Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara™

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Revlon Mega Multiplier™ Mascara is a volumising mascara formulated to coat each lash from root to tip to deliver maximum volume and length. The formula is flake-free and smudge-proof, and can be easily removed with warm water. 

Available in three shades.


Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara™


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I think I have found my favorite mascara. It promises mega volume and length and it really did deliver. I was surprised with how good my lashes looked after only one coat of the mascara. I used a double coat when going out in the evening. The mascara never failed, it didn't smudge, get clumpy or cakey. Unfortunately I didn't realize that no makeup remover is needed, but one can use water to remove the mascara. Since I read about it after finished using the mascara, then I am unable to comment if it is true or not.
I so love this product, i may not good putting make up on but this one is so easy for me to apply. The most i love about this mascara is not clumpy and it doesn't smear. It really emphasis your eyelashes which i love it. This is the best mascara i've ever used. I can highly recommend this to anyone.
This mascara looks so great on my lashes, it gives them a false-lash effect and makes them look long and voluminous. It opens up my eyes, making them appear brighter and larger. I automatically fell in love with this, also, because of it's lasting power. I definitely recommend the use of this tubing mascara!
This mascara gives gorgeous big fat lashes that frame my eyes, absolutely love it. It lengthens lashes beautifully and leaves my lashes lush and super long. It gently lifts and curls lashes. The brush is of a high quality and deposits just the right amount of product for a lovely finish I use this in black, it has a gorgeous rich pigment and leaves lashes with a nice sheen, it's also hydrating which is awesome, this means it won't dry my lashes out. I love that this mascara does not clump flake or smudge and it stays in place all day yet is easy to remove with water or a gentle cleanser. The handy little tube is just the right size and it's great value at under $22.00. I see no negatives and highly recommend this product
My favourite type of mascara is those that are tubular, so when I seen this one come out on the market I ran to Priceline to grab it- there aren’t many affordable tubing mascaras available in Australia.  What makes tubing mascaras so special? When you apply them to your lashes it literally forms a tube around your lashes which make it smudge proof, and to remove the mascara you simply wet your lashes with warm water to soften the mascara and gently wipe downwards to have the little tubes of mascara come off- no eye makeup remover required! The mascara wand is your standard classic mascara wand, and slightly tapered. It’s good at combing through the lashes and coating them with the product.  Unlike the name of the mascara, I did not find it to have a multiplying look on my lashes and in fact I felt like it looked like I had less lashes. It does make the lashes have a feathery look, I think because the formula is slightly dry it doesn’t really clump the lashes together. I didn’t feel like it particularly made my lashes look longer either. It does look good on my bottom lashes however but that’s not really that part I am worried about.  It lasts all day and I didn’t experience any flakiness under my eyes, so it is a good long wearing mascara. I had high hopes for this mascara and was really keen to try it, but for me it was a bit meh. Not great but not bad. I prefer the Modelco Lashxtend. 
I have short, sparse asian lashes and am always on the search for a HG mascara! I was quite happy with the results from the Revlon Mega Multipliers Mascara. It took me a few tries to get the hang of applying the tubing mascara. A trick I have discovered is to use a primer first so that you can really build up volume. The mascara should be applied in one smooth full stroke, without wiggling it through or coating the ends of the lashes too much as this can result in uneven looking spidery tubes and clumps.  The mascara wore well during the day and didn’t smudge. It is a bit difficult to build up curl and volume however I found that this was best addressed by applying a primer underneath. It does provide good length to the lashes and a natural my-lashes-but-better look. The best feature of this mascara was ease of removal. Because it is a tubing mascara, it gently slides off with warm water and there is no rubbing / tugging required. 
I have this mascara in 'Plum Brown'. I bought it in this shade by accident because the writing of the colour is so small on the packaging. However I am so glad I did. Sometimes its great to have a brown shade of mascara for those days when you want a more natural look or a less of a contrast when doing a brown smokey eye. The packaging feels quite luxe and weighty to the hold. The lid has a shiny finish whereas the tube is a matte black. The wand has natural bristles that taper to a point allowing you to get to all the lashes, especially those inner corner ones. This mascara is a tubing mascara so it applies quite thin but is able to be built up. However, you must build the layers quite quickly to avoid it drying and clumping. That being said this mascara can give you quite a lot of length and volume for a tubing mascara. This mascara will never smudge or rub off throughout the day. The removal process is super simple, you just apply warm water and the tubes will slide right off. No panda eyes! There isn't many tubing mascaras within the cheaper price range and this one is definitely best that I have found. I will be purchasing it in other shades.  The best part is it readily available and is often on sale. I recommend that anyone that loves a tubing mascara or has trouble with smudging, give this one a go!