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Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish

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A base coat, colour and topcoat in one, Rimmel London’s 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish is designed to be applied in one swift, anti-chip coat and has a high-shine finish.

Available in 30 shades.


Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish


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My discovery of this year! This nail polish is awesome! For the price it is perfect! So many shades to choose from. All, does not matter whether light pastels or bold classics, are very well pigmented, the two layers are enough for full coverage. The drying time is great, the shine beautiful, and the longevity! OMG! Who needs gel nails? Not me. I have been complimented so many Times when wearing nail polish from this line. I truly love it, High quality for a funny price.
I've got this nail polish in beautiful Rapid Ruby shade and true to it's name - it's such a beautiful red color. More often than not, just one coat is enough for good coverage and getting the right tone of color. Doesn't really dry in 60 seconds, specially on the days when I decide to go for another coat but also doesn't take longer than 5 minutes, which is good enough for me. Love the brush that provides bold strokes, streak free finish and even coating. Apart form easy application and perfect pigments, my fave part is that this nail polish also lasts for quite a few days, specially with Rimmel top coat. Overall a really good value for money product.
The colour range is fab, with many very eye-catching, and the polish sets in a minute or two (I always allow a few mins between coats to be safe).  Great price for a great product. Would say it lasts on my toe mails about 2 weeks, so I am definitely giving it a 5/5!
I absolutely love the feeling of freshly painted nails! I usually get my nails done a professional, however recently I have tried out the 'Rimmel 60 seconds super shine' and I am so happy!  The product is so so affordable - usually around $5 and has a really smooth consistency. I find it hard to find nail polishes that have a light but hard wearing product and this delivers both of those! The brush is the perfect size for a nail and the polish itself dries oh so quickly! There is a massive range of colours offered as well as a collaboration range with Rita Ora. My favourite nail polishes from the range is a gorgeous pale pink polish called 'Lose your Lingerie' and the basic 'clear' polish everyone deserves to have in their life!  Definitely recommend to anyone in the market for an affordable, good quality nail polish.
I don't paint my nails as often as I would like, mainly due to lack of time, and also the fact that quite a few that I have tried don't have the long-lasting factor that I would like.  However, with the Rimmel 60 seconds polish, it is quick and easy to apply, and it dries super fast. The brush is nice and thick and spreads the varnish onto the nail easily. I have quite a few shades as they are so pretty, and I always get a lovely, even look when I apply the varnish to my nails. The polish itself is quite thick, not runny, and it lasts for a few days at least. I would recommend this nail polish highly, in particular to those who are time poor but want their nails looking their best. And best of all, this polish is great value for money! 
I love that this is a base coat, nail polish and top coat in one, a great time saver and so eceonomical. This is a great super shine polish and leaves nails looking professional. I found this applied in seconds with the design of the wide brush and this dries in seconds too, amazing.  At a great price point of $5.95 and with 30 gorgeous shades I can afford to buy several and keep adding to my collection. The colours are so pretty and the shine is a high gloss, it resists chipping and peeling and lasted all week, a great bonus. this polish is quite hydrating and removes easily, it feels nice to wear and is really pretty, I love it and would highly recommend it
I have several of these and always grab more when I see them on sale.  I prefer pinks and my go-to colours are 402 Ring-a-ring-a-roses (baby pink), 405 Rose Libertine (mid rosy pink), 415 In Style Coral (lighter coral pink) and 407 Hot Tropicana (bright pink).  The brush is fairly broad so if you have small narrow nails you may not like it so much.  It seems to work well for me I can swipe twice and I'm done.  I found the longevity of the polish is pretty decent and it lasts a good few days before it chips (I really abuse my hands and nails though) and seems to last longer than some other polishes if you are constantly washing your hands or immersing them in water.  I love that it is a quick-dry formula, in a couple of minutes you have touch-proof nails even with multiple coats.  The colour range is pretty good, nudes right up to bold and some shimmer shades too.  It doesn't seem to stain my nails yellow like some polishes do and also doesn't smell quite as bad as some I own.  Overall a good budget performer.
In my nail polish collection, Rimmel London 60 seconds super shine nail polishes dominates. I tried different shades of it and find all of them great. It is good that it comes with a variety of shades which is suitable for all skin tones.    Rimmel London 60 seconds super shine nail polishes comes in a pretty transparent bottle with black lid.  The brush is wide and it takes only few seconds to apply it over my nails. It gives instant smooth and shiny colour to my nails. It has strong smell like all the nail polishes. The formula is not very wet but it takes few seconds to dry. I find that dark shades are opaque while with light shades I need two coats to cover my nails.   These nail polishes last for long time on my nails, usually my nail polishes chip with a day. But these ones stay there for more than 3 days. My favourite shades in these nail polishes are  pillow talk and Ethereal.   Overall, I love these nail polishes, They are very easy to apply, looks beautiful and last for days on my nail. Rimmel often goes on sale and you can easily find them for 3$ which is very reasonable for nail polishes. I highly recommend it for everyone, specially for nail polish lovers.
These nail polish are great! You can just apply it once as the colour is pretty solid, dries quick and lasts longer!! love love love it!
For price and convenience, the Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine is hard to beat. These are my go-to polishes when I'm low on time and patience. The short broad brush and rich opaque formula makes them quick and easy to apply in just a couple of strokes. There's no need to go back in and overwork the polish. They're simple, fuss free and hard to stuff up. And they dry fast! Two coats will give you the best result. My favs are Caramel Cupcake - a wearable at all times beige nude; Rain Rain Go Away - a grown up cool tone greige nude; Midnight Rendezvous - a deep inky navy that makes a statement; and Berries and Cream - a rich maroon for winter. The only dud I've come across is Loose Your Lingerie which is a bit streaky, as so many white-based pastels are prone to be.
Rimmel London's 60 Seconds Super Shine is a fast-drying nail polish that does exactly that. The brush is a good size, and the polish goes on smoothly with no clumps or lumps. Each coat is touch dry quickly, so it's great for touch ups too. Colours are vibrant, with not too many coats needed for a good colour. The bottle is fairly small, but with a price to match, it means I usually buy at least two bottles for the same budget of a larger one. Bonus!
This is an exceptionally fast working and affordable nail polish. The brush makes the polish spread evenly over my nails  making it easy to apply.  I am so pleased with length of time it takes to dry my nails, especially when I am in a rush to go. The colours are so appealing to the eye, dry fast and have a dazzling shine. I recommend you to use with a topcoat which gives my nails a salon quality look every time.