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File and buff nails with the Sally Hansen No More Ridges Professional Salon Smoothing Block. This four-sided smoothing block shapes the nail and buffs away ridges and stains to give nails a natural shine.


Sally Hansen No More Ridges


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Honesty a great investment for my nails. It's everything you need for your nails all in one handy block. It has clear instructions on which side to use first and step to step instructions to get your nails looking clean, manicured and looking great. The product fits perfectly even in my small hands and don't feel out of place or hard to use even in my non dominant hand. When applied to the nails it doesn't feel to harsh or hard on any surface of the nail and does not cause any damage or chips to the nail. Each side serves a purpose and when used correctly does feel like my nail just came from a professional nail salon. The four-sided smoothing block; shapes the nail to the desired shape. No matter what shape I want to create my nail if does work. Though I did find that as it is in a block shape it was sometimes hard to get the sides of the nails. It buffed away and ridges well and gave it a shine like it's new and shiny. The shine really made it all worth it and I sometimes use it when my nail looks a bit dull. Once used, though it took a while to do my hands and toes it was well worth it and looked great.  After using the product for a few weeks I felt that I didn't need to always use the four sides of the block and just needed what was needed at the time. I would use the entire block maybe once a month for the fresh nail look. After cutting my nails maybe once a week I felt I only had to use the shape and buff and once a month the smooth and shine function. The block when used in those conditions has faired well and has not lost it's effectiveness in any way, shape or form. I've had mine for at least a year and can still say it's in good shape. Though I will be replacing it soon to make sure I get the full effect each side. For only $5 or so it's well worth the results.  Pros- cheap, effective, long lasting, serves multiple functions, easy to use, step by step instructions, professional finish, the shine is incredible Cons- sometimes hard to get the side of the nails with such a big buff.  I would recommend this product to everyone and anyone who wants shiny beautiful nails for a great price. It's effective and makes nails looking better than ever. Cheap and affordable anyone would be happy with this purchase. 
Sally Hansen No More Ridges is the must have product for the perfect manicure.  It has 4 sides, each side to be used in the numbered order as written on each side.      Now for the perfect manicure, first remove any polish, then trim nails and now use the Sally Hansen No More Ridges Buffer.  The first side files your nails, so this will give them a nice, smooth feel and shape.  The second side is great for ridges and bumps on your nails.  To see if you have these, rub your pads of your fingers over your nails.  When I do this, it feels lumpy  and the ridges are quite prominent.  If you were to apply polish now, it would not go on as smoothly.  To use side 2, hold the buffer and very gently in a circular motion, and brushing up and downwards, this will remove those ridges.  It can be a little abrasive, so if your ridges are quite visible, just go over lightly for your first go, then every 2 weeks or so, repeat this step and they will get much each time you use it. Step 3 gets rids of stains and smooths the nail out, making it ready for step 4, which is the shine buffer.  Your nails will look much healthier and have a real shine to them.  My nails look lovely now, but if you want to apply polish, you will have the smoothest surface to apply your polish.  Nail polish will go on with ease, and also look very professional. PRO's Essential tool for a fabulous manicure at home One of the sides is a nail file,  so if you have it in your bag, it is super handy if you rip a nail. Fabulous price at $4.95 Will last about 3 months  Makes your nails look fabulous, with or without polish Super easy to use, each side has a number and a different colour I recommend this product to anyone who does their own manicures.   If you have bumps or ridges, you will really notice the difference.  You can use the shine side a few times a week.  Side 2 which is the side for removing ridges, should only be used once a week, so as not to damage the nail.  This is a wonderful product and it can also be used on your toenails for a fabulous at home pedicure too.
Found this product really easy to use, not harsh on my nails and really loved the way they looked after wards! Very polished effect, plus it gently removed ridges. Great result for the price point!
A good size 4 way buffer to shape, smooth, buff & shine nails. Fits in hand properly. The shape & file side is not harsh and and definitely don't feel like a rough sand paper yet the surface has a nice enough grit to file & shape the nails.( I have very strong nails therefore I really don't like the really corse surfaces because they hurt ).  The smooth side easily get off the ridges. And also buffs and shine ( side 3 & 4) easily. The only thing I did not like was the smooth side (step 2) tend to scratch the surface and loose its effectiveness when I use it on the sides of my nails.(probably because my nails are hard and I have my nails box shaped) .Overtime the step 1 side loose the effectiveness as well . I guess that's normal. It's not expensive to replace. Overall I am happy with this product.