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Rimmel London SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse is a lightweight instant tanning mousse that absorbs quickly into the skin. The formula has been developed to deliver streak-free results that lasts up to three weeks.

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London SunShimmer Self Tan Mousse


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As a "faux only" tanner,i think i am pretty well equipped to comment on products like this and give honest feedback. This tan WAS pretty good in many ways (smell was pretty good for a faux tan,costs less than a 20...all pluses) but i feel it let all that down in the staying power stakes.Mine lasted around 5 days,but was fading noticeably after just 3 (and i do maintain my tans with aftercare).It was not the best of colours (i'll be honest...obviously from a bottle).I am a bit of a St Tropez girl,so i do compare tans with that (i shouldn't,but i do) and the colour just looked a little "orange" for my liking. It is a similar bottle to St Tropez (pump action) which is easy to use,and a lot less messy than a spray version.It felt quite nice to apply (not oily or drying,dried fairly quickly and smell was pleasant),was as easy as moisturising for first timers,and as it comes out with a bronzer already when applied,you could easily see where you had been and where you still needed to go with your application and on a purely aesthetic note,the bottle was fairly pretty).This is one i won't be re-visiting anytime soon. TIP:Apply well before slipping into bed (and put on the old,dark sheets) or dressing (same deal as sheets..old / dark ) as the colour does transfer somewhat (most tans do ) and follow the golden rules for ALL self tans 1:wax / shave prior to use. 2: exfoliate entire body to ensure smooth application and apply moisturiser to areas tan naturally "grabs" (heels,knees,elbows,hands).This prevents those areas looking "dirty" from the tan and giving away the secret that your hue is from a bottle. 3:don't use too much pressure when using a net sponge in subsequent showers (it will exfoliate the tan quicker...removing all the hard work) and finally 4:MOISTURISE,MOISTURISE,MOISTURISE.
Great to see a range of tanning products with shade options to suit most people. There are 3 options and, wanting a natural result,.I selected the Light shade.  The mousse has interesting & colourful packaging & is a generous 150mls size.  This product is quite innovative - I really like the easy to apply mousse formula. It's much easier to apply than using a lotion or spray tanning product, and Rimmel also sell a tanning mitt to make the process as easy & mess free as possible. I exfoliate the day before applying, to optimise the tanning outcome. Upon dispensing the mousse onto the tanning mitt I was delighted to notice it had a subtle fragrance & didn't smell like other tanning products I've tried. The mousse is light, airy, and goes onto smooth skin very easily. I applied a modest amount to my limbs & feet, making sure I applied lightly to my feet, heels, & elbows as they always need a subtle touch. Wow does it dry fast, which makes it so easy to not over apply, therefore keeping the tan even & natural looking. It also means a streak-free application, as I could easily see where I'd applied as I went along. I also didn't have to wait ages before dressing, or worry about staining clothing or bedding. Yay for a super quick dry formula! With regular body moisturising post tanning, it lasts easily 5 or 6 days. What more could a girl want in a self-tanner?
This is a very good quality tan for the price!  I love everything about it, except for the undeniable 'fake tan smell'.  The mouse is green-tinged which means that the tan DOESN'T look orange on the skin! It's easy to apply and blends into the skin nicely if you have exfoliated your skin beforehand which I recommend doing before applying any fake tan. It doesn't appear blotchy either if you blend it evenly over the skin. After an hour or so the tan develops into a beautiful sun kissed glow which looks really natural. It makes my skin look very glowy and youthful. This tan doesn't transfer onto my sheets or clothing and lasts for around five to seven days I would say. The only thing I don't like is the scent which smells kind of like aerogard, but I can overlook that due to the high quality and very affordable price. I highly recommend it.
The Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self tan mousse allows my skin to show through for that believable and natural sun kissed irresistible colour. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and it is supplied with a helpful secured pump. The dispenser at the top controls the amounts I desire while creating no mess. This is a beautiful mousse that is delicate and light textured which smells pleasant on my body. It doesn't cling to flaky skin or melt away on an oily complexion either. The mousse itself contains a workable tanning formula that just seems to consistently slide smoothly onto my skin when directly applied.  I can suggest to use a tanning mitt or plastic disposable gloves. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way and I also recommend to shake this product before every use. Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self tan mousse provides my skin with a flattering bronze colour that has no sign of orange and is workable for any skin type. This is also a terrific healthy option as an alternative to unhealthy sun tanning and risking skin damage.
This is my new favourite go to product when I want/need a tan. I have the fairest of fair skin so it is fantastic to have 3 shades to choose from. The light matt shade is perfect for more natural hint of colour and I use the medium shade when I need extra glow. The foam is easy to apply however I would recommend use of tanning mitt for more even application. The formula is tinted so you can see where you have missed and it dries almost instantly. The colour develops in as little as an hour however I always tan before bed and rinse off in morning ( yes this does leave you with tanned sheets).   Like all fake tans its starts to wear off by about day 5 however the best part about this tan is that you do not need to do full scrub down between every application and can top up at least 3 times.  
This is a creamy home tan that is soft and light like chocolate mousse. It is an easy to apply light foam and spreads smoothly with the enclosed mitt. I suggest to apply in quick circular motion and keep adding more of the product as you go. It takes only a few minutes and there is a slight perfume scent to this self tan. Generally this tan lasts me about 5-7 days and gradually and naturally fades away. I recommend this self tan for anyone who wants to use a self tan that gives you a golden sun kissed look wth va va voom!
In the Winter, I start to get seriously pale. No, really! I know I'm Asian, and that means I have the distinct advantage of remaining fairly dark still, apparently, but from my personal point of view, I honestly look like a totally different colour, and hence, in the Winter, I  miss my Summer self. For any first timers, here are my words of wisdom when you're looking to do this: 1) Shave 24 hours prior to 'tanning' 2) Exfoliate just before to extend the tan 3) Don't wear anything too restrictive after tanning, as you can imprint onto the skin (although this one dried really quickly) 4) Use a tanning mitt to help spread the product 5) Moisturise regularly - but you should be doing that anyway! Follow those steps, and you'll be tanning like a pro in no time! Or, at least, tanning without mad streaks and serious gaps in your tan. The Rimmel Sun Shimmer Self Tan Mousse comes out like a foam, and spreads easily on the skin. It takes about an hour to develop, and doesn't have a fake bake scent to it - instead, it actually smells quite flowery. It comes in three colours, and I opted for the dark matte, which gave me a very sunkissed, was just out and about in the Summer look. Exactly what I was looking for! It lasted for about 5 to 7 days on me before I realised that it was fading. It took around 2 weeks for the colour to really completely fade - bit of a win! It can be tricky to reach that little spot behind you, but persist and you should be able to get there!   I like that this dried quickly, was mess free, and good for first timers. All in all, a very successful, melanoma free 'sun tan'!