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Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails

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Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails is an extra-strength nail hardener that contains nylon and retinol to strengthen and smooth nails and prevent chipping, splitting and peeling.

Available in two shades.


Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails


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Fantastic product.

I'm not the type to usually write reviews, but this has really helped me so much. For as long as I can remember, I've always had such brittle, dry, peeling nails and they would NEVER grow. I tried everything including hair and nail tablets, hand creams, eating more protein. Nothing would work. I was in the supermarket and saw that the Sally Hansen products were on special, so I thought why not? I'm so glad I did. I've been using this for about a week now and oh my goodness, it actually works! It also gives your nails a nice shine and they look so healthy. I'm so impressed. Thank you, Sally Hansen. Give this a go. You won't be disappointed. :)
I love this Sally Hansen nail product.  I was in search of a product that would strengthen my nails without breaking my bank account! This is it! It amazed me how quickly it went to work. My nails went from soft and easily bendable to strong and beautiful! If you’ve been looking for a product to strengthen your nails, your search is over....THIS IS IT!
I love Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails, I often use it straight on my nails, for a natural, shiny look. It just provides a thick coating which minimizes chips, rips and breaks. I find that this product breathes a little more than the hard as wraps Sally Hansen product. It is also a great top coat, to protect your nail colour.
I love sally hansen nail products for their effectiveness and this advanced hard as nails product is amazing. this is one of the best nail hardening products I'v tried. This extra strength nail hardener leaves my nails super tough and chip resistant, it prevents splitting really well and my nails have never looked better using this.Containing nylon and retinol this prevents all breaking, great as my nails were a little weak. This hard as nails goes on quite thick but dries fairly quick and feels really great and protective on. An awesome product that I highly recommend
This nail hardener really has saved my nails! After getting acrylic nails applied for a whole year straight without a break, my nails were chipped, thin, broken and disgusting, I started using this product straight away and it went on very thick, almost like a whole new nail had been applied instantly. Because my nails were so incredibly thin before, this nail hardener really prevented pain when doing day to day activities and going to work, it genuinely provided a solid barrier for my nails to strengthen and grow underneath. The price I paid was quite low, and by far worth it, I hate to sound corny but it genuinely worked like a miracle, and any budget can buy it! I recommend persisting and using this product until your nails have completely grown back if they are thin/damaged, and regularly removing and reapplying the product when it starts to get thin and worn, this process may take a couple of months but it is worth it. I don't really advise this nail hardener to people who already have healthy nails, go for another Sally Hansen product instead such as a top coat if it is the gloss you are after. While my nails are in perfect condition now and no longer need to use the nail hardener, if I ever chip or break a nail, I will usually just apply it on that single nail. The finished result looks glossy and lovely, just as any top coat will, so know one will know you actually have a hardener on. If your nails are damaged and thin, this is the perfect choice for you, and the results are instant!
I have used Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails, I would recommend it to anybody who has a problem finding that top of the range nail care. I does everything it should and more.
My nails get really weak from too many shellac manis, a course of this treatment fixes them well