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Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara

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Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara is a mascara that delivers an instant lash extension effect for fuller, longer and defined lashes. Patented full-stretch™ technology with stretchy texture extends beyond the tips of the lashes. It also has a clump-free, long-lasting, smudge-proof and easy to remove formula. For best results, hold brush against lashes and extend from root to tip repeatedly until desired volume and length is achieved.

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Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara


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Not the best mascara I've tried

The mascara formula is ok, I just don't like the size of the wand as I find it makes applying the mascara a little bit awkward. The colour of the mascara is really nice and the mascara does make my lashes look a little bit longer but my lashes love to stick together with this mascara and I hate that look. I won't he purchasing this mascara again because I have used better mascaras before. Unfortunately I think this mascara was a let down and I'm glad I purchased it on sale and I don't think that I would recommend this to anyone. Sorry.

Not what it seems

This product has high reviews. The high reviews made me want to try the mascara out. I purchased from Priceline. I was expecting to have lashes that were somewhat longer than my short lashes, but it didn’t do anything. You can hardly tel I have mascara on when I wear it.the packaging is really pretty and easy to hold.the only thing that this product had going for it was the colour of the mascara. It was nice. I will not be purchasing again. I hope he enjoys the sleepover. I’m sure he will. You can buy from most pharmacies, so is sold at convenient places
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not thick and gluggy

i love that the Rimmel London Wonder Extension Mascara is not thick and gluggy. It glides on easily and separates the lashes and gives a nice coating without being heavy. I like that the eyelashes look a bit longer too. i have spent a lot of money on mascara over the years and even the most expensive ones are thick and stick lashes together, Rimmel London Wonder Extension Mascara one doesn't do that and i love it for this alone. No clumpy bits to make a black sticky mess, makes eyelashes look elegant, separated and plump without the heaviness. I am hoping it will last longer than just a few weeks tooo due to the thinner formula
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Nice effect

I enjoyed using this product over the last couple of weeks. The packaging was super cute and application was fairly easy. I found that my lashes were definitely longer after use and didn’t flake throughout the day. The formula was a little bit wet compared to what I usually like, so there is potential to have a spidery effect, however being a freshly opened product I can see this not being an issue after a few weeks once the product has dried out a little. Overall I found it was more length than volume type of mascara, I found it quite nice to wear on no makeup days Overall I will continue using this mascara and would definitely be considered if I’m looking for a drugstore mascara.
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Long separated lashes

This mascara has been nice to use. The wand has a nice thin tip so you can get close to your inner lashes, as well as making it nice and easy to apply to your bottom lashes. The consistency of the product is quite sticky, so it can tend to weigh your lashes down a little, so it’s best used with a lash curler. I found that using 2 coats gave me long, separated lashes. The product doesn’t do much in terms of volume, but it doesn’t claim to. Overall I’m loving using this product and I’m excited to see how it goes once the formula has dried out a little bit.
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Lengthening mascara

I was lucky enough to receive this product as a trial which I have been using all the time for the past week. I love this mascara as an everyday mascara and will continue to use. I loved how it separated the lashes and lengthened the lashes as described on the packaging. It is great product if you are after the length look but wouldn’t recommended if you like a mascara that also adds thickness to your lashes. I will continue to use as my everyday mascara as I really loved how it didn’t clump my lashes as a lot tend to do but instead separated them. Would definitely recommend for anyone who is after natural long lashes.
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Holy Grail of mascara

This product is absolutely amazing! The packaging is gorgeous, and the mascara tube itself is mesmerizing! The brush that it comes with does an absolutely incredible job of separating and coating each individual lash, without getting clumpy or having the 'spider eyes' look. In terms of cleaning it off my eyelashes, I found a gentle swipe with a cotton pad with micellar water does the trick - no harsh scrubbing! I can safely say I've found my new go-to mascara to provide big, voluminous lashes! I’ve already convinced 3 of my girlfriends to try it and they absolutely love it!
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A good every day mascara

I was fortunate to test out Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara in Very Black. I'll start by saying, I am a committed 2 mascara wearer- that is, I always wear two different type of mascaras at the same time because I am yet to find a single mascara which gives me the same result as wearing 2. As a result of this, I've tried a lot of different mascaras! The packaging was lovely. It made excited to try the mascara. It felt fun and a bit mystical. The mascara itself is fine. I'm happy to keep it in my rotation of daily worn mascaras, but I will still be wearing 2 coats of different mascaras. I liked the black, it was noticeably black. I didn't think that my lashes were any thicker, but they did get some nice length. What I didn't like as much that I didn't personally find that length long lasting when worn alone. I often found after several hours of daily life, including touching my eyes, there were times it didn't look like I had put mascara on. My eyes had been a bit sensitive, and this stung and ran when it flaked into my eyes. I found the flaking to be less of an issue when I wore it with another mascara.
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Fantastic Mascara

I used the Rimmel London Wonder Extension Mascara, colour black. Lovely mascara which definitely extends and accentuates eyelashes. Little to no fall out so no irritation to the eyes. Even when using double coating. Applicator is great with no build up on brush. Easy to apply, seperates lashes well and gives extra volume. I used black colour, and it's a beautiful colour. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a new mascara to accentuate your lashes. I was very happy with it and will be purchasing it in the future. This is one of the only mascara's that doesn't itch my eyes and irritate me with fall out. I'm super happy to have found this great product. Thanks Rimmel.
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A good stayer, reliable

I received this mascara as a free trial, and it immediately appeals with the bright and shiny packaging - although it could be more slimline, it may be a little too bulky. But you shouldn't need to carry it around as the one application does stay on all day without smudging. I did need several coats for a better look, and maybe the bristles could have been a little longer - not really a volumising result, but my lashes did look a bit longer. It did frame my eyes and look okay, just would prefer a bit more volume. A very solid black which was good, and easy to remove as well. Definitely better than other Rimmel mascaras I've used, I had really given up on that brand for mascara as I had tried a few and was not impressed. Would buy again but probably when on special!
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Lovely Mascara for every day use

The Rimmel London Wonder Extension Mascara is a really comfortable mascara to wear. Sometimes i find mascara cloggy or can smudge whereas i can wear this mascara every day. I did notice the lengthening effect on my lashes but it didn't look fake or like false lashes It is a product i would buy again or would recommend to my friends if they are looking for a well priced everyday mascara but probably not if you are looking for a really dramatic look or someone who needs a lot of volume in your lashes.
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Definitely a repurchase!

Loved everything about this product!!! It was such a good mascara and made my lashes pop!!! The packaging was really nice and modern and the product itself featured a nice wand that’s the perfect size to fit between your lashes! In terms of consistency and final look, this product is where it’s at! I ended up with perfect lashes and not the “spidery lashes” that most mascaras result in! The product lasted all day and was easy to remove as well! Definitely will be repurchasing this product in the future!
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Could have been better.

I wanted to love this product and whilst it’s staying power was great and the outside is gorgeous, the consistency was just too think. It was difficult for I apply and when I removed wand a band of mascara came as well. When trying to remove on side it was still just too thick, which is surprising as when it is actually applied it does not look thick. The staying power A +, colour great but the product itself just not up to expectations. I got this as a trial and whilst most Rimmel products are great, I just would not buy again.
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Smooth like butter!!

This is the smoothest and most easily spreadable mascara I have ever used. My lashes are not too long or voluminous and to make them look dense I used to apply layers of mascara in the past, making them so heavy and uncomfortable. First of all, i loved the unicorn colored packing. Made it look so classy. But with Rimmel Wonder Extension Very Black, I just needed it to swap a couple of times and the job was done leaving my lashes light weight and natural looking. The mascara is water proof but hen removed comes off easily. Would definitely buy more.
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My New Go-To!!!!

Rimmel London 12ml is a really great mascara that gives your lashes volume without clumping. Ive bought this a few times now to add to my extensive mascara collection.This one is not waterproof, though they do make Rimmel London Mascara Waterproof I havent tried the waterproof one yet. This one doesnt smudge so, Im pretty satisfied.I love the way it makes my eye lashes look, so much longer and fuller. I highly recommend this mascara! The brush wash amazing, I've used others that are flimzy and I didn't like but this one perfect. I actually bought a few more. I have been looking for a good mascara and this one did the job!
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Lovely mascara but not much extension

Really nice mascara, it felt comfortable throughout the day and didn't flake off at all which I find happens to me a lot when I'm working. Loved the ball point on the wand for getting into the inner corner and I wish more mascaras would have this. I don't think it provided too much of an extension effect, it definitely made a difference but needed to use a curler to get the full impact of it. On the whole it was quite good and I will definitely be using it as a part of my natural everyday makeup routine.
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Lovely packaging but not for me

I was so excited to try the Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara as i am a big mascara fan and always on the hunt for a great product. First on the packaging, I love the metallic ombre packaging ad the 'snap' to shut screw top is very satisfying. As for the wand shape, i like the rubber bristles to help coat and seperate lashes. Onto the product itself... I unfortunately wasn't a fan of this. The product was super goopy, with a liquid blob falling off the end of the brush onto my counter top. I wiped off as much excess product as I could back into the bottle yet still found the mascara very liquid and messy to apply. I will continue to use however I wouldn't repurchase.
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Great lengths!

I was fortunate enough to receive this mascara to review. Firstly, the packaging is a gorgeous mermaid chrome vibe making it easy to find in my makeup stash! Secondly, the brush I do like. I feel as though the product distributes really well but it is also not a dry formula. Having said that, I feel if you prefer a natural look, you may not like this mascara. I think the mascara does a great job lengthening lashes - even the tiny hard to reach ones. It did not give me volume - although does not really claim to do so - but hey we all want it all dont we!? I did find I had no issue with clumps or “panda eyes” at the end of the day. I really enjoyed using this and would recommend it. But it is not one of my favourites.
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Pleasantly Surprised

I absolutely love this mascara. The length that it creates is stunning, and it Is smudge proof, which for me is a must!! It lacks in volume but makes it up with the lengthening. The wand makes it super easy to coat the lashes evenly and to perfection. This mascara has become an everyday staple in my makeup routine. With my usual mascaras, I find that during the day the mascara will start to flake off into my face whereas this mascara does not do that which makes me very happy! I highly recommend trying out this mascara, you will be pleasantly surprised!
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Beautiful, bold look

My first impression of this mascara was the pretty packing. I love the colours used, it makes it feel very fun. I was pleasantly surprised with the Rimmel Wonder'Extension Mascara. I found that it glides on nicely and doesn't get clumpy. The mascara has great staying power and doesn't flake off during the day. I also loved that it doesn't feel heavy at all which is something I really struggle to find in a mascara. The mascara wand does a fantastic job of separating the lashes and the mascara definitely gives the impression of much longer lashes. I have only given four stars though because I would have loved it to give the impression of more volume in the lashes as well. I would recommend this mascara to anyone who is looking to add length to their lashes and wants a really bold, dramatic look. Absolutely perfect for a night out!