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Rimmel London Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara

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Rimmel London Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara is a mascara that gives lashes instant volume whilst also gradually tinting them with a semi-permanent colour. The formula has been developed to leave lashes darker in appearance after two weeks of regular use.


Rimmel London Wonder’full Volume Colourist Mascara


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Rimmel Extreme Black Mascara

This Rimmel mascara comes in a beautiful black and pink mascara wand. The mascara really stands out as it is a really beautiful colour and shiny design. The colour I have is called extreme black and is a really dark bold black that is also semi permanent colour when used frequently. I like this as I don’t tint my eyelashes so to get two benefits in the one product is fantastic for me. The mascara feels really comfortable on my lashes, it lasts all day during wear and it also removes very well with my eye makeup remover. The mascara is also clump free which is another great benefit for me as I don’t like having to comb through my lashes. I would definitely recommend the This Rimmel Mascara in Extreme Black.

Rimmel Wonder’Luxe Volume

I received this mascara as a gift and loved the look of it straight away as it’s in a black and shiny pink mascara bottle. The color I received is extreme black and it is fantastic on my lashes I don’t like to use a lash curler on my lashes and I don’t like the feeling of it, I find this gives them enough volume that I don’t need that and the black is just beautiful and dark and does not need to be brushed if you don’t want to as it does not clump. I also love how it gradually tints your eyelashes with a semi permanent color when used frequently over a two week period for me this is great for days I’m at home all I want to have a make up free day as I still feel like there’s something on my eyelashes. I would recommend this mascara to everyone wanting dark black clump free beautiful lashes.
I first purchased this mascara on a sale at chemist warehouse! I was very excited as I had never tried a Rimmel mascara before! I have really short straight lashes so I try my best to make them look semi decent sometimes! This product did a good job of lengthening and making my lashes look volumised! I loved the fact that the more you used it, the more it tinted your eyes lashes! I wish every mascara would do that!
This is a mascara, in a sense that it does what mascara is supposed to do. I have been using it for 3 months now, but it didn't make my lashes any darker. Since my eyelashes are really fair, the I definitely would have noticed if they were darker, unfortunately nothing changed. As to the mascara part, yes, it leaves lashes darker and looking pretty, but it creates such a mess. When applying a second cote, then I had mascara smudged all over my eye area. This product was not for me, but maybe it works for others.
At last a Rimmel mascara that I can use easily. All the other Rimmel mascaras I have tried have those huge wands, that are just too large for my eyes and I end up with goo over my cheeks and eyelids. This is a normal straight brush that gets into the inner and outer corners well. I like to build my colour and this dries fast between applications. The product lasts all day and does not smudge, it is also reasonably priced.
What a fantastic little product this is at an affordable price! A mascara which provides good length and volume, giving eyes great definition whilst retaining a somewhat natural look.  It is certainly not a waterproof mascara, though I am yet to experience any smudging underneath my eyes throughout the day, nor any marks beneath my brows from my top lashes immediately after application.  Being non-waterproof makes removal a breeze in the shower with water and a quick face wash. Also easy to remove in the water with your fingers should you decide on that last minute dip in the ocean! As for the lash tinting effect, I must say I am pleasantly surprised! Within the first week of use, my lashes appear far more defined in the absence of any make-up. For me, the results are as good, if not better, than those achieved through a salon lash tint. A great everyday mascara with long-lasting effects.
Mascara comes in a beautiful sleek packing with traditional wand. Mascara is applied easily with the wand and lasts for whole day on  my eyes with out smudging, clumping or flaking. I am using it for few days so I can not see that it actually darken eyelashes. My lashes are not very dark, so I hope that the regular use will make them dark. This is a non waterproof mascara, I prefer non water proof mascara because it requires little effort to remove, which saves my time at the end of the day. I wear it with my contact lenses and it does not irritate my eyes.  Overall I like this Mascara, it is great for everyday use and I love the idea of tinting eyelashes.  it looks very natural on my eyelashes.  But this is not the mascara which gives you dramatic thick long curled lashes.  I recommend it for everyday use and it is also great for those who likes dark natural looking lashes and wants to tint them in dark colour. 
This new mascara is amazing - it has given me great length and individually coated my lashes without clumping! It gives great definition to my eyes and so many people have commented since I started using it!
As a makeup artist/beauty therapist and only using brands like Cristian Dior and Mac I was pleasantly surprised by this product. It made my lashes longer and fuller and it definitely gave them a bit of a tint after few weeks of use. This mascara did not leave my lashes looking clumpy as many of other cheaper brands do even after many coats. The brush is very good as well. The only small negative about the product I would have is that it leaves a black residue in the morning even after I use a makeup remove at night but it is a product I will definitely buy again as it is two products in one  it works like my more expensive mascara and also saves me money on lash tinting.
I'm very fond of Rimmel mascaras and for a good reason - they were the first brand to ever truly work on me! The Volume Colourist mascara boasts the ability to make the lashes fuller and longer while tinting lashes over time. This is meant to darken the lashes over the period of 2 weeks. Given that my lashes are already that, it's not the most straightforward thing to determine with this! I really like the effect of the mascara on my lashes in general (fuller and thicker), but I did find there to be some smudging beneath the eyes throughout the day, sadly, so it's probably not my all day long type mascara, but good for short trips out. As for the tinting, I haven't found it to make my dark lashes look any darker, but I'd love to hear from others with pale lashes! I do like the brush that this comes with, but overall, I feel like there are a couple of things that, if changed, would take this from good to great.
This is an unique concept and I wanted to try it out for a while. The mascara tube is cute and looks appealing, making me want to use it even more! The spoolie is easy to hold and apply onto my lashes. The result is a glossier and more intense colour to my lashes which is the tinting advantage.  I noticed that this mascara's wand actually lifts and gives my lashes, including lower lashes, an incredible amount of lift and intensity. This is the best part about this mascara and that's why I recommend it for anyone who wants intense and thick lashes.
I have been using this for about a month now & it has slightly tinted my eyelashes,more my bottom lashes(which is weird because I only put it one my top lashes).The brush is really good & the colour is nice & dark.It makes my lashes longer & fuller without clumps.The only down side is it does smudge easy if you accidentally rub your eyes or if it's a humid day.I would buy it again.
My lashes are blonde-tipped and I've been using consistently for almost 3 months now and let me tell you it does tint lashes!  Rimmel always makes good wands/brushes, narrow and don't load too much product so it's easy to coat all your lashes - even small ones - easily and evenly.  I've noticed it takes a little longer to dry than my usual mascaras and I must be careful not to look up or I get a fan-print above my eye which is much harder to remove.  I noticed a definite difference on the colour of my lashes within 2 weeks (they turned a little darker with a reddish tint) and now after 12 weeks this is now a nice mid brown.  I removed one star because it is not long lasting, goes soft easily and flakes if you wear sunglasses or weather is humid so I have to use a mascara sealer.  I am hoping a waterproof version is released soon!
Okay, so any promise to gradually tint lashes will make me purchase a mascara pronto! I usually tint my lashes every month to achieve a fuller, longer natural look to my lashes. So when I saw that Rimmel were challenging the world mascaras with a product that promises to gradually tint your lashes with every use, I knew I just had to try it out!! The first time I used this mascara I actually didn’t like it. I felt like it didn’t really add any length or volume to my lashes, only some definition. I wasn’t too impressed by it and put it to the back of my mascara drawer. A few days later I wanted a really minimal lash look, so I opted for something that didn’t make too much of a difference to my lashes and I decided to use this mascara. This time around I was actually incredibly impressed with the length and volume it gave to my lashes, without looking spidery. I thought, surely this isn’t the same mascara I used before, it looks totally different! It held my curl effectively, and it didn’t smudge either which I loved, because it's a big issue for me with my oily skin. Packaging: The packaging comes in a gorgeous, rose-black gradient tube, right on trend at the moment with the metallic love! I also love how each of the shades are colour coded! Application: I'm a sucker for these bristles! The tapered, long wand complete with long natural bristles makes this mascara an absolute dream to apply to get into those little areas to reach all your lashes. I find it's very buildable and I like to wear multiple layers of mascara on my lashes. Because of this, I'm always after a mascara that won't clump or make my lashes look super spidery (eek!). It was a real relief when I applied this mascara to find it wasn't such a 'wet' formula, that way it wouldn't cause any messy applications or clump my lashes together. It created some really beautiful volume and length to my lashes, and I did get a compliment one day on my lashes while wearing it. It’s also very easy to remove! I really don't like it when a mascara seems to just smudge around your eyes instead of actually washing off. A little bit of water is super effective in removing this mascara, and just needs a little touch up with some micellar water or eye makeup remover to get rid of the residue easily. The gradual lash tinting promise: While I do have natually dark hair, the ends of my lashes appear to be non-existent but they are there! I spend a fair bit of time in the ocean and in the sun so I think this causes my lashes to become pretty bleached. This is why I tint my lashes so regularly. I was really keen to see whether this mascara could replace my current mascara while also doubling up as my lash tint. The process was slow, I DID see some improvement in the colour of lashes and the ends of my lashes definitely became more noticeable. In saying that, it took a while to notice the difference. I think at about the 1.5 to 2 week mark I started to see that my lashes were becoming darker, as subtle as the change was. So do I believe that it gradually tints my lashes? Yes! But the process is slow. BUT, if I'm using mascara everyday, I might as well use one that DOES gradually tint my lashes. Final verdict: I really liked the application and finish of this mascara, and while the lash tint complex takes a while to kick in and start making a difference, I do believe it works, as subtle as the difference is. I would definitely consider repurchasing this mascara in the future!
I was very curious to try this mascara as it finally seemed to offer the revolutionary aspect of gradually tinting your eyelashes as you wear it! The packaging is gorgeous and the formula is smooth and easy to apply, the brush is nicely structured and helps ensure even & clump-free thick lashes. Unfortunately after two weeks I have yet to see any tint on my natural eyelash colour so if you're looking for an actual eyelash tint this will not give you the same result as going to have it done in a salon. However, I would still recommend this product as a mascara as it does give your lashes great volume & thickness with rich colour. I found the mascara on my lashes lasted all day without smudging (even when my eyes watered due to wind or excessive laughing!)
After wearing this faithfully for just over two weeks on one of my eyes only and I guess you could say it darkened them perhaps one shade.  The tint is a novel idea, but I need/want to wear mascara because tint or no tint, I want to have volume, length, thickening and pigment when I use mascara.  Now, I actually do like the volume, length and separation by this mascara formula and the wand. I also noticed after a full eight hours if you have been sweaty or exercising, it starts to stain under your bottom lashes because of the sweat and it is a little bit hard to remove.  I feel it stains because of the fact that it is a tint formula so rather than getting spots of mascara it stains and spreads.  I also have residue the next morning underneath my lower lash line. I much prefer my Lash Sensational by Maybelline instead.
Packaging: I love the look and feel of this packaging! it is super cute and the colours remind me of the time of day, just before the sun rises on a cloudy morning. beautiful! The packaging is simple without too much writing on it. I also like how they have slightly adjusted the colour of the packaging to the colour of the mascara inside (black is purple at the top and black at the bottom, extreme black is black at the top and purple on the bottom.) Wand: I love these long, thin, natural bristle brushes that are easy to get into all those tiny little lashes. The wand is super sturdy and really easy to apply. Mascara formula: I love that this formula is a little more on the dryer side of normal mascaras. i hate when they are so wet and you get mascara everywhere! these drier formulas tend to build up a lot easier on the lashes and have less fallout throughout the day. however being a drier formula to beginning with means that I feel like it won't last as long in the tube as a wetter mascara will. Tint: hmm... the whole idea about this mascara is that it is meant to be a revoloutionary gradual eyelash tint..... well.... i have fair lashes and I decided to truly put this mascara to the test. for 3 weeks i only used this on my right eye and not on my left to see if the tint would show up. I came to the conclusion after 3 weeks that my lashes looked exactly he same and that the tint unfortunately didn't work for my lashes. I would have loved to have something that would really darken my lashes for a few days to replace a mascara and give my lashes a break from some of the thick mascara formulas around but still give my fair lashes the appearance of luscious black lashes. unfortunately this is why i could only give it 2 stars being it is the main difference between it and others on the market. such a shame.
I have been using this mascara for 3 weeks now and my lashes are darker. I am also  loving that i can see my lower lashes are so much more visible but not black,  a nice natural color.  I have several mascaras  and this one certainly does it all, my lashes are gorgeous and full of volume , they are long but still natural looking. Two thumbs up!
I must admit, I've tried many mascaras in my lifetime, but this one here I can't seem to get enough of! Its application is easy, and gives my eyelashes the perfect amount of volume without making them stick together and becoming gluggy looking. The mascara stays on for hours without smudging or losing its blackness! I often forget to take it off at night and the next morning my eyelash are still glamorous! I use mascara everyday and this one here lasts me several months before I buy a new one :)  I highly recommend buying this if you're looking for a affordable, colour-lasting mascara xx
This is a great, natural everyday mascara. It gives me long and voluminous lashes, without having to wear falsies! I also love the packaging - the wand is really practical and easy to use, unlike a lot of other drugstore mascaras. I haven't had any issues with flaking or transferring either, which is quite rare for me since i have oily skin Definitely recommend!