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Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes is an easy-to-use toenail clipper, which features a contoured handle and small catcher to ensure controlled and mess-free nail clipping removal.


Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes


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Sally Hansen Treat Your Toes nail clippers are always on hand at my house. They have a sharp cutting motion, which cuts beautifully, leaving no rough bits. I also like the quality handle because it doesn’t bend when in use. Great snippers and great brand.  I would recommend this product. 
I love this toenail clipper by Sally Hansen. It's the perfect size to cut all my toenails without any hassle and th er contoured blade gives my nails a nice and natural shape which then doesn't require much shaping with a nail file. It's very easy to use and it's built strong so it doesn't require much work to cut each nail. It's a great quality clipper and one that I have been using for years.
I love Sally Hansen products they make great quality and affordable products that you can buy at most chemists Australia wide.  My hubby got me onto the Sally Hansen toe--nail  clippers  as he always had a pair in his drawer and used them for nails and toenails since his University days. I had always been a scissor girl until using these clippers. They have a great grip for small or large hands, and the blade is really sharp. You hardly have to press down at all for it to clip.  Doing my toenails is super easy and only takes about 5 mins with these clippers. I also use them on my fingernails. I like quite short square nails and these easily cut them in the shape I like and then I do minimal buffing and filing to get the shape I like.  They are super easy and convenient size and made of good quality metal. We have a three pairs of them as they are affordable. They also don't seem to go blunt, we have a pair from 10 years ago that are still going strong.  The only thing that I removed a star for in my review is that  I don't find the catcher really works. I just cut my toe-nails or fingernails outside so the catcher is really no benefit and I don't think it really works being so small.