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Revlon Ultra HD SNAP!™ Nail Enamel is a one-step, full coverage, quick-dry nail colour that requires no base or top coat. The SNAP! Formula is clean, vegan and 20-free, meaning it’s made without many controversial ingredients found in other nail enamels. It is formulated with more than 78% naturally derived ingredients, plus a caring and strengthening complex. It leaves nails feeling smooth, hard, strong and protected. All you get is creamy, streak-free colour with a brilliant glossy shine that glides on smoothly and removes easily. Available in 15 shades.

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Revlon Ultra HD SNAP!™ Nail Enamel


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Nice colours

The colours are fantastic and the consistency of the polish is excellent, so easy to paint with. The bottle is trendy and the lid is easy to use. The lighter colours do need more than 1 coat as they are almost transparent. So you need 2 or 3 coats with the lightest colours to get a nice deep colour. The polish does chip easy and I would recommend a top coat to help with longevity, as even on my toe nails it chipped off, whereas it normally rubs off first. All in all for ea's ability I'd recommend these. Using just the recommend 1 coat it does indeed dry very quickly. It's actually very easy to get off with nail polish remover also.
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Ultra Divine

Lock down nails are saved ! Revlon Ultra HD SNAP! Nail polish, in a variety of modern shades was a welcomed addition to my nail polishes. The bottle that is oblongesqe and has a really easy shaped handle on the brush. The consistency of the nail polish was smooth and super quick to dry. I have opted for more of the pink shades at the moment and found the colour really rich and vibrant. The pricing is excellent for quality nail polishes and a selection of colours would make a welcome gift for someone.
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Great colour range

I paint my nails almost weekly- I have been trying to stay away from the Salons to save money. Long wearing polish that doesn't chip is so hard to come by and this is the main reason I end up at the Salon. This Revlon polish was conveniently fast drying and one coat was enough to get the solid colour. The brush is nice and wide and basically did each nail without needing to go back and add more. I also really like the colour's that this Revlon range offers. However, I didn't feel the polish was any more long wearing than a regular pharmacy brand. It chipped on both my fingers and toes pretty quickly without any top coat. Considering I find this with most at home brands, I would still use this polish but would recommend two coats and a top coat for longevity.
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Glossy, vibrant nails

I am big fan of Revlon nail polishes and have used them for several years, as they are both affordable and very effective. I was very excited to try these new Revlon Ultra HD Snap nail polishes. The first thing that stood out, apart from the beautiful, glossy and vibrant colours which you can see in the glass bottles, is the formula and ingredients. It's very impressive that this nail polish is 100% vegan and contains mainly natural ingredients, without many of the nasties some other polishes contain. It's pleasing to see there is a large range of shades; from berries, reds to pinks. I generally prefer nude to pink shades, so it's great to see there are a few natural toned shades. I found this nail polish very quick and easy to use. It has a flat brush that's not too wide or thin, but just the right size to give a precise, clean application of colour. The colour dries quickly and has a natural glossy finish. The wide cap also makes it easy to hold, when brushing the polish on your nails. I found one coat gives pigmented full coverage, but for even better colour and coverage two coats is ideal. The staying power is good, it doesn't last a full week but at least 3 - 4 days before starting to chip slightly. Overall, I think it's a good quality nail polish that gives beautiful, glossy colour and is super easy to apply as it dries in a few minutes.
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No fuss and super quick dry!

I tried Revlon Ultra HD Snap!™ as a trial, so lucky to be able to try 5 different colors, they were So Shady Ombrage- gorgeous dark purple She's on fire- bright orange-red Think pink- very pretty light pink Damsel in a dress-creamy pastel pink Birthday suit- this is my favorite color, light purple-brown, so pretty! Puts me in a good mood instantly. Let me start from the brush, it's thick and wide, very easy to apply and the wide brush covers the entire nail easily in one go. I know the ad says one coat is enough, but I still prefer 2 coats. It only took about a minute or two to dry completely after I put 2 coats on, I was very nicely surprised. The colors were all so shiny and opaque, just beautiful colors. I have been in lockdown and cook 3 meals every day plus lots of housework, and guess what! 5 days in with no chips and barely any wear at the tips, that is absolutely amazing! I don't need to worry about my nails often, what a time saver! Also, I love that the formula is vegan and free of a lot of the controversial ingredients other nail polish contains. Revlon Ultra HD Snap is my new go-to polish. I’m going to look into getting more colors!
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GO BUY!!!!

If I could give this more stars I would, these nail polishes are such vibrant colours and just amazing. I have a massive nail polish collection and I am constantly adding to the collection but these are by far my favourite colour and quality, when they hit shelves I will be buying the rest of the colours. I highly recommend you go and try these out, there much much better than expensive brands!!!! I was expecting an overwhelming alcohol smell, but it didn’t smell as strong as other nail polish brands I’ve used before, which is just a bonus. I’m the past I have used other Revlon nail polish and loved them so I had high hopes for these. My least favourite thing about nail polishes is always the brush their either to thick or to small. The brush on these nail polish’s was my favourite thing about it it was thin and longer so it was much easy to apply. No bristles came of on the nail and no lumps in the nail polish. You can tell a lot of work went into this product as the quality was amazing, by far the best nail polish I’ve ever used. I could get away with painting 1 layer and it looking amazing. I tried out all of the colours either on my hands or feet nails and my favourite colour was the pink because you can never go wrong with baby pink (it’s my go too) My nails were so so shiny and vibrant. Although the nail polish only lasted a couple days before it started chipping off I was happy enough to re apply the nail polish (which doesn’t take a long time so why be picky about it) one thing that I found different was that when I shook the bottle it didn’t make any noise. Another thing I loved was how they don’t get that watery stuff in the top, the red colour that I have on now I let sit on a surface without shaking for about a week and it didn’t get any of the watery gross stuff! The nail polish was not damaging at all usually after taking nail polish my nails are dry and crusty but they looked so fresh after taking the coat off. The packaging is different I wasn’t used to the longer and thinner bottles but I like how it’s different. The nail polish dried very fast, I was surprised and so happy, it also didn’t have a sticky or greasy feeling to it, These nail polish’s are quite cheap for what you get, I am very fortunate to have received them to trial (they will go to good use) I’ll be lucky if they last till Christmas! Thank you Beauty Crew!
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New Fave Nail Polish!

Firstly, the colour range I received was lovely. The fact that the formula is Vegan friendly is a huge bonus of the product. I found that the nail polish lasted me about 6 days which for me is quite a long time. I felt like I did get a streak free finish when I used it and did not go “clumpy” that I seem to find even with new nail polishes. The application itself was quite smooth. I really feel like I have found a new favourite nail polish. I would recommend this to anyone who is after on trend colours, a cruelty free - vegan nail polish that lasts quite a long time. I would repurchase this product.
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I received 5 shades of this polish as part of a trial. The colours are beautiful and vibrant! Painting my own nails is not my thing - it always ends up looking messy and streaky but in week 11 of lockdown and sandal weather, I thought I better give it a go! To my surprise this polish is so easy to apply thanks to the brush! 1 coat is probably enough but I opted for 2 just to make the colour a tiny bit darker. No streaks! Almost looks as good as having a mani/pedi in a salon! Would highly recommend this product! Only downside is that it chipped quite easily but this has always been a problem for me.
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5 minutes to a profesh-looking manicure

I loved this nail polish! Firstly it glides on so smoothly and easily and without any streaking. They have a great range of colours - from brights to pastels to more muted/matte tones. My favourite is "Think Pink"! As advertised, 1 coat is all you need to give your nails a great pop of colour. It will give you a slightly sheer finish so if you're after completely opaque 2 coats would be better. i didn't bother applying base or top coat and still found the polish lasted well, until I handwashed some dishes (note to self - get rubber gloves). It dries super quickly. After 5 minutes I felt I could get back to other tasks with confidence. Overall, I would definitely recommend this nail polish and buy more when I run out!
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Quick dry, shiny and vibrant

Revlon's new Ultra HD Snap nail enamel range is beautiful. The product comes in a sleek bottle, with the same colour cap and clicks in when closed. The brush is wide enough so that it covers my finger when I paint (petite hands) and the colour is opaque enough so that 1-2 coats gives you a completed finish. I would recommend this product to anyone who is 'impatient' with drying time and wants a quick polished manicure on the go. In terms of staying power, as the polish is quite 'opaque', it will not chip too quick as long as you 'cap the free edge' and can last you up to 2 weeks without any manual/physical labour. There is enough shine so that a top coat is not required My favourite colour is 'Birthday Suit' as it is a feminine, mauve pink perfect for work or any occassion!
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Mixed-Feelings about this polish...

I found this nail polish super quick & enjoyable to use. I found the consistency of the polish smooth and easy to apply! The brush is quite wide which meant I could paint each nail with just a few strokes. The brush handle is also a nice size making it comfortable to hold. I like that the colour of the polish is on the lid, making it easy to find the shade I want. The polish also dried super quick which I love, I hate having to wait for my nails to dry! I wish the colour range was a bit more unique with more variation in colours. I tested out the shades 024, 031, 032 and 027. I would only re-wear shades 024, 031 and 032. I personally found the 2 pink shades too ‘Barbie-pink’ for my taste. The bottle claims this polish only requires 1-coat, however, I found they needed 2-3 coats to get a good colour pay-off. Two coats were fine if you just want a sheer wash of colour. I also would have preferred the finish to be glossier as it dries a bit flat looking. The polish didn’t last very well, I had chipping quite a lot so had to touch up frequently. I would recommend this nail polish to anyone who wants a quick at-home manicure who doesn’t want to splurge on more expensive nail brands. I would have loved this range when I was a teenager and didn’t have the money to treat myself on brands like OPI.
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A mediocre nail enamel

I was really excited to try the new Revlon Ultra HD Snap nail enamel as I’m a big fan of Revlon and I love to have my nails painted. I loved the sound of just needing to paint one coat, a great time saver. I was pleased with the product for my toenails but disappointed with the product for my finger nails. On my finger nails I did a base coat and then one coat of colour. Unlike other reviewers, I found that it did not dry quickly. I didn’t find the colour to be HD and I painted two coats and then a clear top coat for shine and in the hope it would help it to last. It didn’t. Within a day it was chipped and coming off. I use my hands a lot, housework, cooking, cleaning, gardening, toddler care etc This nail enamel just didn’t hold. However, on my toenails it is still going strong after more than a week. I’ve bought nail enamel from Revlon for years and recently purchased their Colorstay Gel Envy polish in several colours. I found that to be a superior product to this one. If I were to recommend a Revlon nail polish to others I would recommend this only for toes. For a longer lasting polish the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy is much better.
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Awesome product would buy again!

I was lucky enough to get to trail these nail polishes. And can I say I’m sooo so glad I did, i didn’t have high expectations when I got them as most nail polishes tend to disappoint me. They usually chip and don’t dry well within the same day. These ones are the opposite they dry quickly so easy to use one coat is enough and even if u do two coats it doesn’t come out streaky or patchy. They dry smoothly. And most importantly they last a really long time usually I can’t keep nail polish on for more than a day these one week and it’s still good. If your like me and hate how quick nail polish disappears of your nail then these will make you change your mind. I now look forward to doing my nails and I don’t have to worry about sitting around for hours for my nails to dry. They are awesome and affordable. Would recommend to anyone and they have decent colour range.
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Quick Dry & Gorgeous Colours

Absolutely love the new look of the packaging and the gorgeous spring and summer colours that are on offer! The Revlon Ultra HD SNAP!™ Nail Enamels are super quick drying which for a very amateur nail painter is ideal. I am always far too impatient with my nails so the quick dry is great to ensure no initial chips. I did need two coats to get the full-colour payoff which is fine, I would never expect to be able to slap on one coat and be done. The reason for the 3 stars is that the colour does not last very long which is a bit of a shame. However, as the product is quick-drying and easy to apply I had no issues having to reapply. I am not completely converted from my holy grail brand but i would definitely pick these up again for a quick coat.
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All in one colour

I was super lucky to be able to be a part of the review team to test the Revlon Ultra HD nailpolishes and I must admit, they exceeded my expectations. I am so glad that we got to trial a variety of colours so that I could change depending on mood/occasion. The little curved packaging I found very cute and chic. I was very dubious about the claims that there was no need for a base or top coat which I always use. My favourite colour was the Birthday Suit one which I tried first. I loved the pigmentation and deep think colour making it easy to apply with the application tip. The colour is strong enough you could get away with one coat but I apply two for good measure and out of habit. I was pretty glad that it lasted at least a few days on its own. If i wanted to keep the colour for longer, i probably would still apply a top coat for better durability. I still need to try the darker colours because I regularly have issues with my nails staining without a base coat. These are great, I would recommend!
Incentivized Review

Pleasantly surprised

I don’t usually got to Revlon for my nail polish so I was pleasantly surprised but how good they are. Even after just one coat they looked great. The darker colours did look better after one coat than the pale colours. To test them out I didn’t put a top coat on and they lasted about 5 days before they chipped so I think I could get about 2 - 3 weeks if I did a base coat and top coat. I will definitely be purchasing more colours. I also love that they are vegan. Dries really quickly and the brush is a good size especially if you’re clumsy like myself.
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Great Nail Enamel

I was really lucky to be able to try the new Revlon Ultra HD SNAP nail enamel. I was very interested in a nail enamel that was vegan and only needed one coat. From the colours I tried, my favourite would have to be Birthday Suit. It is a lovely dusty rosy pink colour. I also really liked So Shady, a deep plum and She's on Fire, an orange, red colour. The colour pay off is impressive, however I did prefer it with two coats. It was very fast drying, which I really appreciated. It went on very smoothly with the wide paddle like brush. The shape of the bottle and the lids were also really nice, another great thing about the lid is it snaps closed. This is handy so you know you have closed it correctly. It lasted well, by day 3 there were a couple of chips, but I was able to reply and it blended very smoothly. I would definitely look to purchasing this nail enamel in other colours.
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An amazing nail polish

I honestly am usually sceptical of nail polishes and usually stick to one brand but I think I will start buying from Revlon now. I tried this nail polish as part of the review crew and I honestly love them. One coat for full even coverage is what a girl (or guy) dreams of from a nail polish and this provides that. The colours are nice and wearable, the polish dries down with ease and no bubbles. Adding a top coat on top would really make them shine. The polish also lasted a fair few days on my nails, I'm someone who washes their hands regularly due to the nature of my work and it would not budge!
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Great lasting nail polish in beautiful colours

Impressive nail polish. Not only were the 5 colours I tried super pretty, I was very impressed by the pigment and colour quality of the Ultra HD Snap. The colours I trialled were So Shady Ombrage- beautiful dark maroon She's on fire- bright fire engine red Think pink- baby pink Damsel in a dress-cool pink Birthday suit- like a pinkie brown You can totally get away with one coat. I did try it with 2 coats and found the coverage was even better at creating a flawless high gloss look. The colours lasted for 5 days without chipping. I wonder if this product would work even better with a top coat. I highly recomend!!

Gorgeous colour and shine

Fantastic nail polish. I love reckon products and absolutely love this polish. I love the birthday suit shade, a nice natural subtle pink, so pretty. I love that this polish is all natural without the chemicals found in other polishes so it doesn’t damage my nails. The polish doesn’t require a base or top coat so it’s super quick and easy to use. The thick design of the brush means I can sweep colour on in just a few strokes and it also dries super quick so eliminates any tackiness or mistakes. You only really need one coat of this polish as it’s such high quality and doesn’t chip easily, however I recommend using two coats just to make it last longer. The colour is beautiful and it gives a gorgeous gloss and it actually looks like my nails have been done in a salon. I adore this polish and I am going to buy more colours. Fabulous