Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck

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Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck is an anti-ageing primer that specifically targets face and neck wrinkles. The formula utilises innovative age corrective technology with micro-fillers and optical diffusers that work to fill in and blur fine lines and wrinkles, while its smooth-touch applicator allows for easy blending. 


Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck


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I liked this primer because it seemed to eliminate shine and blur lines and pores. I did find the product to be  little heavy and i felt as though I was using a lot. Its hard to say how much is left as the packaging is not transparent. Other primers i have used seemed to need less of the product.
I bought the Revlon Youth FX™ Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck a couple of weeks ago for half price.  I was running low on my current primer so I thought it was a good opportunity to try out a new product.    The Youth FX™ primer comes in a slim, plastic, cylindrical, silver container with a grey teardrop shaped applicator with 4 small holes. There is also a clear lid which protects the applicator.    The bottom of the container is pushed up to dispense the primer which oozes through the holes on top of the applicator which is then used to blend the primer over the skin.    To me the primer is quite thick because I am used to a very silky thin primer, however the Youth FX™ primer blended smoothly and settled well on my skin.  I noticed that there was indeed an immediate blurring effect and the pores on the top of my nose were almost invisible.    I was a little concerned that my BB cream+blur might not work with the heavier primer but I need not have worried because the BB cream smoothed over the primer without any problems.  There was no balling, dryness or flaking.    I have only been using the primer on my nose, on the area above my top tip and around my mouth to blur my fine lines because I think it is too heavy to apply all over my face.  I have tried the primer on my neck and I’m pleased to report that it certainly blurs the wrinkles and fine lines.  It looked so good that I could just wear the primer on my neck without anything else.    The Revlon Youth FX™ Fill + Blur Primer for Face/Neck comes in a 100ml container so I feel it would run out very quickly if I used the primer every day all over my face and neck.   I would purchase the product again for half price. 
I recommend this for a combination or dry skin! But if you have normal skin it's good too because this primer sort of have semi matte finish and when you apply it,  it's soft. Use their youth fx concealer pen with this one too,  it works great!  Make my foundation stays all day.