Revlon PhotoReady Prime Plus™ Primer Perfecting & Smoothing

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Revlon PhotoReady Prime Plus™ Primer Perfecting & Smoothing is a hydrating primer with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 that works to hydrate, plump, soften and smooth skin.


Revlon PhotoReady Prime Plus™ Primer Perfecting & Smoothing


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Great Multi-tasker

Revlon Photoready Prime Plus is an affordable primer that performs just as well as some "luxury" brands. Another smart multi-tasker, its ingredients have skincare benefits as well. I chose the perfecting and smoothing version with Hyarulonic acid and vitamin B5 which hydrates and plumps the complexion. This is the best choice for my dry skin. The primer itself is easy to apply, with a pump action that dispenses just enough and as promised, does provide a slight blurring and perfecting effect on my complexion. It has a slightly tacky feel which provides a great base for foundation and keeps it in place, with no sign of pilling or clumping. The only issue with Revlon primer - it is rather more pricey than other drugstore brands but I usually manage to get it at a discount from one of the chemist chains so I can make sure I always have a supply.
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Perfeclty Smooth

Revlon PhotoReady Prime Plus Perfecting and smoothing Primer with the addition of vitamin B5 and Hyaluronic Acid is a fantastic product for improving the overall health of your skin at the same time as providing a great base for smooth, long lasting flawless make-up. Apply it quickly over a good moisturiser and don't wait too long before applying your foundation, (I paired it with Revlon Photoready Candid Glow). The first day I wore it I received so many compliments on the how fresh and healthy my skin looked I was astonished. A full coverage foundation is my normal daily go to, however in my opinion it’s not suited for this primer, the advantage to that is that this product will have women who generally only wear full coverage foundation falling back in love with their own skin, especially when they pair it with something like candid glow foundation and skinlights face glow illuminator. I get good coverage, paired with a light, fresh, healthy looking glow, within minutes, with minimal products, and my skin is loving me for it, my face doesn’t seem to have as many red itchy blotches after showering, it doesn’t feel as dry and patchy, it looks smoother…… It looks healthier ……. Maybe that’s just the primer giving that appearance? or maybe my skin quality has actually improved after 1 week of use? If you have issues like I did with blotchy, itchy spots and only ever suffocate your face with full coverage foundation, grumbling every morning when you see your complexion in the mirror, stop it, give this a try, you will soon love your own skin again and smile when you catch a glimpse of your face in the mornings.
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Long-lasting, needs a little practice to perfect

I received this primer to trial, so have tried it with several foundations, formulations and application methods to find the magic combo. The texture is quite thick and grippy - there isn't much slip time compared to some of the more silicon-textured primers I have tried previously, so it needs to be applied quickly. It's worth having a play with the base products used underneath and over the top of this primer to get it right -. I found it worked best with a hydrating serum, very lightweight sunscreen underneath and a satin/dewier foundation over the top. Mattifying foundations looked a bit cakey, patchy and pore-y over this primer. It did however last quite a while, great for those days when I need to run straight from work to dinner with no time for reapplication of makeup. It's not foolproof, but does help with staying power.
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Great value and quality for money

I’m pleasantly pleased to have found a primer that does not cost as much as high end prices but does the same job! I’ve used hourglass primers in the past but knowing now Revlon cause produces a primer that holds makeup for long and gives me a photo finished look, I’m certainly down to switch and save cost!
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Delivers results without breaking the bank!

This was a lovely primer to trial as I was so pleased with the application, finish and price point of the product. I have many open pores around my nose and chin and sadly with other primers they've often remained quite visible. However, with the Revlon Prime Plus Perfecting and smoothing primer they were greatly reduced!! Another amazing feature of this product is that the hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 really do moisturize and plump the skin, giving a dewy, youthful appearance to the face. As someone with quite sensitive skin, I was so impressed at the level of hydration it provided while not causing any irritation or reaction on my skin. This was a delightful product to trial and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others looking for an affordable, yet result-driven product.
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Surprisingly good!

Wow, what a good little primer! The texture is silky and glides onto my face easily. In fact, it felt a bit more like a moisturiser than a primer. I’m more accustomed to matt primers which are a bit smoother to apply, so I was a bit worried this primer would leave my skin a bit oily or sticky after applying my foundation. I found this wasn’t the case at all. My foundation glided on easily after and stayed on well all day. My skin didn’t become oily at the end of the day, which was the biggest concern for me. Personally I was really impressed that the primer is infused with hyaluronic acid which I know is super hydrating for the skin. Overall, a great little primer which I will definitely continue using!!
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More like a thick serum

This product does not suit my skin type (I have normal/dry skin) it feels sticky for hours after application, which is not a feeling I enjoyed. It is very thick and when foundation is put on over it, it is an uncomfortable feeling. However it didn’t fair too badly in the heat, which is a bonus.
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A pleasure to use

Revlon Photoready Prime Plus perfecting and smoothing primer is a pleasure to use, it glides on easily over my skin, smoothing the texture of my skin without feeling heavy. The hydrating formula helps to keeps my skin from drying out, allowing my makeup to by easily applied and helps to keep my makeup looking fresh throughout the day. The primer is in a 30ml pump action container allowing the primer to be easily dispersed and applied to the skin, the container is also a convenient size for storage. Great value for money primer for everyday use
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Big tick for everything!

Big fan of this primer. I love the packaging, it looks quite girly and premium, I love the texture, it feels nice and light without being too silicone-y, and I love how smooth my foundation goes on over and top and consequently how much longer it stays on! I usually use a matte, high coverage foundation which is super unforgiving for any skin texture irregularities but this primer made my foundation glide on with ease and my skin appear flawless. Big big fan and would recommend to anyone looking for a high performing primer.
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Super hydrating!

This glides on so silky, it feels hydrating and thick without being greasy. It helped my foundation last longer, I found I didn't need a touch up after work to head out for a knock-off drink. Feels great on and stopped me from having dry patches showing through my foundation as well.
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Lovely Smooth Skin

Really love the packaging on this. It feels luxurious and more like a serum than a primer. I use it both on its own and before foundation. It gives the illusion of super smooth skin texture and doesn’t clog my pores. I love this and highly recommend to anyone!
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Good gripping primer

Nice, thick serum like consistency. If you squeezed a drop on your finger it would stay there. Easy to smooth over face and left a nice semi-tacky feeling which I imagine would feel like those gripping primers. It did help my foundation last longer. I'd use this to the end and probably re-purchase. I didn't notice this helping to cover my pore though but I know there's a specific version to target this.
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Good on its own, great with foundation

I really like the way this makes my skin look even without foundation. Blurs my pores and makes my skin feel hydrated. Works well with foundation and prolongs it's wear. Smoothing primers sometimes feel suffocating on my combination skin and make my forehead oilier during the day, but this one had no such effect, which is great.
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Prime Plus

This primer is more like a serum to me. I love the packaging, the white bottle with a nice pink lid. It has a pump to minimise mess. I find that one pump is enough for my face. The consistency is white pearlescent and absorbs very well into my skin. I normally react to new products but this primer didnt effect my skin. The primer itself blurs out my pores and allows the foundation to glide on very nicely to my skin. I find the foundation lasts longer on my face using this primer and skin is hydrated at the same time.