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Sally Hansen Perfect The Arch

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Sally Hansen Perfect The Arch are brow tweezers with a dual slant point tip that helps to precisely grip small hairs, and is suitable for use on large areas. The tweezers feature stainless steel with a contoured grip.


Sally Hansen Perfect The Arch


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I love using these tweezers when I want to get rid of the small, finer hairs underneath my eyebrows without worrying about accidentally plucking other strands! The tip of the tweezers are thin and are slanted, making them precise and perfect for creating nicely shaped brows.  They are easy to hold onto and make removing those pesky, hard to reach hairs a breeze.  And no painful accidents of pulling at my skin either which is far too common!  I also use it for the middle of my brows and for cleaning up in general.  A good tip that I follow is to use a large mirror when plucking, that way you won't over pluck and can see the whole shape of your brow.