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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray-On

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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray-On is an aerosol self-tanner enriched with palmaria extract, for coverage of freckles, veins and imperfections on legs. The formula is lightweight to help create a natural looking tan, and water and transfer resistant. 

Available in four shades.


Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray-On


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Not just for legs! My friend recommended this and I bought a bottle because I was in a wedding and I was worried my tan might fade before the big day (it did). One can was plenty to reapply colour to arms, legs & chest of two bridesmaids and we looked fantastic, not orange at all, and just all round glowy and fantastic! This also covers imperfections and redness. It's a bit addictive.
I'm super pale and allergic to fake tan, so Airbrush Legs is an absolute godsend for me! I've started noticing small spider veins and age spots since turning 40, but this covers them no problem :) I do 2 coats and as promised, my legs look natural yet FLAWLESS. 
This is by far the weirdest makeup product I've purchased but weird in an amazing and awesome way. It has perfect coverage and it's not too cakey but has the perfect consistency to give your legs that desired look. The way I apply it Is with a glove but I sometimes use my hand but when I do I wash I off with some soap straight away becasue I don't want stained hands. I have this handy with me for special occasions when I don't want anything rubbing off. Why go get a professional tan when you have a professional in a bottle? Trust me this is a miracle. I just want to buy it in bulk now!!!!
I was so happy with this leg spray it's so good for when your wearing  a long sleeve dress and only need a quick tan and some colour on your legs. It was a life saver for my Birthday the colour was also very nice and not too dark.
im increadibly pale and this tan is a lifesaver when im in a hurry. fake tans tend to look orange on me/its super obvious if i miss even a tiny spot.  this goes on so quickly and covers and purple-ish areas (if you are pale you know what i mean!) pro: doesn't rub off when wearing clothes/in bed doesnt look orange at all con: can sometimes come off patchy when showering ie some serious exfoliating is needed when you're done. 
Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs is the best instant wash-off tan you will find! It does not streak or stain once on, and it gives the most natural tan around! It is important to know that this is a wash-off tan and not one that can be worn for days but when it is rinsed off, a bit of colour does adhere to the skin for a day. My friend did have a faux tan experience with it where it stained her dress when she put it on after application but this hasn't happened to me.
I love this product.  The first time I tried it was when it first launched in the USA and I was on holiday, I couldn't believe it, a great price, even coverage and your very own spray tan at home without the fuss.  It's easy to use, the can fits nicely in the palm of your hand and the nozzle sprays out at an even coverage. I find it blends really well and I have never got any streaks. , I've even do my back successfully but normally ask the other-half if he can spray it if he's around.  I know it says for legs but I've used it on various parts of my body for special occasions. My tip for using this is do it outside, it can get a bit messy if you accidentally miss-aim. I find a sheltered place and spray away. I spray in winter too, the cold doesn't stop me as the results are worth it.  I use Medium, it's a nice colour that looks very natural. No offensive smell either and a great price. 
A perfect little must have tanner especially during those winter months. It's quick and easy to apply and blends in nicely. The colour is very natural looking and streak free as long as you exfoliate well before application (especially knees and feet). As it's a spray it can get quite messy so best applied somewhere with an easy to clean surface.  By far the best spray tanner I've ever used!
This product is awesome for a last minute fake tan - streak free and doesn't rub off onto your clothes unlike some instant tanning products. Perfect for a last minute night out. Added bonus it doesn't smell awful. Top marks Sally!
This is such a go-to especially when I have forgotten/have no time to properly fake tan or do my squats. There's a reason this has been around for so long and continues to be raved about- because it really does make your legs look flawless! It's also great for travel as it's easy to apply and mistake-proof and unlike a normal fake tan, you can be ready to go within a few minutes.
Makeup for legs may sound weird, but don't diss it until you try it! When I'm in that awkward between phase of fake tanning, this is a life saviour. Spray it on about 30cm for your legs, rub in with a mitt (or hands and wash off straight away) and voila. It literally looks like you're wearing perfect skin-colour stockings and is a handy little product to have as a back up.