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Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remove For Healthy Nails

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Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remove For Healthy Nails is an acetone-free nail polish remover. The enriched formula quickly and gently removes nail polish while nourishing nails with pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E to promote strong, healthy looking nails and cuticles. 


Sally Hansen Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remove For Healthy Nails


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I love acetone free polish remover and sally hansen does a great one. This remover is so easy to use and removes all traces of polish gently and effectively, it comes at a great price which is a bonus and the smell is not offensive like some removers. being non acetone it is not harsh on nails, I also love the addition of vitamins to nourish nails. A great product i highly recommend
I prefer acetone-free nail polish removers and I have sensitive skin so this ticks all the right boxes. Acetone Free Remover for Healthy Nails does exactly removes without stripping your nails of moisture and stops them from feeling parched, and dried out. The smell is still there but with that aside I really like this product.
I use this most of the time to remove my nail polish because I don't like the stripping and drying nature of most regular acetone based nail polish remover. I pour some of this onto a cotton pad and then it's quick and easy to remove my nail polish. The opening of the bottle is wide, so be careful when tipping it over so you don't spill any out. I soak the cotton pad in this remover and that ensures that my polish is removed without too much effort. I keep a bottle of this polish remover in the house at all times so that I can always remove my polish in a gentle non abrasive manner. For an added treat, I apply some cuticle oil on my nails afterwards to maintain them in a good condition. It has a slight nail polish remover scent. This nail polish remover would suit anyone who wants an acetone free everyday nail polish remover.
I have used non acetone nail polish removers before as acetone can be very drying for my nails.  However, I find that it doesn't do as good of a job at removing my nail polish.  I have to pour a lot of the formula onto a cotton ball and rub it on my nail for awhile before the nail polish starts to come off.  If you are short a time I wouldn't recommend it because it does take awhile.
I found that this works just as well and is just as strong as the non-acetone varieties.  I prefer the non-acetone variety because I feel it's not as harsh on my nails.  This easily takes two coats of gel nail varnish off - I just put some of this on a cotton make-up pad and then hold it onto my nail for a couple of seconds.  I do this with all the nails on my hand and then go back to the first nail - I use a little pressure and push the moistened varnish off my nail within a few pushes.  When this bottle runs out I will buy another!