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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat

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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat, used with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel colour nail polish, helps provide a high-shine, full finish and gel-like effect. 

For best results, use with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat


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I got this in a pack with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish. And wore together on many occasions. After applying 2 coats of polish I apply this top coat for extra shine and longevity. Yes, does add shine all right ( even on non matching plain nail polishes from my collection from other  brands), but when used together with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish it cracks on day 2-3, marble style. Very odd.  Does not extent longevity of wear. Just adds shine. It is quite goopy and lots of it is used I feel.
This is such a great topcoat!!! I have used this for a long time and have used it over all different types of polish brands and never had an issue! I feel like the product makes the polish dry quicker and also leaves a nice shiny coating. I also love the brush as it makes the application super easy!
This is "Part 2" of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel routine, and it works brilliantly. This goes on top of 2 coats of the Miracle Gel colour, to really seal the colour in and make it last an impressive number of days. It is a clear formula, and as it goes on a dry nail colour, it can go on top of any shade. I love the bottle & brush design. The bottle is a generous 15mls size, looks stylish & is a stable design i.e. not easy to bump over. I love the brush design, it is broad and flat, which makes it a breeze to apply quickly & accurately.  Once this top coat is on, I know my nail colour will be chip resistant and long-wearing.  All the benefits of a salon Shellac manicure minus the cost, removal issues & any potential nail damage. I highly recommend trying the Miracle Gel duo, together they work brilliantly.
I use this top coat in conjunction with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish. I try to use the appropriate Top coats with the nail polish as you get the very best result. This is an outstanding product, the bottle is black with a white lid and the applicator brush is perfect. A great size nice width and easy to manage.The top coat is clear and fluid and just glides on over the polish giving a high gloss shelac finish to your nails. The scent is very strong and quite irritating and does stay around till your nails are completely dry. The final look is excellent, the topcoat prolongs the fresh manicure look and well worth the additional time and expense to get that finished look on your nails.
Exciting news for fans of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail colours: the special top coat that seals and protects the polish has been redeveloped and improved to give twice the volume and shine! We now have Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat. The new 2X volume top coat is quite gel-like, meaning it's not as runny as the coloured polishes. I found that the brush picks up a lot of product, so you really have to ensure you wipe the excess off against the inner neck rim of the bottle, otherwise you just get far too much on your nail. Other than that, this was a fast, easy application. The result is a super-glossy finish. I'm very impressed by the shine factor and would agree with Sally Hansen's 2X volume claim. However for me, this lost its impact over the next few days. My nails lost their glossy WOW factor, and what started off as a super-professional looking mani began to look, well, still good, but just not as fantastic. I also started to get minor chipping on four out of ten nails on Day 2. I really do use my hands a lot, and I am used to my manicures chipping early. Still, I was hoping it might last a bit longer. I'd give the Miracle Gel 2X Volume Top Coat a glossy thumbs up based on the stunning shine, wow factor and professional-looking finish. My only criticism is the early chipping I experienced. This happens to me across the board, with every nail polish I wear, so it's not specific to this product, although given it's a gel it should be lasting longer than normal polishes. Clearly I'm using my hands too much, and will cease all housework immediately!
This totally plumps out my nails, making them shiny and gorgeous! This is meant to last for up to two weeks, but I only had them for about four days before I had to take them off for work. There was a bit of wear on the tips, as expected, but overall, it was quite promising! For those who haven't had the chance to use Miracle Gel before, it's straightforward - just paint on the colour, then go over it with the top coat and ta da! Easy peasy! I really liked the shine I got from the top coat and this is also great over other polishes. Don't let the range limit you - make sure you use this top coat with other nail polishes to get the most from it! Overall, I'm pretty excited about this top coat by itself, not to mention the top coat/base colour combo, again so it's definitely a winner!
The last few times I've used this Gel Top Coat on top of Sally Hansen's Miracle Gel polishes it has improved their life by a day or two. I noticed that the colour lasted longer before fading/discolouring, but chipping and cracking was still and issue for me. I will continue to use this top coat as it does improve the life of my manicures, but I have yet to find a product that prevents chipping :)