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Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara

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Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara is a mascara that delivers an instant lash extension effect for fuller, longer and defined lashes. Patented full-stretch™ technology with stretchy texture extends beyond the tips of the lashes. It also has a clump-free, long-lasting, smudge-proof and easy to remove formula. For best results, hold brush against lashes and extend from root to tip repeatedly until desired volume and length is achieved.


Rimmel London Wonder’Extension Mascara


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Great mascara

I usually don't use mascara anymore as I found it really irritating to my eyes but this one didn't do that at all! It was a little bit thick for me since I don't usually wear it but that was easily solved by wiping some excess onto a tissue first, but for most people I'm sure that wouldn't be an issue. It absolutely lengthened my lashes and without clumping together so I have been using it every day since. It didn't smudge throughout the day but came off really easily at night when washing my face so it was a win win. I also loved the bottle.. felt fancy! I'm a big fan of Rimmel so I wasn't at all surprised by the quality but was certainly surprised to want to keep wearing it every day since. I have had so many compliments on it and many people asking where to get it from for themselves. It's a big tick for this mascara from me!
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loved it

I loved everything about this macara ,it looked so pretty when i took it out of the packaging my daughters called it mermaid mascara,the wand was great it felt very comfortable in my hand which made it very easy to apply ,the black was very dark and made my lashes look really good much darker and longer it was nice and thick and coated my lashes well ,i bought 2 new mascara just before this one arrived and this one is definitely my favourite of the 3,it is thick enough i didn't need to use liner on my top lashes and gave a false lash look without being to fake
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One coat only

After seeing Kim Kardashian’s lash trick to layer a lengthening mascara under a volumizing mascara I was so excited to try out this new mascara and was not overly impressed. Did it make my eyelashes look longer? Yes. Did it add any curl? No. Could I do multiple layers? No it would go very clumpy when trying to do a second coat. It also did not add any thickness or volume to my lashes which is what I normally gravitate towards. I would recommend this to natural makeup girls with naturally curly lashes looking for a little extra length but that’s about it.
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Beautiful Strong Lengthly Lashes!

A beautiful lengthening Mascara, lengths & adds volume beautifully, gives you the affect of fake lashes without needing them! I was so surprised at how well this mascara worked! Its super black too which is always an added bonus. Best part is that it didn't transfer which is my biggest pet peeve in a mascara, but at least a great affective product! Added to my everyday makeup bag! Will be re-purchasing as soon as I run out. Rimmel London have been very consistent with Mascara products and I have reached for them in the best, but this will always be on the MUST buy list from now on
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Rimmel does it again!

As promised, this mascara delivered super long and lengthened lashes! I found the formula to be quite easy to work with, not overly wet and not too dry, just a nice consistency. The real magic happens when applying the second coat, the lengthening properties are taken to a whole new level! The only downfall I personally had with this mascara, is it did transfer onto my top brow bone. In saying this, nearly every mascara does this to some degree as my lashes are quite long, over all this mascara lived up to its claims and I would be happy to tell you to give it a try!!!
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Not for me

I got to try the Rimmel London Wonder Extension Mascara as a tester. It has a strange shape wand, and it was a little tricky to apply the mascara. It was clump free but did not add much volume nor length to my lashes. Major issue I have is that it won't hold a curl at all! It's like you are undoing the curl as you apply the mascara. So, if you don’t have naturally curled lashes and you want your mascara to help it hold the curl, I would not recommend this product. I also have noticed it takes a long time to dry (and that might be why it won't hold curl… as weight of mascara uncurl your lashes!?). At the end of the day, I found a little smudge under my eyes. I usually use a water-proof mascara and have no issue, so it is another minus for me. But it was easy to remove though. If you have naturally curled lashes and you are after natural everyday look, it may work for you, but I would not recommend this mascara if you were after something to hold a curl.
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Rimmel Wonder'Extension

This mascara took me by surprise, the first time I used it. The brush made the mascara very easy to use and coated the bottom and top lashes. Rimmel's Wonder' Extension Mascara gave my lashes a full volume look. The formula is definitely long-lasting without flakes but I did notice my lashes appeared a little clumpy. To avoid this, I would do a few less layers when applying. The mascara was very easy to remove and did not smudge throughout the day. I would highly recommend this product to others. It gave my lashes a real lash look effect.

Lengthens and extends lashes beautifully

Loved this. This mascara really did extend and lengthen the look of my lashes. I love Rommel London products and this mascara did not disappoint. The design of the brush is great for going with ease from root to tip of lashes to extend and lengthen, distributing just the right amount of product. The black pigment is really high quality and the product doesn’t clump, smudge or flake, it stayed put all day. I remove it easily with a makeup removal pad. It’s great for long lush lashes that get comments