Revlon Skinlights™ Face Glow Illuminator

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Revlon Skinlights™ Face Glow Illuminator is a liquid illuminator that brightens and illuminates the complexion. The illuminator can be used as a highlighter on the high points of the face, underneath foundation as an illuminating primer or mixed in with base products for a subtle all-over glow.

Available in two shades.

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Revlon Skinlights™ Face Glow Illuminator


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This is a good illuminator, I have tried many and this is my fav! I just use it on my cheekbones, nose and under eyes and I love the dewy glow it gives me. I pop it on underneath my foundation and sometimes I even just use it alone to give me a glowy look. It's not overly glittery particles so I really love that it can look more natural.


I was excited when I found out Revlon had resurrected the Skinlights range as I was a huge fan back in the 'day' - I practically bathed in the stuff! I purchased the lighter shade hoping I could revisit my youth and it was very good. I'm not sure if the formulation is the same, but it's pretty darn close! I like to use it mixed with liquid foundation and also will use it when going out at night when we can finally socialise again.


Didn't like this. It's a liquid highlighter but it's too sheer for my liking.
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Awesome product

Awesome product highly recommended easy to apply creamy texture that sits perfectly on the skin not sticky at all. Gives off a very subtle glow perfect for a natural glow if you apply a little more its just enough for creating a night time or dramatic look.
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Overall a nice product. It's a slightly tinted primer, which felt good on the skin and not too oily. Great for a dewy look under foundation, or could even be worn alone and set minimally with a powder and some bronzer for a barely-there makeup look.
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Radiant and Healthy Glow

Revlon Skinlights Face Glow Illuminator is another quality, easy to use, however you want to use it Revlon product, that (in my opinion) every woman should have in their kit. Mixing a tiny bit with foundation or using it over your primer underneath foundation gives the face a nice, subtle all over healthy glow. Even a tiny spot in your moisturiser on those "No Make-Up Sunday Fundays" works extremely well. I typically use it over my foundation just to highlight my cheeks and other essential spots to give that more natural/healthy looking finish. I recommend it to everyone who doesn't want their skin to looking flat and lifeless, especially when wearing make-up.
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Nice subtle highlighter

I've never used liquid highlighter / illuminator before but I was really impressed by this. I used it as a highlighter over my foundation. It blends nicely and gives a really subtle highlight that catches the light beautifully. I have fair skin so using it sparingly was the key.
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Subtle, not sparkly

I received this to review in Sunrise Luster, the lighter of the two shades available. It's a beautiful light bronzey colour, with a bit of pinky peach champagne in the mix, and it's pearly rather than a glittery/sparkly high-voltage sort of highlighter. It's more of a subtle glow than some of the other liquid highlighters in my collection. I've since trialed it mixed into foundation and BB cream, and over both a matte and dewy foundation; it blends well or mixes nicely in all of these situations and doesn't break up my makeup like other more oily illuminators I've tried. It blends in nicely if I tap it in with the tips of my finger and can be built up a bit for more of a shine in areas like my eyelids or inner V. The tube packaging is a winner for me too. I'll be repurchasing.
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Sun kissed Skin

Love Revlon Skinlights™ Face Glow Illuminator, light sheer highlights that gave my skin a supple, sun kissed glow. I used this with my everyday look to highlight my cheekbones, love how light it is.
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Product will last you quite a long time!

I found the product to be a bit too shimmery for my liking and a lot of product does go a long way so it would definitely be ideal for those who do use Illuminators and highlighters on a daily basis. I only use Illuminators on certain occasions and not to work everyday so found this to be little use for me.
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Beautiful especially for liquid foundation

This was nice. It had a beautiful shimmer and the colour is unobtrusive without being boring. I used it on my cheekbones over my foundation and it was really pretty. It could be used during the day for a light shimmer or layer it up for a more noticeable look. For me the only downside is that I tend to wear powders and a matte finish which is problematic for a dewy liquid highlighter but it was still beautiful when I wore it over liquid foundation and no blush (I only have powder blushes). Definitely give it a go, especially if you use liquids!
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Natural Shine, Vibrant Glow

The Revlon skinlights face glow illumination is the perfect addition for added shine. I've only had the chance to use it a few times but I've used it as more of a highlighter and also mixes in with foundation. Mixing with foundation made my entire face glow, and made it appear less dry. I'd recommend for those who are those who really want to glow. If you are after something a little more subtle, stay with powder.
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Very liquid highlighter

Easy to apply Illuminator that provides very subtle shine. Very runny, this product blends in well with a liquid base, and a little goes a long way — would recommend smaller packaging for the product however if you use highlighter always you will like. Colour is a little too orange but worked with bronzer.
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Youthful glow in a tube.

I really like this product. It's light on the skin (pardon the pun), and creates a beautiful, lit-from-within appearance. It has a handy, precision applicator that allows you to control the amount of product tou want to apply. However, I found that blending it into the high points of my face with warmed fingers was what really gave the natural-glow appearance that I personally like. I have quite sensitive skin and had no adverse reaction to this illuminator. My skin tone is pale and I have red hair and sunrise luster (300) was the perfect shade. I do think I will continue using this product and I would recommend it to others to try. P.S. A tiny bit of this product goes A LONG way!!
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Great glow up

This product was great for giving me a glow! It was quite scary when I saw the colour of the liquid/cream as it’s quite a dark pink/orange colour however when I mixed it with the foundation it gave me such a gorgeous glowy complexion. It was great adding it to my matte finishing foundations for a little boost of glow. I would recommend.
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Great drugstore highlighter!

First of all I am not a massive fan of liquid highlighters. In saying that, this is surprisingly easy to use and found that it was light, didn’t empathise texture and had a great glow. I would say it wears better when put on before any powder products but I would recommend and purchase again because I found the colour so lovely. Great for pale skin girls looking for a cheaper highlighter!
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Sparkling bright

While this product applies smoothly and is nice to use, the end result is not my cup of tea. It's a bit too shiny for my liking. Maybe that's because I'm in my 30s now and am moving toward a more subdued and classic look with my make-up. This product is easy to use and does illuminate, but just maybe is a bit too 'out there' for my liking. People who want a god illuminator might really enjoy this product.
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Definitely glows!

I’ve never used a liquid highlighter before but gave this a go. I used it after my primer as a base to my foundation. It went on smoothly and was easy to apply. The texture not too thick or heavy. It was very sparkly! I put my foundation on the top and I could definitely see the glitter/sparkle/glow effect it’s going for. I naturally have oily skin so I didn’t feel like I needed enhancement of it, but I can see how it does make your skin glow. On other occasions, I also tried using it after my foundation as a highlighter for my cheeks. Again it definitely flowed, but I am looking for mire colour than just a glow on my cheek. I preferred using it under my foundation. Overall, it is a good product if you are looking for a nice glow with your make up. Easy to use, stays on well!
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Natural looking glow

I was pretty impressed with this illuminator. I was given the shade Sunrise Luster to sample, which is a really lovely bronze shade. I thought it might be a bit too dark for my medium-fair skin but it just ends up enhancing my natural skin colour, giving my skin a natural glow. It is also versatile as a natural-looking highlighter and adding a dewy finish to my foundation when mixed with it. It also comes housed in a decent size tube with a pointy nozzle that dispenses product accurately.
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Glowy liquid highlighter

The Revlon Skinlights™ Face Glow Illuminator is definitely a product that gives that healthy sun-lit glow. It comes in a plastic squeezy tube with screw top lid so would be perfect for travelling. I tried this highlighter over-top of my regular liquid foundation and while a pretty glow I had a hard time trying to blend it in with my beauty blender. The next day I added the product to the high points of my cheeks and a little down my nose, this time before I applied my foundation and that seemed to work a little better to blend it in so it didn't look so patchy. I must also note that I am not a regular liquid highlighter person, I usually use powder highlighters so maybe some trial and error on my part is also necessary. I plan on trying it on the body next as I think it will add a very pretty glow to collarbones and legs. Overall this product gives a lovely glow and I plan on continuing to using it.