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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a nail polish that offers the longevity and high-shine gloss of a gel manicure, but doesn’t require a UV or LED light to set, and can be removed like regular nail polish. Paired with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, it offers up to 14 days of colour and shine.

Available in 30 shades. Also available in new Tribal Collection shades. For best results, use with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


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I got this nail polish in a pack with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat in a black bottle. And wore together on many occasions. After applying 2 coats of polish I apply  top coat for extra shine and longevity. Yes, top coat does add shine all right ( even on non matching plain nail polishes from my collection from other  brands), but when used together with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish it cracks on day 2-3, marble style. Very odd.  Does not extent longevity of wear. Just adds shine. On its own polish lasts the same about 3 days of no chipping. Interestingly that with matching top coat it will get that cracking effect. On its own, no.
Chip-free finish without needing the salon!  Love this nail enamel, it really does what it claims to do on the box. That is, provide a chip-free nail polish that lasts as well as a Shellac polish at the salon - without needing a heat lamp, or giving challenging removal issues down the track. I have this in just one colour, but plan to buy more. My shade is a teal blue with a pretty, subtle shimmer. I strictly follow the instructions to ensure optimal results.  I apply 2 x thin, even coats of the colour. This is very easy to do, with a wide, nail-friendly brush, that glides over the nail bed with accuracy and ease. To "seal" the colour, there is a 2nd step of applying the matching topcoat, once the coloured layers are dry. This is clear in colour, and like the coloured step, applies easily and accurately.  The colour easily lasts over a week, without chipping, which is excellent longevity for an at-home polish. Unlike salon Shellac's, this system is easy to remove with my standard remover. No need for pure acetone, tin foil, and a lot of effort, this is so much easier to take off. Also unlike Shellac polishes, this doesn't damage my nail bed, or weaken my nails. I stopped having salon Shellac's due to how much they nails, so I'm truly delighted to find an at-home polish that works better! Very highly recommended.
The box instructions state “Apply 2 coats of Miracle Gel ™ colour to clean, dry nails. No base coat needed. Once dry, apply 1 coat of Miracle Gel ™ Top Coat to activate curing. Let natural light do the rest. My first observation was the shape of the brush, which is shorter, flatter in shape (rather than rounded), very sturdy and the end is only slightly rounded off. The brush reminds me of a tapered eyeshadow brush. It’s [the brush] a fantastic feature of this polish and I am in love. It makes application an absolute breeze. Another note was this doesn’t ‘stink’ strongly like some polishes can. It’s not one of the friendliest nail polishes, and it does contain some nasty ingredients (let’s not go there), however it is not the most offensive smelling one out there, so it’s a tick in that department. My approach using bright colours such as the 370 is to apply one coat of step one colour, waited for it to dry and then (me being OCD) a touch of colour as a strip to the tip of the nail then wait for it to dry. Why? The whites of my nails are very white and I need to make sure they don’t peek through the colour, plus the extra layer would ensure the wear would endure (theoretically). The hot tip here is to give it a good period of time before going in with the second full coat. The second coat takes much longer to fully dry because of the tip coat application, but trust me it is worth it. What I observe with the overall (average) finished look is I typically end up with patchy and uneven colour distribution on most nails (and I like to take my time). I think two coats is not enough however it takes quite some time for three coats to dry. Not every person has the time to sit through a base coat, three colour coats and a top coat. Out of the colours I have, Tidal Wave is definitely better, yet I would wear black more often. My issue with the gel black is, when patchy on application, there is a brown/green tinge to the nail that looks ghoulish. I also don’t get 14 days of wear out of the nail colour however I’d be happy with a full week with no chips or wear (which is why I do a first coat, tip coat and then a second coat to stave off wear on the tip for as long as possible). As a person who lives on her computer, I have to refresh the tips of my nails with top coat. A full keyboard week is not achievable with this product. Any Tips?:  Base coat is a must. I’ve never had much luck using a bright colour on bare nails and I’m not about to start now, so I like to use a very reliable and competing brand as a base coat and ensure it is completely touch dry before I go anywhere near my nails with the colour. This however is my prejudice so ultimately the choice of brand is a personal one!  I highly recommend a first coat of colour, tip coat of colour and then a minimum of a second coat, possibly a third coat for your intense shades and maximise your dry time for as long as possible. I am yet to use any of the lighter shades in this range. That said, I can’t help but suggest a third coat to ensure complete opacity and the best possible finish (so schedule your time), otherwise suffer the patchy consequences. Top coat is essential and tip coat with top coat to extend the life of your mani-colour or you will have fade. Ideal For...:  As someone who has had gel nails before, the finish is not perfect however it also is not as damaging to the nail bed. The colour is bright but not as glossy, but there is no UV exposure (hello! Cancer-free zone). For the best possible finish, yes it will cost you more time but it is infinitely cheaper than going to get it done. So, weigh up your costs and determine your preferred outcome. Sometimes you just want to sit down, put on a re-run of Sex and the City, Grey’s Anatomy or some such thing and do your nails. This is the product to do it. Buy when on special, definitely not at full price. There are great deals out there for this brand and this brand is reliable.
I have tried loads of other nail polish brands in the past, and Sally Hansen by far as offered the best results.  Let me begin by saying that this nail polish is part of a 2 step application. In order to get long lasting results, you really do need to use the Step 2 gel top coat. By using these 2 together, you'll get about 5 days of flawless looking nails, but definitely no longer (you'll definitely never make it to the 14 days that they claim it lasts).  PROS  - The brush! The brush included is what makes application so easy and streak free!!  Its relatively thick, but also quite flat allowing for a smooth application.  - The colour range. I'm yet to try the entire range, but would happily recommend All Chalked Up, Street Flair and Rhapsody Red.  - One coat delivers quite a solid coat, but 2 coats will make your mani look flawless  - The bottle size is quite large, but doesn't go gluggy, so you''ll get the opportunity to reach the bottom without having to discard it.  - Drying time is quite fast - in around 5 minutes its dry, but would recommend not pressing or knocking nails for a good hour after painting.   - Stocked by several supermarkets and pharmacy's. You can usually find them at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse for 50% off from time to time.  CONS  - When the colour starts to wear, it cracks across the entire nail instead of chipping, which looks tacky.  - Being a gel polish, its difficult to remove with standard nail polish. The lighter colours are generally a breeze to remove, but the deeper reds prove to be a little more stubborn.  WOULD I RECOMMEND? : Yes, Yes, Yes! 
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is packaged in a sleek glass bottle bursting with colour.  The thing that I love the most about this nail Polish is the thick felt brush used to paint your nails. With just three strokes (Middle/Left/Right) you get full even coverage of your nail. It dries relatively fast and I've never needed more than two coats to achieve a flawless opaque look. The pigmentation is strong and delivers the exact colour on the brush. I personally have spent a lot of money on nail kits and a UV light to give my nails a flawless finish. This is a nail polish that offers the high-shine gloss of a gel manicure, but doesn’t require a UV light to set it. Application is quick, easy and mess free. I really love that there are so many gorgeous colours to choose from in the Miracle gel range. I would personally recommend this nail polish to anyone who is looking for a quick application using a range of colours. The finish is salon perfect and with a top coat definitely lasts longer.  As this isn't set with a UV light I did find the colour chipping after a few days which was slightly disappointing.  PROS -Affordable -Huge colour choice -Easy to use brush -Flawless finish -Modern design of bottle -Dries faster than normal Polish CONS -does chip easier than expected - Without pushing your cuticles back the Polish can pool into the cuticle area -colour did not last 14 days. A week if lucky. 
Sally Hansen and perfect nails go Hand in Hand :) excuse the pun! I'm not a fan of salon gel manicures so I was excited to try the miracle gel polish and fell instantly in love with #560 Spice Age, my perfect winter shade. The bottle is tactile, easy to hold and with a good wide base. The brush is wide and flat for easy application and three strokes will do the job exactly. You definitely need 3 coats to get the rich deep colour that you see in the bottle but in saying that a little goes a long way. The polish itself has a strong odour but its bearable, it goes on smoothly, just flows onto the nail without any glugginess. I wear a lot of Black so nail polish and Lipstick give me the pop of colour I need. This is a fab polish, easy to use in on trend colours and has excellent staying power when used with the top coat. Bonus - often on special in Priceline!!
I love Sally Hansen products they are good quality and worth the money.  When miracle GEL launched I purchased two colours and the top coat.  Birthday Suit - (110) - a very flattering nude, perfect for nails and toes. It's a very lovely warm beige,and I've worn it to weddings and also on a daily basis.  B Girl - ( 240) - A Tiffany green/blue colour great on short nails and toes. Something cute to wear summer or winter.  I am pretty tough on nails and I find this product does last me a week, it's easy to apply and doesn't smell offensive. I like the shape of the bottle it's easy to hold in the hand and the brush has the right amount of bristles that  you don't pick up too much product on.  It's similar to apply as other normal non gel polishes, and it's easy to take off. I do recommend buying the top coat so that you get more days out of your polish.  It doesn't yellow nails and I think this is a great alternative to gel-lamp/LED nail polishes. 
This nail polish is my absolute go-to for affordable polish. The brush is huge and soft, which makes it super easy to apply quickly. The polish itself dries quickly and has a beautiful opaque finish with only two coats. Looks gorgeous with a good thick glossy top coat. A good selection of colours too, I have quite a few in my collection and they're all just as lovely as each other. Lasts well but obviously not as long as a true gel polish, but I don't mind this because I paint my nails a lot.
Omg I love this polish! Especially Sally hansen brand. You don't need more than one coat they are great and last for a long time. I love how these polishes are so easy to apply and turn out beautifully smooth
I love the colour and shine of these nail polishes. I'm not one to spend money getting manicures, acrylic or gel nails, but this miracle gel range is about as close to gel nails you can get without getting them professionally done. The high shine of this range looks like you already have a top coat added on top. Handy for those people that just don't have enough 'me time'. With a large brush application, 3 strokes each nail and you're done - no need for a second coat. Relatively quick to dry, although I think part of the pampering is the holding nails up, all 'girlie-like', and saying 'oh, I can't do those dishes, because my nails are drying'. 4 rating instead of 5, because although the polish doesn't crack or chip, it does seem to thin out at the top of the nails. This could be just because I work with my hands a lot, but if you were in an office job you might get the full 10 days wear out of it - maybe or maybe not? Or maybe that extra top coat would fix the problem, but no matter how dry my nails are, I always seem to have those red colours come off onto my top coat brushes, so I usually don't bother. With such a lovely colour range, just change the whole colour after a week anyway. Show your style and uniqueness subtlety with your nail colours - much cheaper than changing hair colours. Next time these are on special buy 2. Do it.
I do generally like this product. The colour pay off is quite opaque and you can get a solid colour with two coats (possibly one, but I like mine to use the second coat to eliminate the streaks). I like the size of the brush for not being one of those skinny tiny useless things - it's easy to cover the whole nail in 2-3 strokes which I appreciate.  It does last longer than normal nail polish, at about 7 days for me which is AMAZING. BUT after about 5 days it starts to visibly 'crack'. This is across several colours I've tried. I use the top coat on top of other nail polishes and it's quite good. The colour comes off onto the top coat brush though which is odd, no matter how long I've let the colour dry for. 
Love the colour range of this product. I've gone between normal nail polish, gel manicures and fake nails for the past few years and this nail polish has the benefits of normal nail polish, in that it doesn't damage your nails and is easy to remove, with the extended longevity of a gel manicure or fake nails. It doesn't last as long as salon gel nail polish but its a good compromise and I always get complimented on my nails when I wear it! More of a 4.5 star than 4 star review :)
Blue Hue is a milk bottle blue, and the one that I have, and part of their limited edition duo packs. Each pack retailed for $19.95 each, and this is only one of six colours from that range, and these packs, when they came out, were quite good value. I find this to be reasonably opaque with just two layers. It also goes on really easily and doesn't clump. The wide brush makes for easy application. This is also really easy to remove and doesn't stain the nails. I love that you don't have to bother with a base coat, and that this is excellent as far as shine goes. It's pretty awesome!
I generally love all the Sally Hanson products but this product was a not up to the usual standards. Don't get me wrong, I loved the colour and it did last longer than normal nail polish (with the top coat), it was very easy to apply and dried quickly.(I have very weak nails that chip and peel so that does not help with keeping the polish nice) I don't think this product really lives up to the name....A gel nail manicure will definitely last!! (even on my nails).
A truly amazing mani / pedi must have from a trusted brand. I first saw these products a few months ago,and as i was about to go on holidays,i thought "i have to try this"....and i am so pleased i did. As it was a trip up to The Whitsundays,how could i go past the shade No.619 Tidal Wave (a perfect,bright summer blue)....i applied the quick,two step system the night before i left to my toes,and noticed the gorgeous,glossy look straight away.Well,after two weeks of sun,surf,walking barefoot on sand etc,the colour lasted (chip free may i add) for the entire trip....and then for a week later.The brush is really fantastic for applying a coat quick (a wide,flat type) and i must say,i then tried a more subdued shade for my fingers...shade No.219 Birthday Suit.It lasted an entire fortnight with my hands being washed dozens of times a day and working as a nurse...brilliant.TIP:For a really long lasting effect,apply two coats of the topcoat after the really works.
I really love all the colours in this range as they are vibrant and long-lasting!!  I think that without a top coat, these Gel Manicures do still last well, but still chip and crack after about 5 days of wear. In conjunction with the Gel Top Coat from Sally Hansen, they last a lot longer than some other nail polishes! I've noticed that the Gel nature of these polishes does help with chipping, but cracking is seemingly inevitable. Overall a fantastic range for DIY manicures from a wonderful brand!
I have been very impressed with this product! The polish is very good quality and comes in a range of nice colours to choose from. When coupled with the Miracle Gel Top Coat, the nail polish will last much longer than other products on the market. The end result is very similar to shellac - opaque but not too thick and long lasting colour. I have used this product multiple times over a few months and it has not become gluggy. It is a great product for those who want to look *polished* every day but aren't interested in re-doing their nail polish every week!
Love this nail polish! The colour is vivid and the polish isn't too thin so you don't need multiple coats to get a strong colour or end up with a thick polish.  I also find that this tends to stay on a lot longer than other polishes I've tried - for both manicures and pedicures. Would definitely get again. So far I have tried the mint green (699B Girl), the white (789 Get Mod) and the Royal Blue (619 Tidal Wave).