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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Nail Polish

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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Nail Polish is a highly pigmented nail polish enriched with a blend of argan, acai and primrose oils to condition weak and dry nails. The formula does not require a base coat.

Available in 14 shades.


Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Nail Polish


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I had tried Sally Hansen nail polish before but not this particular one.  My nails have been very brittle and have been breaking very recently so I purchased this nail polish because of the added benefits to help with my weak, dry nails.  I picked up the nail polish along with the top coat to ensure that my manicure would look great and last as long as possible. The brush itself was a nice size and it was easy to use but I found that the nail polish itself was quite watery.  When I put one coat it wasn't that noticeable.  I then waited for it to dry and added a second coat which looked a bit better but it still wasn't that pigmented and the polish looked streaky.  I tried to apply it as evenly as possible but it still ended up looking very streaky.  I finished it off with the matching top coat and was hoping that it would keep my nail colour chip free for the week. Within a day of having the nail polish on it started to chip and it's not like I was doing anything out of the ordinary.  The colour started to fade around the edges and I just ended up taking all the nail polish off.  The only good thing about the nail polish was that it was nourishing for my nails but that was about it.
I was really looking forward to trying this product but unfortunately it was the worst nail polish I have ever used. The texture was very chalky. Even after shaking the bottle the polish came on very streaky showing every brush stroke. The polish was dull and took a long time to dry.
When i saw the shade 210 'Re-nude' I couldn't resist adding to my collection- it's the perfect pinky-nude. I also hadn't used anything from the new color therapy line, so this was the perfect time to test it out. I've used the polish a handful of times (pun intended!), and find it very similar to the other Sally Hansen polishes ( I don't notice any difference with the inclusion of the argan oil). The first coat did apply a little streaky (as do most nude colours), however i was pleasantly surprised at how easily it layered. I applied 2 coats and it looked great! It wore well too- I got around 5 days out of the polish before it started to chip. Would recommend!
I have added Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Nail Polish to my nail polish collection because I just couldn't resist the gorgeous tones of number 200 Powder Room polish. Its stunning,  a strong neutral that makes a statement. Sally Hansen is the Nail Polish pioneer, classic elegant tactile bottles with a sensible easy to use brush to get the result you want and need.  This polish is also a therapy for your nails containing Argan, Primrose and Acai oils to nourish and protect your nails. You don't need a base coat which saves time and cost and because the polish is highly pigmented two coats give a perfect finish.
Sally Hansen has great nail products and didn't disappoint with this one! The brush makes painting super easy. They have an amazing colour range and the formula is so easy to work with. The colour is not streaky and very opaque. I only need two coats! The argon oil as an ingredient helps with the nourishment of your nail. A winner!
I love sally hansen products and was intrigued to try this as the colours in the bottle looked interesting, rich and highly pigmented so I bought some and really loved it, I did not need a base coat as this polish does both jobs so its quicker to get gorgeous nails as I just needed to apply this product, maybe a top coat if I want it to last longer. I love that it is argen and primrose oil infused to nourish my nails as I was wearing gorgeous colour so that was a bonus. I loved that the brush was easy to use, wide enough to do my whole nail and deposited just the right amount of colour. I did two coats for great colour and to make my polish last. It looked professional when i had finished and I was really pleased with the results. It dried fast and did not streak. my nails did feel stronger, although i was using a good hand cream. I highly recommend this polish, its a great sally hansen product
Being a huge fan of Sally Hansen products for so long now, I was very excited to be able to trial this new Argan infused nail polish. Myfirst impression of the bottle is that it has the same shape as the Miracle Gel and the Complete Salon nail polishes which is a great marketing strategy to allow consumers to identify a Sally Hansen nail polish with ease. The brush is also the same as it is wide and the polish applies consistently with every stroke and actually with one stroke to each nail. My nails are not very long and I thought I’d have difficulty and make a mess on the surrounding skin but it really was easy. I found it impressive that I could get away with one coat of colour as the formula is solid and smooth with no streaking. With two coats my nails looked incredible even though they are short, probably because dark colours (Slick and Stones – a deep purple with glitter) make short nails seem longer. I unfortunately found that this polish seemed to dry well but in actuality my nails weren’t dry because when I tried to apply the Color Therapy top coat the colour streaked and looked like I was taking the colour off instead. So, I had allow my nails to dry for at least an hour before I could apply the top coat successfully. Without the top coat there is no shine and longevity of the colour. I hadn’t been wearing gloves lately when I wash up etc and no wonder my nails haven’t been the best so by having this product on my nails and wearing gloves I have given my nails a chance to heal from being soft, split and dry and I haven’t even chewed them. My toe nails are looking awesome and have lasted for 8 days without touch-ups. You could even say they look like they have been professionally pedicured, but toe polish always last longer of course.  My finger nails didn’t last that long, due to the tips chipping, but I have to positively say that they do feel stronger and have grown which is more than I can ask for. The addition of hand cream to my nightly routine has allowed the skin around my nails to heal as they were really dry and the cream doesn’t affect the polish whatsoever. This polish smells like any polish to me so nothing different there, but with the addition of infamous argan oil, acai and evening primrose oil this is one formula that guarantees a positive addition to nail health.