fade or bleed throughout the day, but I found this liquid liner lasted really well on me, with no feathering, smudging, or issues. I found the crayon worked well as well, anytime I used it for tight lining it held up as well as any other products I’ve used. I found the product very easy to create the perfect wing or graphic eye look, my only hesitation was that using the liquid liner could be quite tricky, as I found that the wand was very long given that it contains crayon when I used it. I would recommend this product to anyone, as it does excellent double duty in the make up bag, lasts well, and is excellent value for money. Will definitely be purchasing again.
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Love a dual liner!

This product is great! I love the dual action liner! I don’t often wear kohl liners but it’s super creamy and great to help fill in spots and the liquid liner is fabulous, so easy to use and create a slick wing. Neither of them smudge or rub off over the day. Then at the end of the day the liner comes off easily with makeup remover or a cleanser! It’s so great that I don’t have to carry two liners in my hand bag/makeup bag now. I would look to buy this once it comes in sore and once I finish this one!
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Revlon gives you options

I was so excited to be selected to trial Revlon’s colorstay double ended liner as I’m a big fan of the brand and I love that this is double ended. I can never choose between a liquid and a pencil liner, I find strengths and weaknesses of each- some liquid ones create sharp lines but can be hard to control while pencils work better for tight lining the under eyes but can be a nightmare when they smudge so to have two options in one, is a great easy solution. I was sent the liner in a brown shade. Now normally I don’t wear brown as I don’t feel it suits me but I found this one a wearable shade. The liquid wears well although I’m not a fan of the applicator as it can be harder to control, I do wish it was a felt tip. This is why I only gave it 4 stars. The pencil end wore well with no issues and applied well also. Overall I really liked that this gave me options and I’m excited to try different shades available to create my perfect eye look.
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Pretty in pink

I love eyeliner it usually completes a eyeshadow look, a sharp sleek crisp black eyeliner usually winged is just perfection. However I received reddish hue called "153 she's on fire" and it didn't mesh well with my eyes, it did tend to look like I had watery eyes or at worst an eye infection like pink eye, it would be great for costume makeup. I did find that it had really good staying power as advertised it was a longwear liquid. The applicator is not what I'm used to and I struggled with the wand application as opposed to a pen which I find easier to manoeuvre. The pencil was smooth and easy to apply I just wish it was a jet black or kohl colour. The formula was good I just really did not like the colour, however if this were in a black and a pen applicator it would be perfect.
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Eyeliner that won’t budge!

The Revlon Colourstay double ended liner surprised me so much! What an incredibly versatile and innovative product which caters for two different ways to do eye liner. It’s smudge proof, budge proof so no stress about looking like a panda at the end of a long day. I aways love a product that has more than one use, it’s definitely more bang for your buck! The longevity is incredible, it stayed on all day and didn’t look any different by the time it got late and had been on for at least 12 hours! I have struggled to find an eyeliner that works for me and I’m so happy I was given the chance to try this as it has become a holy grail for me! So easy to use!
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Suitable for those with more makeup experience

I have seen so many amazing reviews about this Revlon Colorstay Line Creator Double Ended Liner and I received it in 151 Blackout from BeautyCrew to review. Unfortunately, I am one of the minority who did not fall in love with this liner. What I love? I love that the liquid liner is a dark black and is long lasting, as it claimed to be. It does not smudge very much throughout the day and I find it quite resistant to rubbing. The crayon khol side is more of a dark grey-ish black and contains some glitter, giving a subtle shine when the light hits it. Both eyeliners are slightly waterproof. I also love the double ended concept so that I can easily carry it around with me in my pouch and update my makeup look throughout the day. What I did not like? However, I personally find that the crayon khol smudges badly on my oily and hooded eyelid, giving me panda eyes at the end of the day. I also find the brush on the longwear liquid side hard to use, especially for those who are makeup beginners. Because the brush is so soft and long, it was really hard to draw a thin precise line (which is usually what I prefer for my daily eyeliner look). It does work better if you are drawing a thicker liner and you can easily layer it on without caking up. In my opinion, I think this Double Ended Liner would suit those who does not have oily or hooded eyelids and anyone with more makeup experience since I find the soft brush a little hard to maneuver. Nevertheless, I do love the double ended concept for its convenience and it is a product with good value. I also find trying to set the liner in with a little eyeshadow powder afterwards helped a little in preventing smudging for a longer period.
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This 2 in 1 eyeliner is a gamechanger!

I love that this product is a 2 in 1 eyeliner so that I can use the same shade for multiple uses! I got a gorgeous bronzey brown colour which is great, as I sometimes find black liner too harsh. The khol end is silky and smooth and glides on easily, as well as being able to buff it out before it sets for a softer smokey eye look. The liquid end is super pigmented and doesn't budge once applied and dried. I deducted one star as I did think the liquid end wasn't as fine as I'd usually prefer, and I found the product collected on the tip of the brush making it a bit gluggy when you first make contact with the skin. Perhaps this is just when the product is new and I needed to be better at wiping it off on the edge of the container before applying. For this reason I usually do prefer felt tip style liquid eyeliner (but I do find that they try out quite quickly). Over all I'd definitely use this product again and would recommend to others! Keen to try other colours in the range too as I love the shimmery multi dimensional effect!
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New Favourite

I really loved using Revlon ColorStay Line Creator™ Double Ended Liner. I was actually so excited that the moment I received that in my mail I opened and applied it straight away. I liked the fact that it was double-sided and so easy to apply. I was actually expecting it to be black but never mind as I wear colored liners as well. It was actually smooth like butter and definitely my new favorite. I would recommend this to everyone even the beginner its good to have something like that to lit your eyes I guess. It was long-lasting and mess-free.
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Easy to apply

I was lucky enough to trial Revlon’s new ColourStay Line Creator Double Ended Liner. This is a great long-lasting smudge proof eye liner, which consisted of two ends one being a liquid liner and the other a kohl pencil liner. I loves that is double sized, as I can chose the look I am after depending on the occasion and found it easy to use as it was quiet pigmented. The brush was also razor thin so it was easy to create subtle lines, for a day time look. It glided on smoothly and easily and wore well, lasting all day. The kohl pencil is not a traditional pencil but a lovely creamy blend which creates a delicate finish, this is the side which I most often used. Overall would recommend this product to anyone who uses eyeliner regularly, as it is a two in one product easily transitioning you from day to night.
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Enjoyed this liner for the most part

I've been testing out this liner for a few weeks now so I have some thoughts on how it worked out for me. It is a good liner , and the price point is where I'd expect it to be. For me the application was a little messy with the liquid liner - I found the brush to be a bit too flimsy / soft to get a really crisp line though. Once on the liner stayed in place well and I was happy with how it wore. The only thing that I found challenging was how firm the brush was - however that might just be more personal preference than anything else. The actual product was very good & the other sides pencil liner was my preferred choice as it went on beautifully and stayer in place all day , without irritation to my contact lenses. I will definitely continue to use it . I would recommend the liquid liner to people that maybe have a steadier hand than me giving them better control than my clumsy self has :-)
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Super handy two-in-one!

I had recently been looking to try out a new eyeliner and luckily enough I was offered the chance to test out the Revlon Colorstay Double Ended Liner! I love that it's a two-in-one because it saves some space in my makeup bag and depending how I'm feeling, I can either create a sharp line with the liquid liner end or create a more smoky look by smudging the pencil liner. I usually go for a pen-like liquid liner as I'm not great at using brushes, but still found this one pretty easy to use. I'm very glad I was able to add this to my makeup bag and would definitely recommend to others.