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Sally Hansen Gel Rehab Overnight Nail Mask

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Sally Hansen Gel Rehab Overnight Nail Mask is a nourishing and strengthening nail treatment that can be used after UV/LED gel polish removal to replenish and restore the look and feel of nails. It helps nails appear visibly healthier and stronger after three nights of continued use.


Sally Hansen Gel Rehab Overnight Nail Mask


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Sally Hansen is such a well loved name in the beauty industry when it comes to hands and nails that i find myself reaching for the brand whenever i have an issue in that area that needs REAL results....and this was,as usual,a winner. The Gel Rehab Overnight Nail Mask is a bit of a new addition to my routine,but as a nurse,my nails get a beating like no other job can,so if this stands up to my punishment,it will surely help you. I apply this lightly pink tinted (not really noticeable,but a pretty rosey hue does come through),nail polish like product to my nails at night (after my handcream) with two coats onto bare nails and wait until dry before i go to sleep. In the morning,i simply wash off the gel (rinse off is easy by takes a little scrubbing with a wash cloth),and after a few days,i really can see healthier nails (three consecutive nights is recommended).My nails seem stronger,longer and able to withstand making dozens of beds,whilst still being able to apply a polish over the top.If caring for your nails is something you are into,i would recommend this whenever you find your nails looking a little less than great (especially if you are a gel nail devotee that insists on undergoing the bake every week,which is what this was,i believe,the original intention of this product.If that's you,try it after you have given your nails a break from the light and see if it improves the overall look of your nails) and want an overnight treatment that won't interfere with your day to day life. Any drawbacks ? Well,the removal is a little more than simply "rinsing off,but other than that,none i have found so far. TIP:I wouldn't suggest using it over nail polish... it's meant to go directly on a clean bare nail. If you use over polish, the chances of it working the way it is meant to will not be as evident.
Sally Hansen products are the rolls Royce of nail products and this gel rehab overnight nail mask is super effective. After using this my nails are much stronger and healthier. They now split and chip less and look amazing. Simple to use, just paint it on and leave overnight to restore nails to good health. This is a great product for those who use gel nail products that are hard to remove or damage nails. For the results it’s great value for money, achieves great results, it’s packaged nicely and dries quickly. I would absolutely recommend it.