Revlon Volume + Length Magnified™ Mascara

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Revlon Volume + Length Magnified™ Mascara is a mascara with a high-shine black fibre formula for giving lashes amplified volume and length. The Revlon Magnifying Lash Brush has a square brush that is designed to anchor the mascara formula to lashes for intense volume and length.

Available in four shades.


Revlon Volume + Length Magnified™ Mascara


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I'm a fan!  A very reasonably priced mascara (and often on special at Priceline, Chemist Warehouse etc). The bottle is odd-shaped, probably a little bulkier than a lot of mascaras it it's a bit more flat than fully cylindrical (but I don't see this as a problem). What i like most about this product is the brush - i like a full, 'bushy' brush and this definitely has that. It gave good coverage and did provide that volume and length that it advertises. The formula was light and not gluggy, with no scent. I'd recommend this for just about anyone - I can't fault it! 
Usually I always wear 2 mascaras due to having short, sparse, fair lashes but not since I tried this mascara.  I absolutely love what this mascara does for my barely there lashes.  It definitely lengthens your lashes and gives volume. The brush is thick and squarish and the applicator is comfortable to hold in your hand.  The wand easily coats your lashes and I didn’t notice any clumping of the lashes.   There is no harsh fragrance to overpower you either as some in the past have done for me.    The mascara wand has tiny little fibres that go onto your own lashes and this is what is so brillant for lengthening, especially my sparse eyelashes.   The mascara is waterproof and it works great with no smudging, yet, at night, I can easily take it off  very easily with just my halo cloth and water.   I like the number 351 Blackest Black as I definitely need colour on my faint lashes.    This mascara is affordable at just under $24.00 Now I don’t need 2 mascaras anymore as I get what I need with this mascara so very happy.  My eye lashes seem to pop right out now.  Brillant.
This mascara is one of the best one I can find for a reasonable price that makes your lashes look full, but not fake. I've tried high-end brands, and they just don't work like this one. This is a buildable, creamy mascara, that volumizes and lengthens, building on your natural lashes to make it look so unique for each indivuals lashes. The packaging is sleek and easy to use, and the wand is perfect for the effect it promises. I even use this on my lower lashes, and it doesn't make them look spidery, stringy, or clumpy. The staying power is great and does not transfer to anywhere other than my lashes. I’d definitely repurchase.
This is such a wonderful mascara for such a reasonable price!! The brush is decent and does a good job of coating all my lashes. I have it in the shade 'blackest black' which I love! This product does such a good job of legthening and adding volume to my lashes. It is really a all-rounder mascara. I honestly can't believe the quality of product you get for such a good price! I would definitely recommend.
I adore this mascara for giving volume and length. The thick square brush is a great design for distributing enough product to give lashes a lush look and it lengthens and separates well. The black pigment is of a high quality and gives a high shine, gloss effect that is just gorgeous, the fibre formula makes lashes look amazingly long and it is long lasting and does not flake or smudge, a great thick tube that is easy to handle, I love this mascara, well done revlon, I would recommend this