Scholl Gel Active Insoles Flat Shoes

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Scholl Gel Active Insoles Flat Shoes are gel insoles specifically designed for flat shoes. The insoles are shaped for narrow style shoes to provide extra cushioning and shock absorption under the heels for lighter feeling feet all day.


Scholl Gel Active Insoles Flat Shoes


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I suffer terrible heel pain when wearing shoes and buying these gel inserts really help with wearing your shoes all day.  They are easy to insert into the shoe and they are marked left and right.  They are clear and it is just a matter of peeling off from the sticky side and pressing into the heel of the shoe.  For how thin they are, they really did cushion my heel especially walking on hard tiled floors.  They stay in place easily on the heel so you don't have that movement like other brands. Easy, affordable and comfortable for all day wear.  My feet are now happy.
These gel insoles from Scholl were great for my feet. They provided a soft gel cushioning and were easy to apply to your shoes and have great adhesive power so didn't move around. They were very comfortable and I found the comfort lasted all day. I definitely felt a difference at the end of the day, as the gel insert helped to relieve the pressure on certain areas of my feet that needed it the most like my heel. I found my feet weren't as tired and aching and it made standing on my feet all day bearable.
These are easy to apply, remove the adhesive sticker and apply to your flat shoes. It gives me a soft gel cushion and as someone who is standing on my legs all day long, it helps combat a lot of fatigue I experience daily. My suggestion is to buy a new pair when you stop feeling the cushioning comfort, otherwise, perfect for daily wear and use. It works especially on my heels where I can get a lot of pain.