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Its first sculpting and highlighting palette by Kate Moss, Rimmel London’s Kate Sculpting Palette features three long-lasting shades to highlight, contour and define the face.


Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Palette


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For a beginner this is a great product to get started with contouring and highlighting the face, I found the blush and highlight particularly complimenting to my skin tone they worked really well for me. However, I'm not a fan of the bronzer it wasn't the right tone for me and a little more shimmery than I like bronzers to be. For the prince tag though I think its great for travel or on the go application as its compact and covers all three aspects.
This actually really worked for me. I love the simple gold casing, it looks simple but pretty. Inside is three colors- a suttle brown, a pink and a highlighter shimmer. I have fair skin tone and I find these colours work well for me. There's the bronzer which is really easy to blend, and a lighter colour that I find great for fairer skins. I just love the blush colour- its very pink but looks so great! The colour stands out enough without being too much or over the top. The highlight powder is very noticeable, so you have to be really careful and light with application otherwise its too shinny and noticeable. While these are powders I find that you really have to be light handed and blend. If you go too heavy and deep with the contouring I find it too noticeable. Far too noticeable. This is what I find on my fair skin. The result is very matte and long lasting. I really think this product is great, affordable and well worth it. Best drug store contour product.
Rimmel is a good drugstore brand that has hits and misses, this for me was a hit.  The three in one palette is great for travel and to throw in your makeup bag and the packaging is nice and secure. The highlighter is a very subtle shade perfect for very fair skin like mine, but I did find I had to apply more than other brands of highlighter. The blush is a beautiful peachy matte colour that just gives a little natural warmth. Amazingly the bronzer doesn’t look dirty on my skin, that’s the first bronzer that I’ve ever been able to leave the house in, but a light hand is needed.  The formula is creamy and doesn’t cling to any dry areas which is a huge win.
Rimmel is a bit "hit and miss" for me....their "Kate" lipsticks i love,their waterproof eye definer isn't too shabby,and now this product has earned a small place (for now) in my "quick get up and go"glam arsenal. The Kate Sculpting Palette is a co-ordinated mix of three shades (and with decent sized pans)  that you can use alone or together to shape and sculpt your face with ease.I chose the 002 Coral Glow palette,as this is the best for a fair complexion,and i found it to be a great match (look at the other palette,003 Golden Bronze if you are more olive visaged) for me.The formula was a comfortable / blendable powder that didn't  settle into fine lines OR look too "glittery" (a much despised look for me),but the fact that the wear time on this was not great (4 hours later and this was toast) made me take a star off.The contour shade was OK (not great,but i do prefer my Nars or Benefit ones.This tends to look a little "muddy" to me) as a bronzer,and the highlight shade was just enough to hive a little glow to my face without any "mirror ball" similarities (some of you who like a "you and the great wall being seen from space" look won't like it),whilst the blush hue was a just right peachy / coral that removed my "death warmed up" skin tone. Now onto the packaging.This is a very pretty palette....rose gold and clear lid make for a stunning look,however it WILL NOT stand up to any kind of knock or dropping,it WILL break (and easily),so take care if you plan to take this away with you,and don't forget a brush...this palette has none,so a star away for that too. All in all,if you are just starting out with makeup,want something cheap and cheerful OR just want to treat yourself to a little something whilst you do the grocery shopping (that will make you look well presented and has no calories),then give this a go. TIP:Use this palette to do multiple duties on your face.Apply the highlight to browbone / cupid's bow / top of cheeks,apply the blush to eyes / cheeks / lips (with a balm to top it off),and the contour to eyes / dec and even legs to give a slimmed down,contoured glow.
I hadnt heard many thing about this product but I always thought i should add it to my collection. I recently bought it at Coles as the had a half price sale on all rimmel products which made this around $8.50 which is extremely affordable! The colours of all three products are perfect for my pale skin. The colours are pigmented, creamy and Its the perfect size to travel with! I will always repurchase this product, i wish i bought it sooner!
This is a good product. Especially for someone just starting out with make up or someone who doesn't want to spend a lot of $$. Very affordable and easy to use. it does have a little bit of sparkle to it, I cannot go past anything that sparkles. Great size too not too big. The only thing i didn't love about it was the highlighter.. i have highlighters that i like better. I did find that it didn't really transfer onto my face. I would put a fair amount on the brush and i couldn't see that it did much.. I do like a lot of glow and sparkle in a highlighter so was a bit disappointed with that but love the contour and blush.
This product is really quite lovely.  I bought it half price at Chemist Warehouse and it does not disappoint. It is value for money and creates a very natural looking contour. Of course I love the packaging- I can't say no to rose gold and the directions on the back are great for first time users. The highlight is a little bit of a let down and not much transfers onto my brush and then onto my face and just crumbles a little in it's packaging however for the price its a relatively small problem.
I have this palette in Coral Glow. The blush is a lovely coral colour, which is incredibly pigmented, and the bronzer would be flattering on most skin tones. The highlighter would have to be the low point in this palette, but for those of us not requiring our highlight to be seen from Mars, then it is definitely workable. The powders blend nicely.  This has become my everyday palette. It is incredibly handy having three shades in the one package, so when I travel this definitely comes along. Generally I find Rimmel to be on the mark with good quality, affordable products and this is no exception.
I think this trio compact idea is very easy and convenient. I really like the blush and bronzer in this compact, the blush gives a very natural pink colour on my cheeks and the bronzer gives a nice tan colour on my face and works very well with the blush too. However, I think the highlighter is not really working out for me. I think it does not really show the highlight and it is not enough.
I adore the rose gold packaging; it's really pretty to look at but exceptionally difficult to photograph! I have this palette in the shade Coral Glow, and it's a lovely, flattering and easy to wear shade for me. There is quite a bit of fall-out and the product is quite powdery, so you have to be a bit careful and remember to tap off the excess before applying. Personally, I prefer the blush and contour powders over the highlight one. I'm not usually a fan of contouring, but I did give it a go with this palette and it was easier than I thought! This Sculpting Palette is a great travel option, as you're getting three products in one, so it's a great way to save on space in your makeup bag. I'll definitely be taking this palette interstate with me next month!
I admire the Rimmel London Kate Sculpting palette as it creates dimensional contouring with an optical illusion of a more defined bone structure on my face, neck, and jawline.   The palette colours "Coral glow" which I purchased contain splendid shades of varying depth that can be easily applied and are extremely easy to work with. It contains a unique texture that has the ability to both build and blend, providing a beautiful and long lasting effect. Each shade compliment the other's tone and the colour blends into my skin easily giving it a desired flawless contoured finish. I really like to experiment and get creative with the shades and achieve the intended look I desire. Pretty and compact it fits perfectly in the makeup bag or to take on the go. I highly recommend this product that recedes areas of my face for a more natural sculpted contour. 
Rimmel Kate Sculpturing Palette comes in nice sleek packing. It has three shades, Light illuminator for highlighting, Peach colour for blush and Brown one for contouring. All these shades have silky powdery texture and they are highly pigmented. They apply and blend easily with very little fallout. All shades work well on my light to medium skin tone and only one swipe is enough to show the  colour. I recommend using it light handed, other wise you will apply too much.  The best thing about this kit is its longevity. It lasts long on my face, even it cannot be removed with few plashes of water. I feel that their formula is very similar to Rimmel Blushes, They are also highly pigmented and long lasting. you can read my review here. This is multipurpose palette and suitable for everyone even if you are not into contouring and strobing. These three shades are perfect for eye shadows, and the small compact is great for travelling.  I highly recommend it for every one but those who have very dark skin tone, the bronzer will not work for them, they can still enjoy using highlighter and blush.
If you're looking for a face palette that can do it all, this is it ! It has a highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one convenient package. Both the blush and bronzer are great colours on my light skin and you can easily build it up to the level of colour you like. The highlighter is a beautiful shade and gives a lovely subtle pop of luminescence.
I have been using this palette ever since it was released earlier this year, as it is one of the only blush/bronzer/highlight hybrids that has been released from a drug-store brand like Rimmel. I enjoy a number of Rimmel products and I find they always have very innovative, interesting products leading in front of some of their other major competitors and I find this palette is no exception! Of course, this product is not perfect and there are a number of positives and negatives of this product…   QUALITY: I find the quality of this palette overall very good, however some shades in the palette are slightly better than others. On a high note, the blusher is very pigmented and also has a creamy formula which allows it to melt better into the skin and stops it from looking too powdery and looking more natural. I also find the coral-peachy-pink blush to be a perfect everyday shade that goes perfectly with any eye look. On the other hand, the highlighter is probably my least favourite powder in this product as I find it is quite chunky and the glitter particles in the powder tend to stick unflatteringly to the cheekbones making it an unnatural highlight. I have tried using a variety of brushes however none have improved the look of this highlighter on my skin. Handy tip: Although it highlights pores when placed on my cheekbones using a fan-brush I find it works slightly better to highlight underneath the brow bone or even as an eyeshadow (especially for a night out when you can afford to look a little more glam and sparkly!).  The bronzer powder is better than the highlighter as with the blush, I find the powder to be finely milled and the perfect shade to bronze up the face with- not too orange-toned, which can be a common issue with bronzers. PACKAGING: The packaging of this product is not the best, the cover is plastic which is very reminiscent of the typical Rimmel packaging.  I have owned a number of Rimmel stay-matte powders (a brilliant face powder by the way) and almost all of their plastic lids have cracked on me. Although, this does usually happen while travelling. This palette has not cracked on me yet, although the plastic is a little thicker than I expected and when I travel with it (or put it in my handbag) I place a tissue between the product and the lid which stops the product inside from cracking/breaking apart! EASE OF USE: I find the powders all very easy to use and they all work well in conjunction with one another. They are all very easy to blend and as the formulas are so creamy (with the exception of the highlighter which as I said was not my favourite) I find they do not cling to any dry patches which I can find to bean issue for us dry-skinned girls. I recommend using a larger powder brush for the bronzer as it helps it look more natural and blend the product across the skin more easily as the powder is very pigmented. OTHER NOTES (COLOUR RANGE, PRICE, ETC.): There is only one shade of the palette currently, which I find a little disappointing as it would not work particularly well on those with darker-skin tones. There is also a cream version of this palette which has been introduced in the US and UK however it has not yet made its way to Australia. Overall, this is a very good palette especially when you get three different face products for such an affordable price! There are also always sales ordeals on Rimmel products at the local pharmacy/supermarket which could make it an even better steal. I have found this palette is also extremely useful for travelling and for chucking in my handbag as it is so compact!  
Working with exclusive brands such as Mac and Napoleon I am pleasantly surprised how good the Rimmel brand is . The have very good mascaras concealers and illuminators that I regularly use on my skin. This pallet is one of my favorite products . It has 3 features in one  one for contouring one for highlighting and a nice blush for a bit of colour. It is also very compact making it a great product to travel with and easy to store in your makeup bag. Want great makeup for a very good price like this 3 in one pallet for only $16 don't go pass the Rimmel brand
I think it's safe to say that Rimmel is one of my favourite makeup brands! They constantly have sales on, consistently churn out mascaras that work well on me, have great GWPs and are seemingly working over time to come up with new and innovative products. Is it worth the hype? Yes, and I'll tell you why! This handy little palette holds three different powders - one to highlight, one to contour and a blush to add some colour. This is a really handy kit to travel with, because you have all of your shades with you to do what you need to on the go. That said, I don't think that the bronzer is as matte as it could be, but when used to sculpt, it does seem to do a decent job of darkening the shadows in the hollows of your cheeks.  I wish we had them in different shades in this country, aside form just Coral Glow (which is ironic, as this is the shade that I would have probably picked, given the choices!) however, because while I love the colours, it also happens to not be quite one hundred percent for my skintone in the Summer. However, in the Winter, this palette is getting a lot of play time! Overall, I have to say that I'm loving this palette for daily use, and I get the feeling that I will be trotting this out on numerous occasions over the next couple of months! This will only set you back by $16.95.