Revlon Super Length™ Mascara

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Revlon Super Length™ Mascara is a lengthening mascara that builds quickly for a more dramatic lash look. The Revlon Lash Stretch Brush has a tapered tip to coat even the smallest lashes, while the long side bristles have been designed to deliver ultimate length.

Available in four shades.


Revlon Super Length™ Mascara


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I really love using this mascara every day now. I do have really long eyelashes, but I wanted to make them even longer because they are one of my best features. I know so many people with short eyelashes are very specific with mascara and have special brands that work. I can basically use any mascara and it will work with my eyelashes, but this one worked really well. I liked the wand of this mascara because it has two sides, one to get short eyelashes, which I use on my bottom eyelashes. The other side is really good for delivering length and covering as my lashes.  Overall this product is worth the price and gives me gorgeous long lashes which last the day!
I've tried the Revlon Ultra Volume mascara before and when that I dried out I decided to give the Super Length a go. I hated it. The biggest problem I have with mascaras is smudging. I use to exclusively only get waterproof mascaras to prevent further smudging and this waterproof mascara didn't meet the expectations that the Ultra Volume set. Since then I've reached out to non-waterproof mascaras at cheaper prices and they've worked better for me.
I purchased this mascara for its claim of super length and I have tried others from the range with great success. This is an awesome mascara for giving not only great length but lush looking lashes too. The consistency is silky and creamy and the black pigmentation is strong for dramatic effect. I loved the tapered tip on the brush wand which makes it easy to apply the product and get that lengthening effect. The mascara can be built up by applying several coats for a dramatic night time look and it lasts well without smudging. I think the price of $21.95 is reasonable for the results this mascara achieves and i would recommend it