Scholl Gel Active Everyday Men

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Scholl Gel Active Everyday Men are gel insoles specifically designed for men’s shoes. The dual gel pads absorb micro shocks and helps reduce excessive pressure on feet from walking and daily activities.


Scholl Gel Active Everyday Men


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I bought these for Mr Wittyusername, so I am reviewing via him.  I bought the GelActive Insoles for a pair of men's dress shoes that looked great, but were uncomfortable to wear. Mr Wittyusername needed to wear them in a bridal party, and these insoles are made of gel cushioning which cushioned the impact when he walked and whilst standing for long periods of time. You can see the gel sections, and the insole is shaped to fit and support the foot and arch. It made the shoes instantly more comfortable and after weeks after the wedding, he is still choosing to wear the shoes as the insoles have held their shape and support.  Pros: -great price point  -able to be trimmed to fit need be – use sharp scissors to cut along the outline that matches your shoe size or use your original insoles as a guide - have a recommended life of 6 months before needing replacement.  I would recommend these insoles if you have a pair of shoes that are causing discomfort. It's a cheap quick fix that let you get wear from shoes that would otherwise be overlooked. 
I wouldn't be Aussie if I didn't own a pair of RMs, they look good but they have the hardest sole that makes my feet kill.  I had to invest in some Scholl Gel Active Everyday Men gel innersoles so I can keep wearing them. It worked, the dual pads absorbed the shock of walking and the pain was gone. A simple solution for a cheap price.