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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure  is a multi-purpose nail polish. It works as a base coat, nail strengthener, growth treatment, clear colour, top coat, anti-chip treatment and gel shine in one.


Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure


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Another great product from Sally Hansen! I love their brushes as they are quite large and I find it easy to paint my nails. They also have a many colour options and often have seasonal shades come out. They seem to last and paired with one of their matching top coats, my nails look great. I don't buy any other brand!
The Salon Manicure range is without question may favourite range of nail polishes: Rich colours with a streak-free, gel-like finish that lasts days. True to its name, these polishes result in a salon-quality manicure with minimal effort. It boasts to be more than just nail colour - it's also base coat, nail treatment and top coat. I don't know if that is true, but I know that these are fantastic polishes for lazy people. I'm one of those people who love the look of polished nail, but hate using a base coat and multiple coats for a colour and then a top coat. I don't have that kind of patience, so that sort of manicure feels more like a chore than a pampering session to me. Along comes Salon Manicure to the rescue! With a large brush that picks up just the right amount of product, one swipe deposits the polish evenly along my nails, leaving neither streaks nor blobs. Combined with the dense pigmentation, one coat is all that's needed to perfectly polish my nails. I love how quickly it dries to a beautiful, gel-like finish. On me, it lasts a few days without a top coat, longer on holidays where home chores are nonexistent. I highly recommend this range. My nails always feel and look healthy when I wear this, as it contains nail-strengthening ingredients, like keratin. The colours are rich and the shades include a whole host of classic as well as trendier hues. I always stock up on these when I visit North America - a lot of the dollar stores tend to carry a limited range of discontinued shades.
I absolutely adore this sally hansen complete salon manicure. it does what it says and provides everything in one bottle for a complete manicure that looks professional but saves the money of going to a salon. I love sally hansen products, so great for nails and of such a high quality. At a price point of just $14.95 this is a real bargain for a complete manicure. I love that its a base coat, top coat strengthener and gel shine in one. So easy to apply with the wide brush, basically one sweep and youre. done. I would recommend two coats and nails will not split or chip and are super hard and healthy. this is a gentle product yet gives super tough nails and a beautiful shine. nails really do look as though they have been professionally done. this is a streak free product with a high gloss, great colours, great product. I highly recommend this
Nail Polish is a big business just like a lipstick they are a reasonably priced "gift to yourself" that can really give you a boost. A pop of colour to boost that black dress and to keep you looking on trend. The bottle is elegant and the brush a good width to hold the right amount of polish and makes it easy to apply a coat in 3 nice strokes.  The colours are gorgeous but in saying that my favourite shade this summer has ben a very neutral Brown Nude. This goes with everything through the working week and doesn't show up the typing wear and tear that happens through the day. Nail Polish has a very distinct smell and its not pleasant but disipates as soon as it dries. I always struggle sitting still enough while my nails are wet even with a quick dry topcoat. These polishes are great value and I get around 3 days from them before they chip. I highly recommend. 
I have the shades Au Nature-al and it is one of my favourite nude polishes. I usually have to do two to three coats, because the colour is light but it is well worth it. I get a gel like finish with an at home manicure and it is a very long wearing polish, with it lasting at least 5 days without chipping or colour fading. The brush is thick and the polish just glides onto my nails without any streaking and with minimal waiting time for it to dry. This is a perfect, pigmented and streak free polish. I'll definitely be buying more for my collection. 
This nail polish is my holy grail. I swear I own 20 colours in this range. The shining gel-like finish of these polishes are absolutely divine and 90% of the time one coat is enough. The polishes are very opaque and vibrant in colour. The colour selection available in the range is amazing and with such a cheap price tag you can buy every colour you love. The Sally Hansen in general is very good with nail polish and across all collections my nails remain chip free for 3-4 days. The formula of the nail polish makes it super easy to paint your nails in an even coat so I would recommend this polish for beginners. These polishes are also a great gift idea when you don't know what to buy for someone.
After receiving one of these in a monthly beauty box, I've now bought more shades & have nothing but high praise for the range.  I own shades that are light, dark and everything inbetween. Complete Salon Manicure claims to be a base, colour & top coat in the one product. Talk about a true multi-tasker, and a money saver. I still use a base coat pre applying the polish (to prevent dark colours possibly staining), but have tried this without using a separate top coat & found it had very good longevity.  I can get around 4 days wear without any chipping. I love the brush in this product - it's short, wide, and well designed to apply polish both quickly & neatly. The polish also dries quickly & always gives a streak free result.  I find 2 coats is all I need for a professional looking results and a truly opaque finish. Everything I want in a nail enamel, they don't come much better than this one.
I love this polish, it goes on beautifully and is the most chip resistant polish I've used. Colours are nice and vibrant, there's always the perfect colour I need. Isn't drying on nails either.
Love this nail polish! Best drug store formula out there right now and not even $15 per bottle - serious bargain! Great opacity, not too strongly scented and dries quick. The wide brush and smooth bristles allow a streak-free application each time! My current favourite shades are 'Wine Not' & 'Plums the Word'. The formula itself is a great creamy consistency - not too thick or runny - with a glossy finish. This range is comparable to their Miracle Gel Range, but I still find that this range is my favourite. The nail polishes last about five days without top coat and up to 10 days with top coat on me.  Beautiful shade range, and can't wait to purchase more for the different seasons or moods I'm feeling!
This is my go-to nail polish formula. I love the range of colours! I love the wide brush so that people like me who struggle to get nice looking nails upon application have an easier time with less clean up. These polishes don't bubble on me and have such a great wear time! Great price and fantastic product. Couldn't recommend enough!
One of my favourite and trusted brands for nails, the brush is a standout in this range. It delivers precise streak free colour, and makes application easy with a brush that is slightly wider and well designed. The formula wears well, allows me to achieve professional results quickly and with ease, as it also contains a base coat, top coat and strengthener in one. It dries quickly and the shade range is stunning!
The bottle looks huge, so the size is very generous. I’ve got it in 530 Back to the Fucshia, a lovely hot pink shade. There are a lot of colours and finishes to choose from. The brush is peculiar, rather thin but stiff at the same time so it is easy to apply the polish with it ( those who do their nails quite often know how important the right brush is and how a bad brush can spoil the most amazing shade – Chanel I am talking to you!). The polish is distributed evenly and I believe one layer is enough to give that opaque effect but I do two anyway. The shade is vibrant and shiny. On my nails with a top coat it lasts up to six days – which makes him a winner. J
I love the Sally Hansen polishes they are my favorite! With the base coat and top coat they last weeks and dont chip. It applies silky smooth and the wide brush covers the whole nail with a stroke, it is also really easy to remove. They have so many colours to chose from making it easy to complete your look. The price are great also! My collection is growing large.
Sally Hansen is always my go-to for nail products so when I heard about this product I was pretty excited. I've done a course in nails so I know to properly file, buff, base coat, top coat to ensure your manicure goes the distance. This product I think though doesn't hit the mark in regards to being a 7-in-1. I have the 670- Midnight in NY and it is a very pretty, sparkly black polish. The actual brush is one of the best I've used it coats the nail from base to tip accurately and in one go. You really need to use a separate top coat over this polish to make it last otherwise you'll only get 2-3 days out of it without chipping. I'll still buy and use this product but making sure I use a proper top coat over this as I don't think it lives up to the name.
I'm a big fan of Sally Hansen's nail polishes! I think they are a lot better than OPI and for the fraction of the price! They have a beautiful range of colours, a nice glossy finish and they lasts longer than any other nail polishes. They also don't take that long to dry! I especially love their Complete Salon Manicure range as it's an easy, no fuss complete look without having to worry about the top coat and bottom coat, etc. They are also very pigmented which means you can apply one coat and it would look great. Would highly recommend these and any of their other range!
This range of nail polishes from Sally Hansen have a beautiful array of colours and are long lasting! I have quite a few various colours from the Complete Salon Manicure range and they are all consistently good! While it does take at least two coats of polish (sometimes three for lighter colours), this is instructed on the bottle and the polish ends up very vibrant once dry. Even with a base coat, two coats of colour, and a top coat, these polishes dry very quickly to touch, and just a little longer to be completely set. I absolutely love these polishes even on their own without a top coat as they still provide excellent shine! Keep in mind that they will not compare to getting fake nails done at a Salon, and will crack after a few days of tough wear. However, I still think these are really amazing and do recommend these polishes if you want all the bang you can get for your buck :)
Nice wide brush, dries quickly. I needed two coats as it was quite opaque with just one. Lasted about 3 days before chipping and cracking, which is pretty standard for nail polish. Has a nice array of colors to choose from.
These polishes have wide brushes that end to cover a large portion of the nails. Dry time is quite fast, and while semi-opaque on the first stroke, it generally takes two coats to look complete. They come in a variety of shades, including a number of fun ones, and last up to 5 days on me generally. They have a reasonably glossy finish without a top coat, and are quite easy to use. These are probably great for those who enjoy a wide brush and who might be low on time, like me!
Loved this product so much! The nail lacquer applied smoothly and easily, and even better lasted 3 days without chipping! Really lovely, vibrant colour too. The only pitfall was that the greener colour left a light yellow stain on my fingernails, but it only lasted about a week.
I applied this with a base and top coat. After a few days I got what was best described as stress fractures in the polish and I had to remove it. Up until the 3rd day the polish was very pretty Levelled out smoothly and was a 2 coat polish which is fine. Nice brush.