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Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Concealer

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Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Concealer is a vitamin C enriched concealer that works to brighten and revive the skin. The formula works to instantly illuminate the skin, while concealing blemishes, dark circles and signs of fatigue.

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Concealer


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Not the best

Great concealer but not my fave. Yes for the price point its great but I didn't feel like this concealer was full coverage which Is what I go to because of my dark undereyes. It also goes patchy when you put setting powder on top which is annoying.
It helps brighten up under my eyes and conceal any dark circles that have formed. Great when initially put on, but I found it wore off during the day. Regardless, the great price made it a worthwhile investment for a solid little concealer that does the job when used with a quality primer or foundation.
I really like this concealer. its very inexpensive and does the job! I never was to spender to much on concealer as I think you should replaced more often. Its going directly on the bits of your skin you don't want to spread. I also bought this in a shade darker than i am to use as for contouring. The smaller brush makes it very easy to apply and blend. I would definitely buy this again.
I’m forever coming back to this concealer! I switch between this and Nars for when I want a lighter look.  Handy price point, lasts and lasts, doesn’t settle into those pesky fine lines and creases and really brightens those under eye circles and covers imperfections perfectly. Good highlighter too for the high points. 
Excellent product! Brightens and has medium coverage for under eyes. No glittery bits. It looks natural, works well for dry undereyes and the shade Ivory really suits my very fair yellow undertoned skin. The formula is quite thin and is super easy to apply with the doe foot applicator. It's not creamy or sticky and doesn't slide around. It dries down fairly quickly and leaves a natural bright finish. I've been using this product for years now. I always have a backup.
I have dry skin so a lot of concealers does not suit me as most are too dry for my skin especially around my under eye areas. However, this concealer is super moisturising, does not give my skin cracks or creases and melts with my foundation nicely. I'm so glad that I found such affordable concealer that I can rely on.
This concealer is my go to concealer! I have used this for quite a while now and can honestly say it does everything a concealer is meant to do! I use this to cover up under my eyes and to brighten up my t-zone and i honestly dont have to apply a lot of the product for it to do its job. This one lasts all day long and barely ever creases! Its a light weight texture but it has quite abit of coverage as well and easily blends in very well! The packaging and price of the product is a mjor bonus as well!
Loveeee. This is the only makeup product I have had in my stash constantly for the last 5 or 6 years. Not even exaggerating - every time Rimmel has a decent sale, I pick up a spare or two in the lightest shade.  I will say, the shade range (I think only 3 colours) is very very minimal and I’m lucky there I a colour that works for me.  Some only use this under the eyes for the “Wake Me Up” title, though I find it works all over. I would prefer to use a creamy, higher coverage concealer for blemishes, but if I don’t have one wth me at the time, this still works in a pinch.  I don’t know what I’d do if they ever discontinued this. Try it out if you haven’t already!
I recently finished a whole tube of this! Which is saying something as I have about 7 other concealers in my collection. It isn't the most pigmented concealer but it covers my blemishes and brightens my dark under eyes on days when I don't want to feel super made up. It looks really natural, it doesn't cake or dry down too matte, it looks fresh through out the day. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply the concealer precisely and in a quick and mess free manner. I enjoy that the tube is see through so that I could tell when I was almost out. The packing is sturdy and leak-proof, making it very handbag friendly. The concealer blended in perfectly with sponge, brush or fingers. After setting with powder, I didn't find it to crease at all through out the day. The price is fantastic for such a winner of a product! I definitely recommend it!
This product is a great, affordable concealer that does what is says on the packet. It applies creamy and there's no strong smells or odours. The doe-foot applicator is great for getting the product where is needs to go easily and with little fuss (or grubby fingers). The concealer itself has good coverage, is easy to blend and sets pretty well. It's on the dewier side of concealers, without being sparkly or glowy - it looks like skin. It's lightweight to wear, and doesn't look cakey. I usually get a good 6-8 hours of war out of it, depending on where I've put it and whether I've set or baked it with powder. Like most concealers, it does tend to crease over the day, but it's easy to fix with a pat of the finger. It's definitely not the most high-coverage or heavy-duty concealer on the market, this is much more of an everyday, natural product. It gives you a boost in all the right places, doesn't feel or look heavy, and isn't obvious. Even though it's obviously designed for under the eyes, I frequently use it on blemishes too and it's fine for that. I like it most of it's simplicity - it's one product, because who really wants to be faffing about with concealer palettes every day? I liked this when i first used it, and over time found myself reaching for it more and more in my make-up kit. It's passed the ultimate test for me - the repurchase test - more than once, which always makes for a 5-star product. Plus, for the price, you can't go wrong. I usually pick-up a back-up tube from Priceline when Rimmel is on half price so I've always got the the next one ready to go. I recommend this to anyone wanting a no-fuss, simple concealer that gives them a boost in all the right places.
This concealer is one of my favourites. It does exactly what it says; wakes you up. I've got darks circles and blemishes around my eye area. I was always looking for something that would make me look awake and cover the blemishes up without making my eyes look caky. That's exactly what it does. The concealer has a really nice and creamy texture, that is easy to blend. It's really easy to apply it's got a wand. I usually blend it with my fingers or a damp beauty blender, depending on the amount of coverage I want to give. It doesn't crease like the other concealers tend to.  It comes in 3 different shades. I've got natural beige skin tone, so I use the ivory shade. It's good for all skin types, I would recommend it for people with dry to combination skin. It's ok for people with oily skin as well, but they should set it with a setting powder.  I would definitely recommend this product; its light weight, comes in different shades and has a good price. 
I love this concealer and it sure wakes me up! The formula feels super creamy and applies without any creases. The concealer stays on all day and blends in so seamlessly to my foundation! I received this product as a gift however I would be more than happy to pay for the product full priced as I feel it is good value for money.  My family in general has rather prominent bags under our eyes however this concealer manages to cover all the marks and make it look very natural. I like the application process and the want makes it easy to apply and be consistent and the texture of the product is very nice- not clumpy or thick but also not runny or uneven. While it blends amazingly into the foundation I find it hard to match my colour and continually use the same one as most shops don't have a wide range. Despite that, this is a beauty product everybody should have and use as it is like magic in a bottle!!
If you're looking for a good, lightweight concealer for under the eyes, than this is the one for you! It is a really lightweight and creamy concealer that blends into the skin really well. While it isn't pigmented enough for blemishes, I have been loving how well it covers my under eyes. I swipe the wand under each of my eyes, and then blend it in with a sponge. I love how well it covers my dark circles, and gives it a brighter look. However, I don't have super dark circles, so I can't comment on how well it works on darker circles. I find it brightens up my under eyes really well.
This was a really impressive concealer at a great price point. I love rimmel products and this was effective in concealing fine lines and disguised redness, pores, blemishes and dark circles. My skin looked brighter after using this on problem areas and prepared skin beautifully for foundation. The handy wand made it super easy to apply and it blended really well. it feels lightweight on and is not cakey or drying. This rimmel product disguises problems perfectly and I would highly recommend it to look refreshed and illuminated
Good drugstore concealer! Limited shade range but medium coverage, super creamy texture and wide doe foot applicator. I find that it's best applied with the applicator, then pat into skin with a beauty blender. Then I like to set it with a powder to avoid creasing. I love that there's no flashback and it doesn't oxidise either! This can sometime cling to dry patches so make sure that your face is moisturised or use a primer. If you're putting this product to highlight, on top of foundation, make sure that your foundation has been set with powder first. This is as the concealer can slide, causing foundation underneath to move and lose coverage when blended directly on top. Overall a great day concealer but I wish it would be a bit more tacky so it stays in place all day.
I love this product so much and also use it to highlight my nose, forehead, and chin as well as under my eyes! It blends great when I use a damp beauty blender which is what I use for my liquids application on my face, it also doesn't crease when applied properly. Gives my skin and under eyes a lovely bright pick me up look!
I'm absolutely in love with this concealer. I've got really prominent dark circles and hyper pigmentation. So it's very hard to cover the them up, but this works perfectly. It doesn't just conceal but it also gives the skin a nice radiant and glowing look. It has a nice smooth texture that's easy to blend with a beauty blender. It's not dry in texture. The price is very reasonable, then most concealers and works just as well. Also there's 3 different shades to choose from. Would recommend it for any skin type person. Especially for people with dry to combination skin. People that have oily skin should set the concealer in place with a setting powder. The best.
The Rimmel wake me up concealer is a great one to have in your collection. I like the price point, it covers my dark circles and doesn't crease throughout the day.  A little goes along way which means it lasts really well and blends effortlessly. One of my favourite drug store finds
This is a very good concealer,  it blends well and covers most redness and blemishes. It also covers and conceals dark circles and uneven skin tone effectively. The wand makes easy to apply. The product doesn't flake, dry out or look patchy like others can. Very happy with this product.
This is my goto concealer, it has great coverage and I think it's true to its name that it wakes your eyes up by brightening and give the illusion you are bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready for the day. It is smooth not to thick and not fluffy or sticky I recommend this product.