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Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails

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Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails is a nail strengthening treatment for fragile, weakened nails. Formulated with nylon and retinol, the treatment fortifies nails and prevents chipping, splitting and peeling.


Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails


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Unfortunately this just didn't work for me.  I have very weak nails and after going through a full bottle, I didn't find that it helped strengthen my nail in any way.
Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails is an absolute classic. I can remember finding it in my mum's beauty collection when I was a child and asking her what it was.  Since then it has been my savour  for weak nails, I try different products time to time but I always come back to this one because it really works. The small glass vial it comes in has slightly changed in appearance over the decades but the formula still remains unflawed. The liquid is a clear, and strong smelling, but not horrible. It doesn't take very long to dry on your nails and once it has it just looks like clear polish. I then like to paint my colour polish over the top. I can tell when I haven't used it for a while because I have a lot more nail breakages and they feel weak. When I use this product my nails are STRONG. I hope they never change the formula or discontinue this product because it is one of my beauty product staples.
This is my go to nail polish for when my nails are feeling weak and brittle (which is normally after a round of shellac). I use two coats and with in a few weeks, your nails are back to normal. Highly recommend giving Hard as Nails a try.
This is a great product when your nails are very weak. I like to apply this as a bottom coat along with your nail polish of choice and then a healthy growth clear nail polish (Sally Hansen does a great one too) on top!  With this combo, within time, your nails returns back to being happy! Winning!