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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara

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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara features a clump-free formula and glossy polymers to coat lashes in intense, deep black lacquer from root to tip. The tapered brush works to coat each lash from corner to corner. The formula is sweat-proof, smudge-proof and offers up to 24 hours of wear, and is easy to remove with warm water.


Rimmel London ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara


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Great mascara and super affordable

By far my favourite mascara! I've tried plenty of mascaras and brands, this one has now become my staple. I use mascara almost everyday and rely on it to be easy to use, no fallout, no smudging through out the day and extends the lashes. This mascara ticks all the boxes for me and its a bonus how affordable it is. With just 2 coats, my lashes are extended and super black so much that I dont use false lashes anymore. Its very easy to remove under warm water or using a cotton pad with miccelar water. Doesn't budge through out the day and stays put. There is one small con with this mascara and that is because when you first use it a couple of times, it is a bit runny and a few bits can drop down on your face on first couple of uses but once you keep using it, I can ensure you there's no fallout.
The brush is big and bushy so should not have any problem lifting product from inside the tube for application on lashes. I really struggled with this. No matter how much I tried and how many layers I tried to do, I couldn't get any volume on my lashes and really felt like that I was hardly coating my lashes with any mascara. My lashes hardly looked any different than without mascara. As mornings are often a mad rush, I would often reach for another mascara to do the job and provide the volume and lengthening I needed. I would definitely not repurchase this one but would definitely purchase other Rimmel mascaras.
There is one good thing about this mascara - it applies the color really well. I used 001 Black and my eyelashes were really black. Negative aspects are - it is not easy to apply. Wand is too round and it made it hard to get to the smaller lashes without getting mascara on my eyelids as well. Second bad thing is that it is really mushy. Few hours after applying the mascara, I found that I had the mascara under my eyebrows, this weird black smudges. And it happened every time I applied it. Would definitely not buy again.
I have been disappointed with Rimmel mascaras mostly, not sure why they don't work for me as they get rave reviews. This Reloaded product was really hard for me to use as they brush is huge and I couldn't get into the inner and outer lashed effectively. I ended up re-touching with another smaller wand. The formula was clumpy and quite wet so had to keep wiping of the smudges both top and bottom. I do admit to not having the largest of eyes but I felt the size of this brush dwarfed my eyes and lashes and I felt as if I was going to poke myself in the eye.  
Rimmel bought out the original Reloaded mascara a little while ago, and has just released the waterproof version of it. I had heard great reviews about the original mascara, so I was excited to try this one. In saying that, I have hated EVERY drug store mascara I have used in the past few years for a number of reasons. First, the always smudge under my eyes, never lasting all day and leaving me looking like a bit of a panda. Also because they tend to be a lot clumpier than other mascaras I've used, and don't create the more natural look I love. So what did I think? Look I'm in love. All those things I just said about hating drug store mascaras went away with this one. I don't think it will beat my HG mascara, as I do find it a little tricky to apply, but I have been loving how my lashes look when I wear this! When I apply this mascara, I tend to wipe the wand through a tissue. Some of you will say 'WHY?! That is such a waste of product!' But I find it helps to reduce clumping as I applying the mascara. I have noticed that the mascara takes a long time to dry and set on my lashes, which makes it rather messy. I end up with lots of black under my eyes after application, and also some on my eyelids, which I have never come across before. Aside from that, I haven't noticed any smudging through the day, which I found even more surprising! It can create gorgeous bold, voluptuous lashes, or more natural, pulled back lashes. So yes, it is safe to say that this is slowly becoming my every day mascara, it is definitely what I've been reaching for lately! It is probably my favourite product out of all three.
The bright orange fat tapered tube certainly makes a statement. Rimmel have a great reputation and what was old is new again with the retro packaging and promises. I received this mascara in a Priceline gift with purchase pack and thought "nice" I love to trial a mascara that I haven't tried before.  The brush is loaded with lovely shiny black product, not gluey but it had substance. I did notice a strong chemical scent that I didn't like and as I have sensitive eyes I was worried. Fear not !!! there was no reaction. The brush massively thick and nicely tapered with loads of tiny bristles that grabbed every lash was impressive, especially for the usual price-point, really great value. The mascara coated and lifted my lashes and coated them really well, I loved the look and felt that my lashes were really showing how great they could look and my eyes were really featured. The mascara stayed on well all day, no panda eyes, fall out or spots. 
Mascara comes in round orange tube packing with traditional wand. It is very easy to apply and it does not clumps or smudges. The formula is not very wet, and it quickly dries when I apply it. It is highly pigmented and gives intense black colour to my lashes. Due to its thick texture, it makes my lashes dark and thick.  It does not give extra curl but it does give them volume.  The coverage is buildable, one coat gives natural looking eyelashes while 2 or more give dramatic long lashes. It is along lasting and stays on my lashes for hours.  it is clump free , does not smudge  and stays beautifully on my lashes. It is water proof but it is also easy to remove, I use my normal cleanser + make up remover, and its completely gone without making my under eyes dark. This mascara gives me natural looking eyelashes and it is good for everyday use. it perfectly works well with my sensitive eyes and contact lenses. I highly recommend it for everyone.
Rimmel is a very busy company, judging from the number of products that they churn out every year, and this year, they also added Cara Delevingne to their ranks of super hotties that work with them, and the products from their first campaign don't disappoint! The ScandalEyes Reloaded Mascara comes in an orange tube, which has a bit of a tapered brush. This mascara is meant to be sweat and smudge proof, with up to 24 hour wear, and easy to remove with warm water, so you're not finding massive amounts of it under your eyes after your shower. Clump free volume without the smudging? Awesome! Do you know what I absolutely love about this mascara? The fact that it doesn't smudge crazy amounts, that's what! I love that this doesn't make me look like a panda, which is reminiscent of the early Rimmel mascaras that I used to have. There are odd stray smudges, but nothing that stops me from wearing this regularly. This also makes my black lashes look even darker - how is that not winning? This retails for $17.95. Just another note - something about the formula of this mascara makes it so that if you were to cry, you wouldn't have rivers of black running down your face, making clean up so much easier. Great if your work environment happens to be incredibly stressful. Yet another win for this mascara! I love this mascara and it's absolutely something I would repurchase.
This is a fabulous daytime mascara.  It's exactly what I look for in a mascara - great brush, lash definition and separation, and doesn't take a lot of effort to remove.  This isn't the most dramatic mascara I've ever used, but I like that because it looks more natural and I do find that it's buildable.  One or two coats is just right for day, but an extra coat or more gives a more dramatic effect.  I don't mind putting in the extra effort to do multiple coats because this mascara doesn't clump like so many of the volumising mascaras do.  I prefer to use a few extra coats to build volume rather than a volumising formula that I have to spend ages separating out lashes because they've all clumped together.  I'm not a fan of the bright orange tube.  It looks a bit cheap, but it's the end result that matters and I can't fault that, so it's two thumbs up from me!
This one of the best mascaras I have found.  Normally it takes a while from new to be just right to apply. I have tried other brands and they are too wet at first and hard to get a thick coat. This Rimmel mascara is perfect first time. Thick and luscious, great shape brush and does not come off until i am ready.
This mascara is great value for money and makes my lashes look amazing. It elongates, separates and thickens my lashes with quick, easy swipes. The formula lasts really well throughout the day and doesn't smudge or flake. It's become my go-to everyday mascara.
I recently purchased this mascara and Im already a fan Rimmel London's mascaras but I would have to say this is the best one released so far! Applying the mascara is really smooth, clump free and gives me WOW lashes instantly.  It's doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day which is a huge plus.  My eyes look intense and lashes thick and long.   I also love that it's so simple to remove.  I always lose lashes when I remove mascara, not sure if its because I am slightly heavy handed when removing but I don't seem to be lose any lashes when removing ScandalEyes Reloaded, it comes right off with only a few wipes.  Price point, good value for money and definitely better value and quality that many of the highend brands.