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Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover For Weak, Thin Nails

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Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover For Weak, Thin Nails is a nail polish remover for weak, thin nails. The enriched formula quickly and gently removes nail polish while strengthening and nourishing nails to promote strong, healthy looking nails and cuticles.


Sally Hansen Strengthening Formula Polish Remover For Weak, Thin Nails


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I am an occasional nail polish user so one bottle of remover normally lasts me a lifetime. This has 68% acetone and smells just like any other nail polish remover, very pungent. I usually use 1 or 2 cotton balls worth of remover depending on how dark the nail polish is. I found that this quickly and easily removed nail polish with 1 or 2 swipes enough to do the job.  I haven't noticed any strengthening of my nails however has been effective at removing nail polish.
I am a girl with thin, brittle nails which commonly break. So since I was a teenager I have pretty much been using the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover Strengthening For Weak, Thin Nails on and off, and keep going back to it. Believe it or not there is a difference in nail polish removers and this one leaves my nails in a better condition than most. I recently got married and my nails were more than 1cm longer than the tip of my finger. It was a struggle to maintain long natural nails and ensure they didn't break before the big day. I refused to make the bed and we made it without any breaks. I was quite chuffed with myself. Of course I use other strengthening products also, but Sally Hansen is my go to brand.
Unfortunately as great as SNS looks, it has caused havoc for my nails. They have been left weak and full of unsightly ridges no thanks to my work saying I cannot have my nails done anymore *cue crying emoji*. I prefer sticking with a reputable brand for nail polish remover given how full strength acetone can cause so much damage and how much it has damaged my own. This has the usual god-awful strong scent every other brand has. Only a small amount of a cotton ball is enough for each hand which ensures not too much of the product is used and less damage is done to my nails. Use this weekly with a coat of clear nail polish diamond strengh strengthener and im set for the week. Bonus is that it's often 40% off at woolies :)
I'm currently using this nail polish remover & find it's very effective. I have horribly weak, thin nails that crack at the slightest provocation (or for no reason at all!). To be honest, having a couple of salon Shellac manicures have made the problem worse than usual. So I've stopped salon manicures in favour of DIY manicures at home and decided to tackle this issue head-on.   I bought this remover & am using it in conjunction with a nail strengthener product from Sally Hansen. I noticed it removes polish easier than another brand I've recently been using & also that it doesn't have an offensive smell - some other acetone based removers really can almost give me a headache. I like how it has strengthening & nourishing ingredients built into the formula and am hoping with regular use, along with the strengthener, that my nails will improve & become healthier & stronger. Fingers crossed (pardon the punl!).  It's also a generous 150ml size for around $5, which is good value. If you're like me and have weak nails, do them a favour and get onto this quality remover - you'll be glad you swapped to it.
This is one of the best nail polish removers out there for the affordable price, hands down. It is seriously powerful and works more quickly, more gently than many other nail polish removers I have purchased. I am pleased to say it doesn't leave my fingers feeling dried out and my nails actually feel stronger when I use it. It removes my glitter nail polish quickly and less abrasively. I found its aroma not too overpowering and the bottle is a good size making it last for a very long time. Removes all traces of my nail polish with ease and without streaking or staining. Erases away the darkest shades of polish fast while it leaves my cuticles soft and supple. 
I have weak nails so I bought the strengthening nail polish remover in the hopes of removing nail polish and nourishing the nails at the same time.  The remover comes in a plastic bottle with a pink screw-on cap. The cap has a child safety lock which is great because my toddler nephew comes over to our place often. The remover is watery consistency and pink in colour. It smells like acetone with a hint of  a floral scent. I like to sit near an open window when using this product because the acetone scent is quite strong.  Removing nail polish with this remover is a breeze. I just soak a cotton ball with remover, hold it on my nail bed for 15 seconds and swipe away the unwanted nail polish. A few swipes is all it takes to clean up the nail polish. I also use nail polish remover as a  manicure 'primer'. Its great for cutting out grease or dirt before I put on a fresh coat of nail polish. I've notice that my manicure lasts longer using this trick.  My nails have definitely become stronger using this nail polish remover. My nails don't peel or split as often and seem stronger and healthier than before. I'm impressed with the results and will continue to purchase this product. Pro  Removes nail polish quickly  Strengthens nails  Child safety screw-on cap  Con  Strong acetone scent 
I love to put nail polish once every week or every fortnight which makes my nails becoming thinner and brittle. This nail polish is great to help with stregthening and nourishing my nails before I put another coat of different nail polish colour on.
This nail polish remover is great. It leaves my nails feeling healthy with none of the dry, brittle feeling I get when I use other brands. I feel comfortable using this nail polish remover because it actually leaves my nails in a better condition. It also is super efficient at removing nail polish!
My nails tend to get very weak and brittle so I like to use this nail polish remover to give my nails a bit of strength and nourishment while also removing my nail polish.  It does a great job of removing nail polish in one go and unlike some nail polish removers, it doesn't leave my nails feeling dry.  It's not a huge improvement but it does leave my nails looking and feeling a lot healthier.
After years of acrylic nails my real nails were super weak. I now use normal nail varnish and this to remove the polish. It has helped my nails be stronger and healthier!!