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Revlon Kiss Balm is a tinted lip balm infused with nourishing natural fruit oils to smooth, soften and hydrate lips while leaving them subtly tinted. Contains SPF 20 sun protection and comes in a range of fruity flavours.

Available in six shades.


Revlon Kiss Balm


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I love buying and trying new lip balms and so when I read the words Tropical and coconut on this balm I was sold - I had to try it!  It tastes amazing! I find myself having to constantly reapply as I’m always eating it off- picture sipping a Pina colada on a tropical beach - yes, that’s what you get in this little tube of goodness! It has SPF 20 and is quite balmy and rich once applied, definitely keeping lips very moisturised. This particular balm has no tint and has very little shine. The price is super affordable and I definitely recommend trying it out especially if you like the flavour combo!
I really love the Revlon Kiss lip balms! I've tried a few of the flavours, but Juicy Peach is my favourite. It has a subtle tint, has an accurate scent/flavour without being too strong, and does a fantastic job at moisturising the lips.The crayon, twist up packaging it brilliant and makes it very easy to apply and keep in your handbag. I also love that they have a SPF 20. 
Love the Strawberry Kiss balm. It's moisturising and gives a pretty, pink sheen to the lips. The best thing is that you can re-apply it all day without it 'pilling' or going yucky. I haven't tried the other colours but I'd imagine they'd all be really nice, just with a different tint colour. A great find!
I love everything about this Revlon lip balm. It makes my lips feel amazing....super hydrating......delicious smell....beautiful sheer pink affordable.....AND has SPF? All this is one product? Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Pick this up in your local Walmart or CVS. You will be that you did!
I'm a very big fan and user of lip balms and this one is a femininely packaged girly balm in a wind-up tube.  It's a slightly fancier lip balm than most and I love the ballerina-pink coloured lid.  It's not just pretty though - it also is super practical with it's SPF20 and so I can wear this confidently in the sun knowing my lips are protected a lot.   The scent is delicious - I have the Tropical Coconut one which smells very Summery like pineapples and coconuts mixed together.  I am loving this scent in the middle of winter.  This Tropical Coconut one is clear on the lips but there is a good range of colours and scents/flavours to choose from including Strawberry which looks to have a reddish tint from what I could tell from when I was purchasing this product.   I like how my lips stay hydrated for a couple of hours when using this and that extra moisturisation is a welcome thing in these cold winter months.  This would be great for anyone wanting a special new lip balm which has SPF and is a little bit more grown up than the usual flavoured lip balms.
These Revlon lip balms are amazing and a great beauty buy! I own four of these Kiss Balms in Tropical Coconut, Fresh Strawberry, Juicy Peach and Berry Burst, and yes they are as divine as they sound! The packaging is generous and they have a twist base and clear lid. They are slighter bigger then you average chapstick style lip balms and each have their own fresh, fruity scent and a sheer tint. The coconut one has a beautiful tropical scent that smells really natural and isn’t artificial or overpowering. This balm doesn’t add any colour, just moisture and some shine. The other three flavours I own each have a delicate, natural looking tint and a gorgeous scent. I especially love the Juicy Peach which smells delish and provides a beautiful wash of colour and shine. These lip balms add instant moisture and nourishment to my lips and they are my favourite go-to lip balm as they also contain SPF20 and some good moisturising oils. The only thing I dislike about this product is that I find the plastic lid  seems to slip off easily in my bag and I end up with lip balm everywhere! I have noticed this has happened with more than one tube, so I think the packaging isn’t that great. Other than that this is my favourite tinted lip balm and the texture and colours are lovely and natural. Although the packaging and names seem a bit childish, I do find the colours suit all ages and skin tones. The berry shade in particular creates a lovely, deep cherry shade and is perfect for creating a natural wash of colour on my lips. I find the formula non-drying and conditioning, so there’s no need to constantly reapply throughout the day. The formula doesn’t contain mineral oil, and therefore doesn’t make my lips even more dry or chapped like some other lip balms.  This is a great little beauty find, and I will continue to purchase these lip balms, as I really like the fact that they contain spf protection. The lightweight, nourishing texture is also a bonus as I hate sticky, heavy lip balms that can dry out your lips even more. I just hope this product never gets discontinued, as it’s a fabulous and affordable  all-in-one lip treatment!
I got the clear Coconut scent so I can't comment on the tint, but it does have a really nice, subtle smell and zero SPF taste which is a huge bonus! The stick is super chubby and feels really nice in the hand. Formula wise, it's very lightweight on the lips - thin, non-sticky and soft like a standard chapstick except these are far more pleasant without the over-artificial scents and bitter sunscreen taste. Overall highly recommend if you're looking for something simple for school or work. I've heard from friends that the tinted shades are great too!
I love this lipstick, though it is probably more of a lip colour. I bought the colour Sugar Plum, which in the container looks very dark, but as it glides on is a subtle shade of mauve. The formulation makes it feel nourishing and my lips feel soft. It has a subtle berry flavour, so have to stop myself from licking my lips. It is very affordable and I would definitely buy these again. It does not last that long, so have to re-apply during the day- but I have yet to find a lipstick that lasts all day  
I purchased one of these in Candy Apple, a true red shade, and I plan to buy more. They are affordable, are a generous size, and work beautifully. They also include SPF20 protection, so my lips are thoroughly protected from sun damage.  This is important to me, so many lip balms don't include any SPF protection. In our harsh climate, I like to make sure I minimise the risks - when buying lip balms I actively look for ones with good protection. The tube is the size of a ballpoint pen, and 3 x as wide as one. So treble the size of a typical lip balm, mine has lasted through months of regular use. Fantastic value for the $8 cost. The lip balm is packed with fruity oils, so has a gorgeous, soft texture, and is truly delightful to wear. My lips look & feel their best, and it has pretty decent staying power.  Shade Candy Apple imparts a lovely hue of red, so my lips are protected, nourished & have a healthy wash of colour. Some of the lighter shades would be more neutral, but if you want colour on your lips, go for shades like Candy Apple. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting a high quality lip balm with SPF protection for an affordable price. They don't come much better than Revlon's Kiss Balm!